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December 08, 2022


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There you are! I missed you. Your excuse is the best though, work and holiday with Little Lady. I love your posts, late or not. Erratic or not, do as you please, dear.


Hello Lucy, there’s absolutely no need to apologise, l hope you’re feeling a bit more like normal now.
It’s very frosty here in my little village in Wiltshire, it looks very pretty when I’m out dog walking and so long as I’m dressed warmly I enjoy being outside too.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas xx

Gillian McM

Please don't worry when there are gaps in your blogging - it's always a delight when you pop up again, Lucy! You're human like the rest of us, right? (Or are you an Android? No, you're not an Android because an Android would never have gaps in anything, so boring...).
You are loved and appreciated always!


Heloooooo nice to see you again xx
Its funny ladt night I suddenly thought I havent seen an attic24 blog lately then I got up and there was one whooopee!
Its freezing here my car looks like it has a coat of snow but its just thick frost and the grass is white and crunchy here in Surrey.
I love you chatty blogs and photos and happy tp look and read anything you share Thankyou xx


Dear Lucy, it’s -4’c down south in Surrey and not yet sunrise but so lovely to sit in bed with a cup of Earl Grey tea and read your blog, welcome back and hope you’ve enjoyed a little decompress! Always lovely to hear from you and see pics from your life. If you feel like posting from your hols or outings it’s lovely to share them but whatever is pleasurable for you in your own time. Nothing Christmas happening here yet but it’ll only be me & my youngest son (28) this year so a lovely chilled time and the space to knit & crochet I hope. 💜


Dear Lucy, I have been an avid follower of your wonderful blog since soon after you started it. Do what feels right for you, always. It been a helluva 3 years for us all and so many seem to be feeling ’behind’ in what they ‘should’ be doing right now (myself included). Thank you for the joy and pleasure your beautiful photos and uplifting words always bring. Down here in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) we are sweltering away through very hot 30C+ days almost always followed by very loud afternoon thunderstorms-sometimes with hail. This is typical December summer weather here. So I look at your frosty pics with some envy. Take care and be gentle on yourself x


Since discovering your blog not so long ago, I’ve been reading the earlier years to catch up. So this month I’ve been reading all the Decembers from year 2008 down to today. So this morning I’m delighted with one for this December!
Great to read a blog post from you any time but I realise it ‘costs’ you and am grateful whenever it happens.
Your blog is a total delight for me. I love canals and barges (never been on one yet and probably never will), Yorkshire, terraced houses, coffee shops, country walks, hand knit socks, and crochet.


Nice to see you! You may have the frost but it's still wintery down in the south of Kangarooland. And then summery, then wintery again. We had to light the fire yesterday as it got down to 8c overnight. Last week we had a day where it reached 36c. Crazy weather. It would be nice if (like you said) the weather did what it was supposed to. We have our tree up and the house nice and xmassy. I even finally got around to making my own wreath. I look forward to seeing some photos of your tree when you've popped some decorations up! xox


Welcome back Lucy.
I'm sure everyone would love to see your gorgeous photos from your holiday.
I enjoy all your photos and they remind me of my life in Scotland before coming here to Australia to live. My granny was from Yorkshire so your photos hold lots of nostalgia for me.
So keep sharing as I keep crocheting your blankets!


I’m glad you are back but you do what you need to do for you. I’m here way down in Texas for the winter as I truly love warm weather. I’m a sleeveless dress sandal wearing old gal and probably will never change. We bought a place here and this is the first time living here so we have been hitting the thrift stores to decorate. Tomorrow is lunch in Mexico with some delicious Pina Colada’s, I do love coconut and pineapple together. Like you love your frothy coffee. I’m quilting and knitting and crocheting in my evening while I watch Britbox shows. I’m not much into Christmas stuff with just my husband and I here, it’s kind of hard celebrating goodwill right now in the US. But Merry Christmas to you and yours.


