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September 21, 2022


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I have loved making the fireside blanket but am a little frustrated that the printed pattern that comes with the kit, has a mistake on the border rows 9&10. It says the colour is Bracken when it should be Lichen! I note that this mistake was pointed out back in 2022 in this thread but no amendment to the pattern has been made.
Unfortunately I crocheted one and a half rounds of Bracken before I ran out of wool! I have had to send for an additional ball to complete the round as I don’t want the undo all that work.
Please amend the printed pattern.

Patricia A

I had seen this blanket before, but hadn't read the pattern. I read it today.. Funnily enough it is very similar, but different, to the one I am currently making/designing. My blanket has 94 small squares.
My blanket will look totally different to yours as it is only four bright colour and white.
Started out as the blanket from the Australian Better Homes & Garden magazine pattern. Did four squares, then modified the pattern. Heh! We are each the designer of our own blankets. At least I am as I rarely follow a pattern completely. :-)


Hi. After completing a couple of blankets, the last one being the Moorland blanket, I am now making the Fireside blanket to use up my left over wools.
Can anyone tell me how much wool, in grams, that is needed for each 2 row colour for the boarder stripes please?

Wendy Lavender

A couple of years back I tried to make the squares as a production line, doing the centres then the next row. I failed. It didn’t feel right for me. I hadn’t any connection to the square. So since then I make the whole square at the same time except for the joining row. It’s more *zen crochet*, I don’t find myself trying to rush for whatever reason. Weird science I guess.
Anyways I’m looking forward to beginning this one. Haven’t used the Highland yarn as yet. Must finish the knee rug I’m making now first or the invisible crochet fairy will hide my hook. Thanks for the pattern, Lucy.

Gwen Cockett

I’ve started mine and with the tip of making all the centres first I’m onto a good/ stress fee system The colours are beautiful and using a 5mm hook works brilliantly for me. Thank you for all your hard work. X x


I've loved this blanket since I first saw it but couldn't justify buying any yarn when I'm literally drowning in the stuff. But after a challenging year I took the plunge and ordered the kit for Christmas. Took a few weeks to make it all the way to Central Australia but it arrived today and I am in love! Lucy you were right - the photos don't do the yarn justice. Your pictures are wonderful but these colours are divine in real life.


I AM 84 and the pack I ordered came with no ibsructionsSoHELP where can I buy the instructions DONT understand why one pack comes with instructions and the other doesn’t and I don’t have a printer I AM DELIGHTED WITH THE COLOUR OF THE YARN BUT VERY FRUSTRATED AS CANT GET STARTED
Hilda mcallister email address pethilmac@ btinternet.com
Is there a telephone number zi can call my number is 01877330771 THANKYOU

Birgit Rosenberg

Hi, I am working on the border of the blanket, and I don’t think the border color round 9&10 is correct. The instructions that came with my yarn pack call for Bracken, but I think it should say Lichen. I don’t have enough Bracken left to crochet twice around. Can you please confirm.


So, I'm not quite sure where the right place to ask this is (and you probably already know) but I think there is a mistake in the worksheet for the Fireside blanket. It says that rounds 9 and 10 should be done in Bracken but the Tutorial says it's Lichen.

It's the same in the printed pattern I got with my yarn pack.

I am loving making the blanket, by the way, love the colors and the sense of accomplishment after finishing each square and now making those long meditative border rounds.

Daniel Windsor

Beautiful! It looks really nice and will surely get one for me in the upcoming week. Recently I bought a fluffy white dressing gown from Woods Fine Linens. Feels really great wearing it. Recommend you visit it.

Deb Lewis

Lucy, I was introduced to your page in November 2019, while visiting a friend in Guisborouhh, England. I am from the USA and have been crocheting since I was a girl. I immediately fell in love with all of the colors of your blankets. You truly are masterful at combining colors. Many of the blankets have spoken to me, but I had not purchased any of them. The Fireside Kit is the 1st kit I have purchased and I am in love! The colors in this kit truly speak to me! And this is my first kit, it will not be my last! Thank you!


If you are following the fireside stripe worksheet, I think stripe 30 should be whisky not marmalade ?

Kate Casey

Just completed square 13 and it's all coming together beautifully as all Lucy's designs do!!! My printed pattern has an error on joining square 13 to square 3. Fortunately I have done a few if Lucy's Join As You Go so was able to work it out. When I compare my printed pattern with the instructions on here they are different so match what I've been doing - phew!!! Just a heads up if anyone's struggling with that section - follow the instructions on here. Enjoy!


Hi lucy thank you for another beautiful blanket love this wool and colours. Could I just ask what the size of the larger square is please. Mine looks a little small although the small squares are the right size. Many thanks.


Reminds me of Harmony Blanket in different colors.


Sorry that was to say STIPED pattern. I love they way you arrange the colors! Can not wait to get mine to get started!


Ordered mine and can not wait to get it! Are you going to be offering a stripped pattern for this pack? These colors are just beautiful! Love all of your blankets!

Patricia Dobson

I have started my Fireside Blanket - 7 squares done and joined. However, I’ve decided to take your advice Lucy and am now doing the centres first and popping them into little labelled see through bags (they are actually the little bags that came with the lateral flow testing kits!). The colours are beautiful and I’m just getting used to crocheting with this yarn as opposed to the usual Special DK. Can I also say that I ordered my kit teatime last Thursday and it arrived Saturday morning! Wonderful service😊 Thank you.


I have had a quick scan through your fireside pattern so forgive me if I have already missed a mention about my query. I am left handed and I seem to make my granny squares the other way round to you, will that affect me when I get to your joining round?.


Lucy, Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Your Yuletide pattern has become my favorite and almost any color way. I know it's a larger blanket with an outcome of about 5 ft square. Do you know how much more yarn I would need of your fireside colorway to complete a yuletide? What I need to double my yarn order? Your Yuletide Mandela pattern is one of the most wonderful leftover yarn ideas!


I’m definitely going to be making this blanket! It has similar vibes to the cosy blanket which is my all time favourite! If I’m ever feeling under the weather, out comes the cosy blanket! Such a lovely photo of you crocheting at the beach! Take care! Angela x

Linsey Taylor

Hi, it’s gorgeous and I’m just starting mine 😊
May I mention that I think on your instruction page you have got the instruction for round 8 wrong. I think it should be right side facing.
Feel free to delete this message, I just didn’t know where else to comment.
I’m doing my 73 mini rounds first and half way there - now to see whether I do sew in my ends as I go along 🙄
Thank you again, Linsey.


What a pretty palette! So inviting! You have a great eye for color, Lucy, and those yarns are beautiful. I remember when you first started using Stylecraft. It seems to me it was a big leap for you at the time and I was very curious as to what your opinion would be. Because you loved it, I thought I would give it a go. Best thing I ever did, yarn-wise. And, boy, was I nervous about ordering yarn, sight unseen (not to mention touch), from across the pond. But there was no discernible difference in price, the selection of yarns and colors is amazing, it arrived fast and, long story short, I love the stuff. It's become my go-to place for yarn. Soon as it cools down here a bit, I'll be back to crocheting my happy little heart out. Kinda can't wait -- it's been a long hot summer and I've missed it.

Kristine S

Lucy, you look so happy in the beach picture... Your blanket looks stunning 😍 ✨️ 💕


Ooh, love it.....it may just pop onto my list for next winter's long nights as I've just received a pack from my DD for birthday/mother's day gift combined & still need to finish off some knitting, embroidery & of course quilts on the go before I make a start on that. Your work is always outstanding & playing with colour is the best thing. Thanks Lucy for all the hard work, take care & hugs.

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