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November 01, 2022


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Beth whitehead

Hi Lucy
Please tell me you have a back up of all your patterns in case the worst happens? I couldn’t bear to lose your pages!

Gill H

Yehay it looks like it's working! We've missed you 🤗

Eleanor Lahn

Yes, the photo came through, and Carcassonne too! Thanks!

Denise Edwards

ThanksLucy, I thought we had lost you on my computer,and it was a very funny feeling. I'd like ton feel again. Thanks for everything. you are very lucky to be living in the Yorkshire Dales. Love from Australia Denise

Jessica Patton

Thanks for letting us know. I’m hoping the neat wave tutorial will be up again soon 🤞🤞

Sarah Bradley

Hi, I can't pick up the pattern for the Japanese Quince flower, is this a typepad issue, or has it been withdrawn? Thanks

Sarah Bradley

Hi, I can't pick up the pattern for the Japanese Quince flower, is this a typepad issue, or has it been withdrawn? Thanks


Oui croisons les doigts !
J'attends pour poursuivre ma bordure et terminer mon Harbour BLancket ;-)
Merci Lucy !


Hi Lucy, thank you for letting us know. That's why I couldn't see the photos that I'd been using for my cupcake blanket! I saved the page to my phone so I can quickly double check a row whenever I want. I managed ok though :) Hope the technical hitch is sorted soon.

Lyn Williams

Thank you Lucy from here in NZ; not just your website as one of my faves here in NZ has had the same problem, firstly access, then a security message vetting for a secure connection and now no loading of photos. Thankfully was able to access your message webpage just now.
Hope everything else is okay in your Attic World.
Kind regards


You can always trust an update to bugger something up!! Just one reason why I don't use windows anymore! Hopefully it will all get sorted soon.😀💐


Thanks for the update Lucy, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong 🤣🤪 hope they can get it sorted for you quickly. Love and hugs Becki xxx 🥰


I was wondering what had happened. Thanks for letting us know.


Do they ever? Don't you just hate updates? They always seem to mess everything up and make it worse.


Thanks for the update Lucy & although not good for you, I do hope it gets sorted for all. Take care & hugs from a cold & wet down under. We actually lit the fire yesterday & it's November. What?

Jay Crafter

Hello Lucy,

Thank you for letting us know about the technical issues. Very frustrating for you.

I do love to read your blog and see your photographs, always full of interest, life wisdom and crochet knowledge. I am looking forward to seeing your photographs from your retreat in Carcassonne. A beautiful medieval city I visited many many years ago!

Warmest wishes and take care,


Thank you for the update Lucy and all the work and hours you dedicate to your blog for us to enjoy. I so love reading it and seeing all your wonderful colourful pics. So inspirational.


Thanks for the update. I thought my computer had lost its mind!


Lucy……thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Fingers crossed Typepad will get their problem resolved sooooooon!


Sorry for you! This must be very very frustrating!!!


For those that are working on some patterns, I’ve been using the Wayback Machine to see the tutorials and patterns when this site is down. Just go to the Wayback Machine website and put the link to the post or to the whole blog on the search bar.

Hopefully Typepad will be fully operational soon!

Miss Daisy

Hope you’re back on soon.


Hello Lucy,

Thank you for your message. Hope everything will be back to normal soon.

Warm greetings,


Thanks for the update.

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