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August 03, 2022


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So many beautiful photos and beautiful rosies!!!. 🧡💛💐😍👍 love YOUR work. Liking the look of your beautiful blanket.


I so love your posts and site. Catching up this afternoon as it has been awhile. I hope you never stop posting. I have never taken a a lone get away but sure sounds nice. I don’t think I am a lone type person. Older now so it won’t be happening but in the mean time I will enjoy reading about your adventures.


Hello Lucy! I love those duck feathers! Because of you I stop and pick feathers up and put them on my garden fence. I can’t have them in the house because my Annie kitty goes after them! My favorite find was a Cooper’s hawk tail feather- brown & white striped. We have wild Amazon green parrots. Those feathers are a fun find. They are GREEN with a little iridescent too.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know I think of you every time I find a fun feather and how excited you would be if you could see it!

Linda Spooner

I have been trying to sign up for your blog for the past 2 - 3 years. Now when I click your link I get junk but no way to sign up. Darn it I want to get your blog. I put my info below and I hope you can go from there. I enjoy your blogs when I can find them. I love seeing your countryside pictures and hear about your little family. Thank you Linda


So nice to see you back, I have been checking in on a regular basis and was worried that now I have found your fantastic site that you may have decided to stop it (SILLY ME), you were just enjoying the sun while we have it. I can't say the same about the really hot weather as I couldn't get on with my harbour blanket due to the wool not sliding through my hot fingers. I saved my harbour blanket to do on my holiday in Wales as I stayed right on the beach and had beautiful view of hills, water and moored boats to inspire me. Anyway as usual your photos are fabulous and so green (everything is brown here now) and you sound very refreshed and raring to go again. I can't wait for your new blanket to go live. Xx

Anne Cooke

I agree that Lucy's cat looks fine, and am sure it is getting good food. At the same time well done to Lisa,(Aug 4th) who doesn't think so, for speaking up about her concern for it. If we all kept our heads down and told ourselves it was none of our business when we believed we were witnessing any kind of suffering then the world would be an even viler place.


Catching up here. Such lovely pics! Summer goes SO fast it's hard at times to fully appreciate it. Wishing you and yours well!


Lucy I totally agree that this amazing summer weather here in the UK is the stuff that my winter dreams are made of. I love it too. Absolutely. And your wonderful post summed it up perfectly! Thank you.


Hello! I was a follower way back in the day then life got in the way, and now I'm back! So lovely to reconnect with you!

Super interested in the CAL, how do we make sure we're notified of updates or when it's released and ready?




Beautiful photos as always. This blanket looks like it will be amazing!!

Susan Alli

I’m firmly convinced we are on the same mental wavelength. Just had my birthday and my youngest daughter gave me two wonderful crochet books. As I was looking through them I kept thinking of you and wondering how you are.
I’ve been doing a lot of remodeling and refreshing on my home and in the yards and not one bit of time for crocheting. This morning looking through Facebook and nothing was making me want to stop and read then finally I saw your post! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your unusually warm weather. California is dreadful. Weeks and weeks of 103 102 makes you want to hide in your house. By the way I love the photo you showed us of the feathers and stones. The rose is gorgeous too. So glad to see your post. Can’t wait for the blanket reveal.


Hello again! I'm always surprised by the number of followers you have in Australia; but then again, a lot of us are from "the colonies" and England is our heart's home. I think that Yorkshire is my family's ancient home, but it might be Scotland -- I'm not sure. My sister is the one into the ancestry thing. By now though, we're 100% American, as we have been here a few hundred years. Yet the heart remembers, and longs. I'm still backed up on my projects -- too much reading and not enough crocheting. I still haven't gotten around to starting that project with the Yuletide yarn packs I bought at the beginning of the year. Would you like to know my plan? Alright then, I'll tell you! (I'm so excited -- I think it will be beautiful.) I plan to use your amazing palette of colors to make Julie's mixed stitch stripey goodness blanket. I made that blanket once before and it was one of the hardest things I've ever made, but so gorgeous. The recipient loved it. This one is going to be all mine. What do you think? Always a pleasure to share in your little patch of the world. So glad you decided to embark on this blogging jouney all those years ago!


As always, a lovely post with beautiful pictures! Flowers, nature, crochet, coffee... what's not to love about that? Thank you so much, I really enjoyed reading it!
Have a very nice weekend!


I'm just so relieved that all is well with you and you are enjoying the summer.


What fantastic summer photos, I can feel the heat and the hot, still summer air, just wonderful. Love the last picture too, so cute. I hope your wrist is all better by now. Those duck feathers are exquisite, I'm a bit obsessive about feathers, I picked up a brilliant blue/purple/black one the other day. I love that the cafe has outside space, sitting there for a coffee must be lovely. CJ xx


Hi Lucy, I left a little treat at coopers cafe for you, I hope you got it. Can't wait for the new blanket CAL, more blankets the better we are all going to need to keep warm this winter😄
Take care Anne


Oh Lucy, such a beautiful rose! Your rose bloom reminds me very much of the blooms which used to be on my Climbing Handel rosebush every summer at my previous residence. Roses (and flowers in general) are one of my very favorite things, right up there with crocheting! ♥

And I so love the new crochet design and colors of your new afghan! It does look very snuggly!

Hoping you are fully healed from your small mishap. And I'm so glad to hear that you've had some dream come true summer weather along with special golden moments of "quiet and still" out in the midst of your summer walks. It does look very peaceful and beautiful where you live!

Cheri in the USA


So many beautiful photos; I just love that light. Liking the look of your newest blanket. I can tell your kitty likes it too. B x



marcia martins

Good Morning,
My name is Márcia and I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). I always follow your post, your crochet work and your city are simply wonderful! Unfortunately, I'm not able to make a wool blanket in the scorching weather here... my crochet is basically with cotton threads. Big hugs to you and all your family.


So happy to see you posting again. Our summer, not very far from you, has mostly been very overcast, cool and disappointing so I enjoy your sunshine by proxy. The English weather is so localised.

Your cat looks fine to me, and I’ve kept several generations of them for 50 years. I never understand these folk who feel the need to offer their unsolicited advice about things that are not their concern.


As usual Lucy your photos are gorgeous. We have a huge clump of blue Agapanthus in our garden which have been glorious the past few weeks. My husband retired in February and we are now able to take advantage of the weather every day not just weekends. We especially love early morning coffee in the garden - it is quiet, just the birds and looking at the contrails. Hopefully the good weather carries on for several weeks yet.


Dear Lucy,
from the fur it seems to me that your cat is not very well. 🐈‍⬛
You should give her better quality food.
Thanks for being with us again. 💚


Always enjoy your beautiful photos! Glad you enjoyed the heatwave too!


Lucy, do you have the recipe for your delicious elderflower cordial please? I'm loving your photos!

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