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October 29, 2022


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disfruto cada vez que paseo por tu blog,es muy encantador, viajo contigo , por las fotos, me siento en los ligares que vas, es tan explicito y encantador los comentarios.
Gracias por esos paseos encantadores.esas fotos refrescantes y hermosas.

Pamela Copenhaver

I Would love to go next time

Linda in Texas

What a fun trip to the “South of France!” I’ve subscribed to the travel website so hopefully will get updates about future trips. If your post isn’t the best advert for a craft trip to a beautiful place with a top flight teacher, then I don’t know what would be. So glad that you got the snafu worked out with your web host. That can be so frustrating. The pictures are wonderful, as usual. I’ll be watching for an announcement for the next one and hopefully can get my bid in quickly so I can join in your group of travelers!

Jane McLellan

So glad I can see the pictures now.


count me IN!


All the pillows are beautiful! i love reading your posts about your travels : )


Glad to finally see all the lovely pictures from Carcassone. Looks like everyone had a fun and creative break.

Helen Mathey-Horn

Had to laugh at your realizing you couldn't get lost in Carcassonne as it was walled. First time in Lucca, Italy, my friend and I left the car in the first spot we found and went walking and shopping and then realized we had no idea where we parked the car, but it too is a walled city, so we had to find it eventually...(why did I buy that big heavy plant?????)lol


Hi, as always a lovely blog, however, like many of your other readers I am unable to see the photos in any of your blogs. I am currently working on your Moorland Blanket, but haven't been able to work on it for some time, as I am unable to see the photos. Feeling frustrated.
Hope you can get this sorted.


I think there is still a problem with your blig, since I can’t see any of the photos 😢. All your other blogposts are having the same thing; I can’t see photos there either. I hope it gets sorted, because I love your posts and can’t wait to read and see all about your trip.


After some time having trouble loading your blog, today I can load it but I cant see any photos :(. I really love your post and pictures, been following your post for years, its colorful and delightful and bring happiness to me. Hope the problem gets sorted soon :).


I can’t see any photos either. Hope the problem gets sorted as I was so looking forward to seeing the visuals.


I haven't read this post yet but like Ann Duke, I can't see any of the photos:( There seems to have been some trouble here for a few weeks now - missing pictures early on and more recently error pages and security checks?
I hope your platform isn't on the fritz!! CAn't wait to read this! Byee!😀

Ann Duke

Hiya...love reading your adventures and currently just started the Meadow blanket. Trouble is I now, for some reason, cannot see any photos on your blogs...or the guidance for the cal. Help!!! Is it something to do with 'typepad' or have I accidentally done something to my settings?


What a gorgeous week in a gorgeous place! If I lived in the UK I'd be popping over to France as often as possible. I may have to put one of your crochet retreats on my bucket list. I'm also super in love with all the beautiful cushions created by the group!

Kristine S

Totally!!! "...maybe they just felt like they had to get some more rounds in?!" As you were aware, having my back badly compromised by a 30hr plane journey just to get to London, unfortunately I missed parts of the afternoon sessions, & so wanted to keep the momentum going!
I SOOO loved my time with you & my fab friends from UK & US, both in the 'classroom' & out & about in that fabulous part of the world, so different to Sydney Australia. My time away with you all was wonderful, the cushion glorious & I can't wait until next time!!!

Debbi Robertson

Outside my window it's grey and drizzly, but inside, it feels warm and sunny -- all because of you and your gift for being able to transport us to where ever you describe and happen to be enjoying. You, Lucy, are such a bright spot in the Universe, and we are all so fortunate to know you!

Annie Chermak

Ohhhhhh my! That looks like sooooo much fun!!!! I love that colorful box of tiny skeins -- like a new box of watercolors! Thinking I'll find a creative retreat in the middle of this winter at someplace warm for sure! (It would be very fun to participate in a "Lucy" Retreat but being in the States it might be prohibitively $$$ -- c'est la vie) All the cushions turned out gorgeous!

Lesley Moreland

Dear Lucy
I have been following your vlog for years now - since before Little B was born.I wonder if you have cone across the trilogy written by Kate Mosse? The books are set in Carcassonne in mediaeval times and she has done a huge amount of research to base the fiction books upon.
Thank you for so many colourful and delightful posts.

Jools Morgan-Jones

It all looks absolutely fab, Lucy! I'm curious though - didn't the clock tower bell keep you awake all night?! X


It looks like so much fun!!! Would love to go on one of these trips! Maybe one day I’ll be able to fly over from New Zealand to come on one. I have looked at these sorts of trips before, I can’t remember the company name I was looking at but they did all sorts of craft trips. One of the trips that I remember reading about was a trip to the Shetland Islands to learn all about Shetland knitting which is something I’d also like to do. Mind you I’m not sure how capable I’d be at Shetland knitting but would love to see the islands anyway! Think I’d book one of yours first though the weather does look so much nicer than the Shetlands and I LOVE your crochet! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I can see you’ll be in hot demand for these trips now :)


Yea! Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

Donna Brush

What a lovely description of our week. It's not an overstatement to say its one of the most glorious weeks I've spent, surrounded by wonderful people in a glorious location, all being creative and doing something we love. It was a pleasure to spend the week with you Lucy.

Winwick Mum

I loved reading this! It looks like such a lovely place and to spend time doing your favourite thing in such beautiful surroundings is a treat indeed :) xx

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