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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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December 08, 2022


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Having recently discovered your pages as recommended by a friend I must thank you for such a heart warming and inspiration little site!

You are everything I would like to be and I am hoping to commit my ideas into action this year!

I too fall in love every time I'm out in nature whatever the weather. The colours, the shapes I want to bring then all home and recreate into something arty.

Do you have anything to do with kingfishers or foxes? I spotted a KF recently for the first time and am obsessed!

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Elda Da Fonseca

Tianjin you very much for all you share ! Love your job ! Thanks for your posts also !
Xoxo from Uruguay

Viv Johnson

Only recently ‘found’ you having learnt to crochet in lockdown. Had done granny squares prior to lockdown. Hubby has got me the wool for the cal coming out next month . Can’t wait. Happy Christmas

Sue Lane

So wonderful to read your latest blog with great photos. As all your friends in your blogland have said it is great to catch up now and again. Always a pleasure to read and see what you're able to share with us. Do not feel that you have to meet up with us at any time, we are here to listen to your great news or just to be here should you want to chat. It should always be so. Simple friendship, no pressure.

S meecham

I find the irregularities of your blogs refreshing and makes me appreciate them all the more.
Getting away with your daughter sounds a wonderful tonic.
Love your term @seasonal correctness” I am going to adopt it 😂
This morning in Bedfordshire we are very seasonally corrected.
Thank you for sharing your magical photos and words 🤗


I love reading your posts regardless of when they come. It is like sitting down and chatting with an old friend. Your photos are eye-popping and make me wish I lived in a place where fall is more than just a week long and there were water canals instead of gullies behind the back fence. The works that comes off your needles invite me to pick my own up and the snippets of peace and quiet that sneak into my days.
- Please just keep being yourself! You are loved.


I enjoy what you are willing to share, so you get to pick! No one can know everything about someone else and should we, anyway?

Love your pics and the update.


I don't blog as often as I'd like and I know what you mean about having to get your voice back. I'm always happy to hear anything and everything from you. Love the flower rescue, they are so, so pretty, and exactly something I'd do. CJ xx


It's always a pleasure to hear from you, Lucy. Don't worry if you're a bit croaky, that hot honey and lemon water will fix you right up! ;-)

You know, most of the bloggers I read don't post regularly any more. You have a life and should live it fully, and post when you like without feeling guilty for absences.

I went to a Christmas tea the other day with friends! Elevenses are not a thing here in rural Ohio and neither is tea, in the sense of a meal or special occasion. We just drink tea by itself. But this was a very enjoyable experience and I hope to attend more eventually.

This year we are scaling back on Christmas; I can't have many treats and the rest of the family is busy with other commitments. So I'm knitting hats and cowls for Christmas at the Sea, run by seamenschurch.org -- it's something I've wanted to do for many years and I'm finally a good enough knitter to follow through. As Tiny Tim said, God bless us, every one!


Welcome back to blogland & I seem to think we've both been a big slack, but life catches up with us sometimes & we just need to do what we need at the time. Your photo folder habit must be like mine, though I do use an old fashioned camera which needs to have the photos downloaded onto the computer. Love your canal photos and was going to ask if it had been frozen after seeing another canal all iced over on a blog I follow. Maybe you've inspired me to do a post soon. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs from down under.

Beryl Holmes

Hi Lucy
I am new to your blog but must congratulate you on your beautiful blanket patterns which are so easy to follow for a beginner. I taught myself to crochet when living by myself in lockdown having been a knitter all my life.
I live east of you in Yorkshire and the Hambleton Hills have been spectacular today in the afternoon sun with the temperature hovering around freezing
Happy Christmas and I look forward to more crochet patterns from you in 2023


Good morning, Lucy! I second Donna Stephens' sentiment. You ARE an old friend, and a very welcome one at that. I would love to hear about and see pictures of your travels if you have a mind to share. What a lovely way to get away, sharing some time with your little girl as she leaves childhood behind and matures into an adult. Lots of changes for her, and for you. It is beautiful here in SoCal -- the weather is much cooler and we've had a little rain, so all the brown has turned green. Christmas is coming on faster than anything has a right to do and, of course, I am totally unprepared. All my plans were trashed when I got sick for a few weeks. I was going to have all my gifts purchased by the end of October. Hah! What is it that they say? You make plans and God laughs? Between being sick and work going into overdrive, I have accomplished absolutely nothing. Ah, well, on the whole life is good and I have no complaints. Take care of yourself, and Merry Christmas!


Beautiful, calm late fall sunsets. Here too, where it stays green. So peaceful.


I am definitely all about Winter now but always happy to see reminders of Autumn! The past few weeks have felt like a season of withdrawal and slowing down for many...and I don't think that's a bad thing.

Donna Stephens

Old friends pick up where they left off with unforced ease, and your blogs are very welcome whenever they appear. As others have said, just as a thought is forming , haven’t heard from Lucy in her Attic for a while, there you are in all your colourful glory.
The knack is only posting when you have something interesting to say or a beautiful photo to share, and you have that knack in abundance.
Enjoy a splendid Christmas Lucy and your family, and all your readers.
See you in 2023 xx

Carol John

Hi Lucy welcome back, here's a big virtual hug for you xxx

Linda from Boston

Nice to hear from you before the holidays!! Time is flying. The weather in Boston has been so mild, winter is actually enjoyable! Flakes are supposed to fly tomorrow…….possibly. I’m so looking forward to the crochet-a-long. It’ll be here before we know it. Have a wonderful Christmas and hope 2023 is good to us all. 🥗

Bobbie C

I love seeing your frosty pictures followed by cozy fireplace, the kitty, and let's not forget a hot cup of something to drink. Everyone does need a break - thank you for this reminder. Take care of you because you are the only you that you have. (((hugs)))


I'm at home recovering from COVID, I've been very lucky to escape it since this horrendous virus hit. I think the pace of the year has taken most of us on a whirlwind and I'm actually grateful for this time to be forced to sit and recover. I think we've all lost the ability to put ourselves first and recharge, often needing to offer a reason for our absence. I've just had to complete an absence form to excuse my daughter from school for a family funeral and it feels like we are all trying to get permission to be absent from our lives sometimes.

Maria Markopoulou

Ι αm sooo excited I am coming today at your wonderful places Υork Skipton and Leeds for a three days trip from Greece!!If a tall lady from Greece meet you somewhere...will be me!!


It’s lovely to have you back! I’d say don’t feel any obligation to try to “catch up” or to blog in any way other than what comes naturally. Any time you mention having had a time of needing to pull back and care for yourself, it reminds me that I’m not the only one who experiences low periods or sleep disruptions (darn perimenopause!), and it’s very reassuring. Thank you for that! Much love to you!


I'd say you have your priorities right Lucy so don't worry about those gaps. Just grateful for any news whatever it is about as you right so beautifully and engagingly with wonderful pictures. My pond was frozen over for the first time, hope my frogs are ok! Loving the cold snap and the fire here!

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