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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 17, 2023


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Tracy Sutton

Hi Lucy, I hope you are ok and feeling better. We are currently having bathroom renovations to turn the bathroom into a wetroom so that my 81 year old Mum can shower easier. It is not easy. We love your blog posts and crochet patterns and think you are totally amazing. Without your step by step guides neither of us would have changed from knitters to crocheters. Mum only learnt a couple of years ago. You are so inspiring.


Hi Lucy,
I thank you for writing about your father and the dimentia journey. It is just that. It is hard for loved ones to watch their loved one loose brain function. Today I was at a ladies luncheon and the lady that spoke, who works with dimentia patients in a nursing home, said that the person with dimentia does enjoy music as it is the side of the brain that seemsto remember the words and songs. She said that one person got up and sang the song someone was playing on the piano and did it in their native German language, so perhaps play some music when you are staying with your dad. blessings on you for your faithful visits with him.


Hi Lucy, I’m just catching up on your blog posts now! I hope the visit to your Dad went well ❤️ I’ve been reading some of the comments above and thinking how lovely the all are! They are so appreciative of all that you do Lucy, it’s just lovely to read! I also very much appreciate your blog and blanket patterns. Your patterns have given me confidence to crochet and your blog well is just so jolly uplifting! I don’t normally say the word jolly so I don’t know where that’s come from but I can’t think of another word to replace it 😂 Anyway your blog uplifts me when I’m having a challenging day and the photos are always a delight to see. I’ve followed you for many years now and can remember when Little B was just a little bump! I wish him a belated happy birthday!
Thank you so much Lucy for your blog, photos, friendly chat and patterns. It’s just dawned on me that you have been a constant in my life for at least the last 13/14 years wow!
Hope you are well, all the best Angela xx


Dear Lucy, I haven’t looked at your blog for a while, although I have made 2 or 3 of your blankets I now do far more knitting as I have 4 little grandchildren to kit out. I’ve been thinking about you as I am knitting a blanket with leftover wool and I must say I didn’t realise how difficult it is to get the colours right. Even though I love all the colours I’m using getting them to sit together nicely is difficult. Know that I appreciate all the hard design work which goes into your blankets and kits.
P.S. Brexit has had a huge impact on buying from the UK and whilst I’m quite prepared to pay import duty many of the small business are no longer able to sell to us in Europe…that is very sad.


Happy Birthday to Little B. I’m sure he was just a twinkle when I started reading your blog!

Back when I started, I think you were crocheting with wool... I remember being envious of both your beautiful blanket & that you could afford to use wool. I’m so pleased that your wonderful CALs use less expensive materials. Thank you.

I was sad that this year I couldn’t hop over to Teresa’s Blog to see her progress with the blanket. I regret never commenting on her blog to let her know how much I enjoyed reading it.

In that rather maudlin mood, I decided that I should let you know hoe much I appreciate you & your posts. I may not often comment but I do so enjoy reading your posts and seeing your wonderful photos. Thank you so much for sharing your life xx

Debbi Robertson

Found your latest Springfrost post with this morning's coffee, then happily scrolled right into your January Moments that I'd somehow missed. Talk about a joyful way to start my day! This is such a delightful tribe of yours Lucy, and we're all so fortunate to be able to join in. Love all of your photos, especially "blues up above" which looks so much like a Maxfield Parish. So very beautiful. Enjoy every precious moment with your dad. Sending you love from the Pacific Northwest (where a very gently snowfall has just begun to drift down through the fir and cedar trees . . .)

Charlotte Little Bear

It has been five years or more since I have logged onto Attic 24, as my health took a turn, and let's face it, I am getting old. Gosh, me? Whodathunk. I live in upstate New York, and like your area, lately, we get snowfall that simply melts. Unusual for us, as we are usually pretty socked in by now. Unlike your area, the sun comes out only very rarely. We live in an area of Finger Lakes that keeps it overcast almost all the time. Having only lived in areas of sunshine before moving here in my early twenties, this was pretty difficult to get used to. But I moved here to be close to my twin sis. I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your photography! Thank you for all the years of sharing your photos of your area with us. I am a landscape artist (and a portrait artist), and I can tell you honestly that your photos are very inspiring. I hope you don't mind my using some of them in my landscapes. These days, I keep what I paint. Thank you also for the years of sharing your beautiful crochet! I love your choices of color. And I love the birds and the lovely flowers you make for wreaths! Thank you! And finally, most of us just look older as we age. How is it that you look younger and more beautiful? When I first saw your photo after so much time had passed, I actually thought it might have been your daughter. It just goes to show that very good and kind people emanate beauty. Thanks so much for your very fun and uplifting blog, Lucy. God bless you and your family most abundantly, and may He keep you all safe and well always. 🥰


Here in The Netherlands, the weather is mostly the same. We had a LOT of rain the last couple of weeks, now it's cold, but sunny with blue skies, yay! I'll be going out for a walk in a minute, but first I wanted to read your new blogpost. Thank you for the update and beautiful photos as ever :-) Wishing you a good time in Dorset with your Dad.


Thanks for the update Lucy & hope all goes well in Dorset with your Dad. Strange weather here with stinking hot days above 35deg, then yesterday & today so far have been much cooler with some rain yesterday. Been busy here with blueberry picking (1.3kgs) this morning & giving them away to friends & neighbours. I'm doing a little patchwork through the day when I have time & crocheting of a night on one of your older CALs. Am enjoying immensely. A big thank you too for all those gorgeous pics above & we are contemplating a trip later this year (fingers crossed). Take care, stay warm & hugs from down under.


