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August 19, 2022


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Mikki Ogle

Congrats to Little Lady. Hard work rewarded!

Love your pics, as always. Had to chuckle at your dusty mantle.
"Dust, if you must, but there's not much time
with rivers to swim, and mountains to climb
music to hear, and books to read
friends to cherish, and life to lead!"

So many more important things than dusting! I'm feeling so blessed to have found you 5 yrs ago.


OMG...........your photos are making me so wanting to come across again & to think it was back in 2019 I spent my birthday at Harlow Carr. We always go for a visit there & of course gadding about in The Dales. Good to hear about Little Lady's results & congrats to her from me. Although I love sunny days, I'm not the biggest fan of extreme heat, but I'm so looking forward to summer this year after one of our wettest, dreariest cool winters I can remember. Raining again today with more flooding forecast here in Victoria. Thanks so much for sharing & look forward to seeing summer snaps. Take care & hugs.

Corinna Mazzotta

Huge congratulations to Little Lady! It was results day for our younger son too, so I totally get the anxious parent bit. He and his classmates waited until 12 o'clock when one of their number finished work before they went into town to collect their results and then they all went out for lunch, so it was an anxious wait here too! Thankfully all was well and he'll be leaving home in 4 weeks for Uni.
Loving your summer photos and have to be honest, I'm jealous of your everyday pleasures! Please keep sharing - I love seeing the joy in the simple things of life through your eyes. ❤️


Congratulations Little Lady (now grown up)! She must be so relieved to have exams done, results in and a pathway planned to give her some time to herself. And congrats also to you and J for this is your achievement as well!
I love all your summer pics. Just glorious and colourful. I have always been super envious of the beautiful forest so close to your village. We are considering a trip to the UK next year (if we can get tickets to a certain famous European music competition) in May and I've told my fella that we must try and squeeze in a trip that area so I can walk along the canal and thru the forest. Enjoy the warmth! Xox


Fantastic pictures & congrats to Little Lady! It's heartwarming to hear she's making the right choice for her. There's so much adventure to be had & what can be better than following your gut instinct? Well done to her & thankyou for the uplifting post :)

Sally Spragg

So glad your daughter got the grades she needed to secure a place. She can now enjoy time off before heading into studying! The photos are lovely and the notes that come with them.


Another good read Lucy. Like you I have spent an awful lot of time outdoors. This has been mostly in my garden under my sun brolly with some good books and my crochet of course. Too hot for much gardening and housework can keep until the weather changes. Must make the most of such unusual weather here in the north east of England.

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