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January 06, 2023


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Sandra simmonite

Mine is also looking flat like the first person's comment but I'm not sure how to see the replies. Sorry to be asking the same question


hi will you be doing a video, not sure if i'm doing it wrong but mine looks flat and not bobbled xx

Jolanda Pijlman

Thanks for another beautiful blanket! Yesterday the yarn came in and I just love the colours! As soon as I am ready joining the squares of my current project(also a blanket)I will start and I cannot wait.

Clare Osborne

I haven't crocheted anything in 5 years but have been tempted back by this beautiful blanket. The ripple blanket was the first blanket I ever made and I am still in love with it. I have also fell for this one too. Something about your colour choices speaks to me and I can't wait to start, just indeed the yarn pack. Thank you Lucy xx


Just starting the Cal as needed to finish my Winwick mum socks first. This is my 7th blanket of yours Lucy, I love them all. No way will I be keeping up as I have bitten the bullet and started a king-size!

Gill Archer

I’m new to this blog, but really happy that I’ve found Attic 24. I did so just before Christmas when I sent away for the Yuletide blanket which is still awaiting my attention. However I’ve since bought the harbour kit as well as the Springfrost blanket. Having now got abit of free time and so started the Springfrost blanket last night. Oh so wonderful to be back crocheting again having had to have a three month break due to personal demands on my time.
Love the patterns and amazed at the blogs. Thank you Lucy. Keep it up. I appreciate that it can consume your own personal/family time. Please look after yourself as it’s so import to be able to appreciate family time, make memories for your loved ones and move forward with a positive attitude for your future.
In the meantime I look forward to making the Springfrost blanket.


Lovely frosty colours, they really are very pretty. I do so love following the January crochet-along, it's a seasonal pleasure in these chilly damp days. CJ xx


This is such a lovely blanket Lucy. I have just finished a temperature blanket for 2022 and said I would take a break from starting another blanket. I'm not sure how long I can hold out though.
Thank you for all your hard work. You are amazing x


I've made 4 of your blankets and just love them. I'm also not a fan of spike stitches so I think I'm going to do this one in your neat wave pattern from your Moorland CAL here: https://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/neat-wave-pattern.html I did a test of the pattern and just loved it. Not sure when I'll start or how far I'll get because I'm also knitting a sweater for an 8 year old. You're the best, Lucy. Happy new year!

Debbi Robertson

I LIKE the white. I think it adds a crispness that a frosty blanket ought to have. Puts me in mind of snowdrops, and that, for me, is the perfect segue from winter, to spring. Lovely!


Absolutely loving this cal, the colours are so soothing and finding the pattern fairly easy....thank you Lucy, I appreciate all your work and am steadily working my way through your patterns....Happy New Year!


Lucy, I have been struggling to find the Blue Marl (I already have all the other colours, mostly from my stash). I just spoke to a shop in Warminster (I am in rural North Dorset) and they've told me that the Blue Marl is discontinued. Would you be able to recommend an alternative colour, please?

Ann Marie

Quilter here....and I get lots of lovely ideas from you!


Yet another non-blanketeer who's been following you for years ... for your crochet knowledge, your expert color sense, your luminous photos, etc. etc. Even though I might not make one, your blankets add a colorful spot to my day.

Elda Da Fonseca

THANKS a Lot ! Love it 🥰!

Rainbow Junkie

I am joining in this years CAl because I thought that the colour choice was just magical and different from what I would normally choose. If I had realised it would include spike stitches though I might have changed my mind as I really don't like them as I find it hard to get them up to the correct height.
I started by making a tension square this evening being very careful with the spike stitches. You didn't say how high the sample should be and I calculated that with my height the blanket would be much longer than you say so I must be doing something wrong.
Looking closely at the photos I wonder if you mean your spike stitches to be shorter and so bunch the rows a little.
Would it be possible for you to say how tall our sample should be so I can work out how to do the spike stitches as you want. Thank you.


Yes, another fell non-blanketeer (who can’t sew, knit or crochet to save her life in fact) who nevertheless adores your blog and always feels uplifted after popping into the Attic x


My yarn pack arrived at lunchtime, my tension strip spot on and ready to start. I’m doing the Springfrost blanket alongside another CAL so I’m liking the mindful nature of this one. Looking forward to getting started


It’s really beautiful! Is there also a pattern for the flowers?


I am a visitor that does not crochet, but I do knit and find your blog a pleasant and beautiful place to visit.


Thank you Lucy. I am really looking forward to starting this blanket. I am 3/4 ways through the dahlia blanket that I started last year so I will be hopping from one to the other over the next few weeks. I love the colours you have chosen.

JuRita Buckout

I was sooo looking forward to a colorwash, but I am not brave enough to do it without your wonderful written instructions. Maybe next time! :) Still excited to follow along even using my own variation of colors!


Ooh can't wait to finish work so I can make a start! THANK YOU Lucy

Linda from Boston

Can’t wait to get started. However, the color worksheet hits an error when trying to print it out.

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