Oh Lucy i love your word drifty. That is exactly how I am feeling. Even here in Australia in the heat of summer I am definitely yearning for lots of quite time. We get up early and work on our farm and then after lunch we siesta in the heat of the day. I am drifting along one day at a time trying to tidy my house but with lots of pausing and down time. I am embrassing drifting

Sharon Sellens

Have a good time with your Dad, please send him my love Cuz xx I know what you mean by 'drifty' January, it's been like that here in Sussex too..... I'm so glad I have my daylight simulation lamp whitch has made such a big difference to my mood this time round. Love from Sharon xx


Olá que imagens lindas!! Comecei a seguir você, Little B tinha 01 ano. Como o tempo passa rápido. Seu trabalho me inspira, me faz sentir melhor. Parabéns... Sou brasileira moro no estado de São Paulo, numa grande cidade Santo André, sou nutricionista e trabalho em uma escola.

Mrs Jane Deeley

I love popping in to the Attic to read your blogs, but also all the comments from around the world. I love being a small part of a huge family! I haven't started the Springfrost yet, although I have everything ready to go. I'm working on another project which I'm determined to finish first ....but will probably give in. I'm relishing having a bit more spare time this year, but it's for a sad reason as my dear mum passed away before Christmas (with her summer harmony blanket on the bed in hospital). I looked after her for around 15 years, although more recently this was locally rather than having to travel 'back home' regularly- do find space to enjoy the time with your dad - I know it can often feel like a chore, but at the moment I'd have it all back in an instant!

laura k- from the crochet ladies of france

Hello from California- we too have been deep in the grey skies and so so much rain!!! Our town did not flood as it has done many times in the past. The dog required long walks daily so out I went in the boots rain pants and jacket.... I think the walking did the trick keeping me from actually losing my way a bit!!!! I just was wanting to wish you gentleness with yourself as you act as caregiver for your dad. It is not an easy business this caregiving stuff- It is heartbreaking and so very tender- so I offer you some kindness and remember to take the coffee and good chocolate breaks- they are part of the self care you will need in order to carry on. Know you are not alone

Pam copenhaver

Good morning i live in so cal 39 degrees this morning when i got up, this is my first cal and im loving it. Its easy for my brain and beautiful for my eyes i think i need sweet pea to work on at the same time sometimes i just need two or three projects going at one time. Everyone have a blessed week
Love pam

Laurel Anne Pries

Hi Lucy!! What a wonderful post and you always have such beautiful pictures...I am loving the way my blanket is coming together...it does kinda look like a frosty morning! Wishing you a great trip to see dad filled with love and, of course, lots of inspiration. Keep up the good work Lucy, we love it!! Wishing you happiness from the foothills of beautiful Mt. Rainier in Washington State.....Laurel

Billie Jo

Hello! I so enjoyed my visit with you here today. January is the perfect month for your excellent description. And your crocheting is lovely! Your photos made me feel cozy and content, and I thank you for that! Have a cozy evening.


I love this post so much Lucy. It reminds me of when you blogged daily and I awaited your lovely words and images eagerly.
I do hope your visit with your dad is not too stressful and you both enjoy some joyous moments.
Much love
Jacquie x

Frances Cockcroft

Thanks for the lovely read this morning, always relaxing and gentle and you have made me feel less guilty about my slow pace today and not achieving much. I always feel I need to keep busy but the time is my own to fill however I wish. Everyone enjoy your day xx


Hi Lucy, Been knitting a lot, teaching it once a month at our local library, still love to read your blog and admire your beautiful crochet blankets! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and words 😊

Tracy Bache

Thank you Lucy for your uplifting pictures and words.
In December I decided enough is enough in Customer services . Had enough abuse for 9 years and nearly 55 and menopausal,decided I needed a much earnt rest.Trusting God for finances. He never fails.
I purchased your springfrost blanket as soon as it was available. So really excited to be able to sit,reflect and crochet.
Lots of hugs.


Im loving your snow photos! We are in the midst of summer down here in New Zealand and it's proving to be a real scorcher. Not that im complaining, we will have the cold weather soon enough!

Patricia Thomlinson

Thank you Lucy I love your blogs! It's like getting a letter from a friend. I'm pottering and loving my Spring frost blanket so far. At 75 with a bit of a bad back and my lovely husband of 55 years on dialysis as he has kidney failure we take it slow! But now have a Great-grandson who brings such joy. Enjoy Dorset! See you Friday! Xx


Hello there. I do love your blogs, they make me feel relaxed and cheery. We have had buckets of rain where I live (in rural France). Many grey and depressing days with mud, mud, ‘glorious’ mud being carried into the house on dog and cat feet. The goats hate the wet and stay under their shelters most of the time…unless they are busy investigating the garage and workshop. They love to ‘help’ with any task, particularly bouncing around on the wood stack and also taking my husband’s tools out of his reach when he is working on the car/house etc. Keep up the good work, always lovely to see what you are up to. Happy New Year.😊


Oh, my, I remember when you surprised us all with your Little B baby bump all those thirteen years ago. I can't believe it. Happy Birthday, Little B! Love all your beautiful pictures from your little corner of the world. I love to see your walks and the pictures you take from them. Happy New Year!

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