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January 17, 2023


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Little B's birthday! That means I have been following you for thirteen years! Happy Birthday to the teenager, and thank you for inspiring me for much of h
is life!

Rachael Ayres

Hi Lucy
You taught me to crochet (not that you know it - or me!)
When I read today’s post I wanted to give something back to you.
And that something is something I am just learning about now (at the grand old age of 53!) Intuitive Eating. Please do Google it, it just may bring you even more joy and freedom. It has for me anyway.
Now back to my hooky!


I keep finding the word "liminal" floating across my consciousness while considering this time of year. Vaguely blurry around the edges and very drifty. The characteristics of Janus in full flow, as we look in both directions, assessing the year that is over, while unsure what the year ahead holds.

Jackie Farrow

Mainly drifting! A few small things we had to help daughter & SIL with. Count down to trip to UK in single numbers now, 9 weeks. I have to confess I’m a bit scared this time round. After 4 1/2 years I’m not sure what to expect. Of course so much has happen in that time. I have 3 kids blankets I should be finishing but I’m having trouble after Christmas picking them up and getting on with them. So what do I do….start knitting squares for another blanket. 😳 We are in UK for 8 weeks and would like to have a project to do over there but haven’t decided what yet. It’s a funny Summer here in Perth WA, a few very hot days, then cooler (not complaining) and very windy. Well I’d better finish here, got to get ready have a busy day.

Mandy Williams

I’d love to drift a bit and be slow. I am extremely blessed to have my healthy, 91 year young mama. That has come with a busier things to do list so I had to pounce on January. Really enjoyed this post.

carol partridge

I made the Coastal Colours blanket that you and kitty are standing on.Its on the bed now.Must be at least 8 yrs ago.Also made the Sweetpea pattern one.The Stylecraft Special dk is good hardwareing yarn. Love the Springfrost one too.Nice to see some of your Skipton photo's.Never get tired of seeing your views.


A lovely post as ever Lucy. Love your duvet cover.

A very sad post above from Paula Wood, my condolences, I hope you can continue with your crochet.

Lynda Campbell

I love reading your blog. I live I Ottawa ontario Canada.
So we're getting lots of snow, some times freezing rain but life is good.
Hope you time with your dad is relaxing for you both don't forget to breathe 😊❤

Paula Wood

I am finding life tough. Death of my son at just 25, at the same time as I was in hospital having sustained a life changing injury to my arm, a cancer diagnosis and the death of my dear sister at just 46 has left me floored (understatement really) I can no longer work or follow my passion of horses so I complete lifestyle change and crippling grief. Always a knitter, could no longer manage with arm so taught myself to crochet but even that is aggravating my arm.
I love your words Lucy. I put alot of pressure on myself to stop crying so much, to feel cheerier but I feel how I feel and I have to go with that. Crochet has helped to keep my mind occupied but will need to take it slow a bit of drifting I feel. Usually a brights lover like yourself, would never have thought I would be interested in the soft pastels of the Springfrost but I love it! It really is Spring Frost! Again like yourself, never would choose white, but it does work. It gives that bright crisp wintery feel of snow, no other colour can do that.
Thank you for your gentle words, I need to just drift and feel the emotion and be kind to myself.

Lynn Hind

I like feeling drifty at this time of year. East Yorkshire is having variable weather, this week its sub zero and frosty, but enjoying the springfrost CAL. my first one of your lovely patterns I've done, it's hughly enjoyable im sure it will not be the last, safe journeys to Dorset and here's to week 3!! 😊 thank you


I’m crocheting a blanket that is a linen pattern. I used to crochet all the time then took a very long break and have started again. I’m not good at the beginning and I need very simple patterns so this one is better than the last. I’m mainly a quilter now but I do love to crochet blankets while watching TV in the evening so I just keep on practicing. I’m in the deep Texas Rio Grande Valley where it’s quite warm each day and I love it for the winter. I lived for 5 years in an area that had winter 9 months of the year and I much prefer this. The sun shines a little each day, or a lot, and I love it. Flowers bloom beside the oranges and I wear sandals every day. My life today is like being on a long vacation, at least until the end of April when we return home. I’m glad you are doing well too.


What lovely frosty photos! It was 38c here yesterday so your photos are soothing and cooling. The Springfrost blanket looks gorgeous! Just the thing to lift your spirits when temperatures are low. This reminds me my poor blog is long neglected after a busy Xmas period. Might have to jump in again as well. Good luck in Dorset and sending caring thoughts for your dad. Xox

Jenny Walker

Oh a bit drifty....that's me at present . My first CAL and I am loving it , problem being so is everyone else. I can only make one at a time. I think the pattern is very effective. I am a Yorkshire gal now living in Bedford. Our weather is always wet , no proper snow in the 23 years we've been here I do miss the snowy hills . Enjoy time with your dad its precious.


Lovely pictures Lucy. Enjoying my springfrost journey and also knitting myself a jumper in between. Love a cold crispy winter walk. Also lovely to see all the birds on my feeders, and the lengthening days.


I am also loving the Springfrost Cal, my first one, it has been therapy for me and I really appreciate all your hard work. Enjoy Dorset xx


Loving the Springfrost blanket. Thank you.

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