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August 03, 2022


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Always love reading your posts. Thank you from far away Australia where it is cold and mid winter!


Ah summer roses are the best, aren't they? This morning I opened my bedroom curtain and a bright, happy, yellow wattle has started blooming which for me is a early messenger of Spring! Thanks for the pics!

Norma McPherson

Thank you for sharing the lovely colours of your life & Yorkshire, one of my favourite parts of England. The new blanket seems to reflect those colours too. Looking forward to seeing the completed blanket which will be stunning 😍


Personally, I don't like the extreme heat we seem to be getting these days🫠, not much we can do about that though now... Your roses are lovely!🌹🌹 Some are just too blousey but yours seem just right to me. It's interesting isn't it, I haven't paddled in anything for decades and yet in the last year or so, I've really fancied putting my feet in a stream somewhere... I can just imagine your cat looking up at you and saying, "You've missed a stitch 'ere luv."😼 Take care!!👋


I look forward to seeing how you put this together. I have many small pieces but don’t know how to make them into squares that can be sewn together!


A lovely post with some great snaps. Glad you enjoyed the mini heatwave as I've been slightly worried about my family and friends not coping with it, as it's not the sort of weather you are all used to. The new blanket looks gorgeous & once my chillblains have abated I'll be able to get back to crocheting of an evening. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

Linda Carpenter

Oh yay! Snuggly is my top priority. Looking forward to the new blanket. I made my first mandala, so fun!


A lovely look at the summer that has been very hot at times but a bit more normal now. Something to remember later in the year when the seasons change. I always think how lucky we are with our changing seasons, variety is the spice of life.We celebrate our 54th. wedding anniversary today so have seen rather a lot of seasons coming and going! Looking forward to Sept. and the new blanket. Thank you Lucy.


Isn't it good to enjoy that long sunny weather? I love it, though temperatures of 42 degrees are no fun, at all. That rose looks like the old Handel rose, such a beauty. It can have spots of wet weather but the flowers go from soft pink to deep faded pink. I adore mine.



So glad you’re back, I missed you and your colorful and pleasant little world. I was afraid something bad had happened to you.
You see poetry in all the little wonders of nature and you share all this with us with generosity. I think you’re great and your blog is a benefit. Merci du fond du coeur d'une lectrice française 🌷


Beautiful looking blanket. Love the colours in your life in general 🌈❤️

Evelyn Foss

Love the blanket and hoping to order a kit in September!


Such lovely photos Lucy. I don't think I've seen any pics that show so clearly what a lovely summer it's been.

Hope your sprain is fully healed now-and as ever, thank you for all that colour in one post. xx


Keep up the photography. You take great pictures of your local countryside. New blanket looks colourful and cosy x

Polly M

I love the blanket colors! And those duck feathers! We are in need of a cat to grace our blankets since we lost our kitty several months ago (to illness, not escape) and are feeling the emptiness in the house. A new cat will need a new blanket...


I like the colours in this new blanket, I’ve just started a Harbour lap throw in Dune colours but maybe I will be tempted to start your latest creation! I enjoy reading your news and seeing your photos too. Keep them coming! Xx


Beautiful photos Lucy, looking forward to seeing the new blanket it certainly looks like the kitty approves.


So nice to see you here again. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures, I always enjoy your colourful world very much. Can’t wait to see more of your new blanket!



Diane  J

You take beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them!


Love your blog so much xx


Thank you for your post. In the Netherlands also a lovely summer, and it’s not over yet. Still hot and sunny. I love your stories, photo’s and your blankets in progress.

Marianne van der Zant

Beautifull photos and a very nice blanket.
Greetings from a warm Holland.


Lovely photos as ever, that rose at the top is beautiful.


Wonderful photos and nice chat.,thank you so much. New Blankie looks ace. Xx

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