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October 17, 2022


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Happy Birthday! Thanks for your lovely blog and photos. Autumn is such a gorgeous season - lots of little shafts of joy in the colours of the trees and the sky, and the misty mornings. Love it! Xx

Jan Heywood

Hi Lucy, don’t know you, but love you to bits!!
Sure we must have been sisters in another life.
Thank you for all the colour you bring to my life xx


A lovely cheery post, lots of colour.
May I ask what fuel you use on your fire to get such a good flame?


Reading this early in the morning, having only had a couple sips of coffee, I read it as "fragrant socks" and for the briefest of moments thought what a lovely thing?! (maybe it was party because I had recently hand laundered some of my homemade socks?). I would love to hear more about your trip to France. Thank you! (Another reader from Pennsylvania).

Rosie Rogers

Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Lucy. It is so lovely to have you back. Yes, please do share your adventure in Carcassone, somewhere I have always wanted to visit.


Hi Lucy, so lovely to read about your amazing adventures again and fantastic photos of your stunning area. It does look absolutely gorgeous in France and sounds wonderful to have been on the retreat. The makes looked really beautiful and I’m glad you all had such a lovely time. More pictures about it would be fabulous, thank you. ☺️ Happy belated birthday 🎉 for last week, glad you had a super day and managed some time with J too. I’ve yet to start your Fireside blanket but am really looking forward to making it and was very excited when my pack came from Wool Warehouse in its gorgeous organza bag! Thank you again it really was so nice to see your post.. Take care love and hugs, Becki xxx 🥰🤗


Happy birthday, Lucy! I hope you had a wonderful day (and cake! And ice cream, too!). Each photo in this post brought a sigh of happiness. They were all so pretty. The stones with grass growing between them, and the misty canal, were especially lovely. I truly believe that beauty lifts the soul and makes us better people. The best part? We can each make our own beauty and surround ourselves with the fruits of our creative labor. Thank you for all you share.


Welcome home Lucy! And Happy Birthday for last week!💐💐 I'm looking forward to seeing photos from France, I bet it was warmer there? I'm a bit jealous that you love where you live so much, 'coz I'm really not that keen on it here any more.🥱 That Dune blanket looks amazing in the Highland Heathers!! I'm still plodding on with the Yuletide blanket, among other things. There had better been cake! It's one of your 5-a-day!😀


Of course we want to read about your trip! :)
I often look at where we live with a visitor's perspective in mind!
The canal boats in your pictures *always* intrigue me. It's just so different than anything I have ever seen except in pictures or tv shows.
Happy birthday! Many blessings on you!


Thanks Lucy for you Lush-trous photos & happy blog catch-up. Glad you had a great time in France & a very Happy Birthday to you too. Look forward to more French crochet adventurous photos xx


Happy birthday for last week ! X I’m sure we would all love to read about your trip to Carcassonne, it looks beautiful there.
I’ve started the fireside blanket, loving the Highland Heather yarn, such deep vibrant colours. And I’m now au fait with join as you go, I’ve tried several times to master it before, but this time it just clicked.
I too look at my town as if I were a visitor, but then I also live in a beautiful historic town ( although I don’t actually live in that bit).
Good to see you back Lucy!


Happy happy birthday to you! I’ve been around the sun only once more than you! What gorgeous flowers you received, I could almost smell them in my mind while reading your blog! I just love the fireside colours in the dune pattern! The shell stitch really makes the colours pop even more! You do live in such a beautiful little town. The canal, lovely old buildings and all the nearby walks you go on you just about have it all really! Looking forward to seeing pics of your trip to France and the crochet workshop. Thank you for yet another lovely post! Angela x


Happy belated birthday! My birthday was on Thursday the 13th, but 77 years ago. Time flies by so fast. I love reading your blog and look forward to the pictures from France. I’ve been all over France and love it. Your Fireside blanket looks similar to one I crocheted about 50 years ago. I have no clue where it is now but I did buy a similar one in a thrift store several years ago. Yours is actually prettier but I sure enjoyed mine. I’m going to get involved with a crochet group so that I can do better, I seem to have forgotten some basic things. You have inspired me!

Cathleen Yvonne Lindell

♫♫Happy happy Birthday♫♫


Happy Birthday fellow Libran! What a lovely early Autumn post. I do like those days when there is a fresh crispness in the air and a few yellowy leaves sprinkled on the ground. However I am thoroughly soaking up the Spring after a long, dank winter. Enjoy your beetroot! Did you know you can regrow the tops? I found a beetroot top and chucked it in my compost about a year ago. Then a week or so later when I was adding more scraps to the compost, saw the little green shoots popping out so retrieved them and realised they were from the old beetroot top. We decided to pop it in the vegie garden to see what would happen. Lots of fresh, young beetroot leaves! But I kind of forgot about it as it got over grown with Strawberries. Then a couple of months later I 'rediscovered' it and discovered it had grown a whole new (slightly smaller) beetroot! Apparently you can regrow for the young leaves in salad so I don't think that it realised it wasn't suppose to regrow a beetroot. You do live in a beautiful part of the world. We were thinking of incorporating it into a little trip we may take to your part of the world next year. The town, along the canal and the woods look so beautiful. xox


Happy Birthday! And I so enjoyed spending time in your beautiful part of the world. Have a cozy evening from Pennsylvania!

Isabel Johnston

I would love to visit Carcassone! Have you read Citadel by Kate Mosse? A fabulous book set in Carcassone. . Happy Birthday.


I don't have the words to tell you how much I enjoyed your post!!! Belated Happy Birthday.


HaPpY BIRTHDAY!!!! Your life seems so gentle and just downright lovely.
Hope there was cake. Brenda

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