We all lead such busy lives now a days, even retired old me. Never a moment really to do nothing. I’m busy crocheting 3 blankets (sorry not yours) for the grandkids. 2 of them graphed C2C, confession hating doing them and can’t wait for them to be finished. Told hubby if I ever say I’d like to do this graphed C2C blanket slap me in the face! Lol
We are now in Summer time, isn’t too bad at the moment, not looking forward to the usual 40+ temps when they arrive.
Some exciting news, we are coming over to UK end of March, going to be there for my in laws 70 Anniversary, plus will travelling around, Northumberland, Scotland, Cornwall and Norfolk and days out. Sorry not Yorkshire this time. Anyway, love when your blog comes up. Take care, Merry Christmas xx

Karen Bushell

Hi Lucy, hope you get better soon. I have missed reading your blog. Do you have any ideas of what month your retreat will be next month?

Val abrams

Hi Lucy my daughter has been here from New Zealand with the two youngest grand daughters.i have made six different attic 24 blankets for them two daughters four granddaughters and have enjoyed each one.they have also taken one positivity and one Ukraine mandalas and a wreath and some bunting.thank you for all your inspiration you are a very special lady lovexx


So good to hear from you again! Your photos are so pretty! Glad you had a good time away ;)

Annie Chermak

It's good to hear from you no matter when you post, Lucy! I love seeing the European side of things that is so different from mine here stateside! I've not decorated for Christmas yet other than a newly-purchased creche scene carved in the Holy Land, so enjoying that during this Advent season. It's been veeeery cold with nights into the teens and a few inches of snow already having fallen in southern Idaho. I'm jealous of your days in the Canaries so soon following your workshop in the south of France -- lucky you! Can wait to see pics from your trip with your daughter! (and think I'm gonna go find some clementines cuz yours look so yummy!)


Hi Lucy! I have missed you while you’ve been away from blog land but you do need to do what’s right for you and what makes you happy. I do feel at times it’s important to just withdraw from life sometimes (or go at a slower pace) it’s a good way to refresh ones self. I’d love to read a catch up from you but only if you feel like it and it makes you happy to do so :). What is making me happy at the moment is being able to spend time with my 23 year old daughter. We both love Christmas so it’s always a joyous time going to markets and doing silly Christmassy things together like wearing Christmas pyjamas (it’s summer time here and jumpers are too warm for us) and watching Christmas movies etc. Above all I’m spending time with my daughter who is my best friend and we always have a great laugh when we’re together!

Thank you for another lovely post, I have been enjoying your blog for many years now so when you post, it’s like receiving a letter in the mail from a wonderful friend. Wishing you all the best and I hope you find that elusive sleep sometime soon x

Jean Stein

Today is my "Thankful Thursday," and I am so grateful to hear you are doing well! I'm a vicarious traveler, and do enjoy hearing what is happening in your life, so thank you!


Lovely to have you back. Do as you feel what is right for you take one day at a time enjoy your family time whatever you do I will enjoy Reading it weather it's the past on present just take care of yourself


Hi Lucy, thank you for your lovely blog and pictures, Iis lovely you got away with little lady for a holiday, it's also good to leave the social media behind for a while. These cold crispy winter day's are lovely. I am also way behind with Christmas plans but hey ho!

Siân Magennis

Hi Lucy, lovely to hear from you again, lovely photos as always, I do like a frosty sunny morning. I’d say blog whenever you want to, and if there’s a bit of a gap then so what? We can’t always keep on top of everything and nor should we,

Penny Park

Everyone needs a social media break every now and again. Regard it as a reward, not something you have to pay back. I’m glad to see you’ve had some winter sun. It will do you the power of good. xxx


It is so good to see you and read what you care to share. Life has an ebb and flow to it, I say just carry on as you feel and don’t worry about the past few months. It’s really okay to take a break.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Dittos to both of the above. I’m so glad to see you back and with such lovely photos. I enjoy your log so much. Just carry on, winter is here and you add such joy to the season - whichever it is!
All the best,
Anne ❤️


Good evening, Lucy. It's so nice to see you back in this space. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos today. I do love bright and sunny frosty mornings in December. It is a treat, isn't it? I say continue to go forward and don't at all feel guilty about blog gasps and post whenever it strikes you fancy. It honestly happens to all of us bloggers. Have a great evening. I always enjoy visiting you here.

Bridget Bradley

Hi Lucy, I say do your own thing, march forward and please do not feel guilty about gaps in the narrative! Life is never straight forward and you’ve been amazing to blog for so many years and still come up with interesting stuff. Keep doing what you do! Xx

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