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February 10, 2023


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Thank you Lucy, I have truly enjoyed this blanket and just about to start week 6 as I don’t get much time to crochet. I love the colours you chose and the blog to accompany it. I hope you’re feeling better now.
I will be doing more from your pattern library.

Pam Copenhaver

Im making the full size blanket almost done with part 5, so is 20g for each border the same for full size blanket or do i need double?? Loving this blanket💜


Dear Lolita Hickey, I just wanted you to know I am praying for you. I feel you must need it. Anyone who can post such nonsense must have something going on. First, I think you might need to go back and read section one as Lucy clearly mentions what is the come each week and states the border will be release on week 8. You also mention “as a professional SELLING her design” this is my 10th Attic24 blanket and I have yet had to pay for any pattern. She has always been so gracious and shared all her work with us to freely use. We are all so lucky to have free access to her talents. He color pallets have always been amazing and I love how she always designs her patterns to use 15 skeins so we can mix and match as we choose. Again my thoughts are with you. There must be something bad going on in your life for you to complain about something that was freely given to you. LUCY - you are AMAZING! Your kindness to thousands over the past years has been unbelievable. You have made such a positive impact on so many. I am so sorry you aren’t feeling well and am sending positive thoughts and prayers you are on the mend soon. Thank you so much for all you do for us!!

Marie Willis

I’m new to crocheting, and really enjoying making the blanket. I am way behind but taking my time and looking forward to the finished blanket. I hope you will show us how to make the beautiful flowers on the blanket pictured at the start of the project . Thank you !


Hi LUCY, A big thank you for this wonderful CAL. I only learnt to crochet in September, so this is my biggest project to date, I started 3 weeks late, but it's been an amazing time watching all my colours coming together, I did change a few, as wanted to use up my stash, but I really really enjoyed making this. I still have the border to do, but with your excellent tutorials I will get there. THANK YOU xx


Dear Lucy,
Please, please ignore Lolita Hickey.
Maybe they are an Artificial Intelligence rudeness-bot?
Take your time and I hope you feel better soon.

Lolita Hickey

Well here we are at Border week and no border CAL to download as I am informed by Wool Warehouse that you have been unwell this week. I am sorry to hear this, but as a professional selling their designs I am amazed that it was not ready previously to just add to your website.

I am also surprised that at the time of purchasing the pack from Woolwarehouse and the start of your CAL there was no mention that the border would be issued two weeks after part 6.

May I also point out that Part 6 and the Boarder for the Meadow Blanket is not easily found and needs someone to carefully read every word and check every link to find them.

Would you be good enough to correct this and also publish when you intend to issue the CAL for the border of Springfrost as I was due to finish it today and take it to my grandaughter for her new son. Not an easy task as it involves a four hour drive between Wales and Essex.

I have been introducing your CALs to the members of my Chat and Craft group and I am having to download and email each part out to those that are following one as they find it difficult to access the right parts.

I hope that you recover soon and correct these issues for all of us.

Crafty Cath

I have straight edge envy!!


It is truly a beautiful palette, Lucy. Like you say, fresh and light, with a little chill -- a little crispnes. I love the squooshiness of the bobbles too. My favorite pattern repeat is randomness. You taught random to me, and I will be forever grateful. It's a lot harder than it looks, and sometimes I just have to put my work down because my brain hurts! I will be sorry to see this CAL end, it has been so lovely. Have a wonderful day, dear lady.

Linda from Boston

I’m crocheting these final rows slowly to make it last. Getting nervous that this CAL is coming to an end!!! But I’m happy to hear you’re already thinking of the next one!!!! Think fast!! 😀♥️


Love it & it makes me want to purchase the pack & start, but I'm working on my Dune rug when it isn't too hot that DD bought me for birthday/Mothers day gift last year and am enjoying that thoroughly. Look forward to seeing the border progress. Take care & hugs.


I love seeing all these stripes all at once! It's a gorgeous blanket. I'm way behind! My sister sent me the pack as a gift (yay! sister power!) and the shipping was delayed. I so look forward to the journey. Thank you so much for all you do for us and the crocheting community!


Loving this Cal, even though I am behind on week 3 and grateful to hopefully catch up a little. Thank you Lucy 💜💚🤍

Birgit Rosenberg

What are the dimensions of the blanket before the edge?


Not started mine as yet, but it will be made this year.


Just gorgeous!

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