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August 19, 2022


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How could I miss this wonderful post. Sad to see summer go but looking forward to autumn nonetheless :)


Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your surrounding area. A beautiful walk through color and sights. Congratulations to Little Lady on securing her choice. She is smart to not go right now if she is unsure what course to take. So many times working awhile opens them to new possibilities. Thanks again.


Lovely photo's as usual! Thank you for sharing even in the midst of enjoying life.


Hi Lucy so glad you’ve been having a great summer, certainly loving all your beautiful photos, as always, of the things you’ve been up to. That is such a wonderful colourful looking blanket and can’t wait to see it in all its full glory soon! Huge congratulations to Little Lady on her A level results, all that hard work so richly rewarded. Looking forward to reading your next post, take care, love and hugs Becki xxx 🥰


Congratulations to Little Lady from Mississippi, USA. I love the pictures of flowers, fruit and walks pictures. Your posts always encourage me in my quilting and thank you for that.

Linda Spooner

Those berries look like what we call Wild Huckleberries. They are smaller than a blueberry but are great in a bowl with a little sugar and milk poured over. I used to pick them in the woods in Pennsylvania when I was a kid. Loved them. Linda


Well done Little Lady, and great to make the choice to take some time before plunging into uni or whatever comes next. A-level results here too, and he has got into the uni he wants. Just waiting for GCSEs on Thursday now. You've been on some beautiful walks and outings, glad you are having a lovely summer. CJ xx


I must say, I have been enjoying your summer posts so much. With my husband’s disability and an upcoming scary surgery for myself, I have not been able to get out and enjoy summer, not one little bit. So your beautiful summer, and it’s enjoyments have lent me a wonderful dreamy escape! Just think of all those pictures and stories behind them that you will be able to share on those crisp sunny winter days! The best of summer in midwinter! Lol. Your summer post have been a treasure. Thank you.


What a lovely summer you are having Lucy. I'm so glad the weather is making you happy. Loving the cross stitch-very pretty. Congratulations to Little Lady on her A level results and whatever she decides to do next.


Thank you for sharing the beautiful lush green-ness of your part of the world -- so soothing. Where I live, in Southern California ("SoCal"), the hills are various shades of tawney and gold -- beautiful in their own way, but one could hardly describe them as lush. I didn't even notice the dust on your mantle until you mentioned it, gobsmacked as I was by the pretty anaglypta wallpaper on your walls. Such a nice detail! I do hope you have the time to squeeze in a few more summer posts. I would love to see more on Harlow Carr. Congratulations to Little Lady on her massive accomplishment! Hard to believe she is all grown up and a young woman. I remember when she was really was a "little lady." You and J must be bursting with [well deserved] pride. Off I go; it's time to get ready for work. Have a lovely day!


I just love seeing all your photos! Such beautiful scenery and I love your crafty projects. Thanks for sharing. :)

Nora McGrann

Brilliant again Lucy..
Thanks as always..
Congratulations to your daughter on her achievement.. 😍👏😘


Hi Lucy, I love how you slipped in the word yarden! Fab! Congratulations to your daughter and wise decision to delay, why rush when you don't have to, better to be sure. I know what you mean about being a tourist in your own town! I live in a popular west country seaside town and love to see all the tourists enjoying themselves and being a part of them, feeling like I am on holiday too!!! Looking forward to your next catch up but don't stress if it is delayed, family time first, it is short. Lots of love, Esther.


Hi from Tasmania. I always look forward to your blogs and especially the photo's you take showing your walks through the countryside...and much more.
I hadn't received any Bloglovin' on my emails for a while...not sure why...so spent a good hour today catching up on your lovely Summer snaps...just lovely. Pulls the heart strings as I always loved this part of England and although I live here now, it will always be home. So a huge thank you! Carole.

Debbi Robertson

Oh, Lucy, it is such a treat to find another post from you! I usually check daily, and when I find something new, my heart soars! Okay, now I'll go back and read what you've written. I know it will be the icing on the cake of my day!
~ Debbi Robertson


I love all your posts you describe everythi g so well and you photos are beautiful.
That blanket is gorgeous and I love the fact you found a previous project to work on!(its not just me then !!
Thankyou x


What a wonderful summer this has been in so many ways. Thank you for sharing snippets of yours and inspirational textural patterns in the scenery. Congratulations to your little lady 👏👏👏😊


Congratulations to Little Lady and to her supportive family. I'm sure that her upbringing will give her the ability to steer her own way, I know how difficult it is as a parent to watch your children make decisions, holding back the fears and advice, they live in such different and difficult times. I give my wise father's advice: Follow your star.


Yesterday DH and I ended up also being tourists in our own town, London’s transport was a bit of a mess so we stayed local, walked up Richmond Hill, just happened to pass my local yarn shop, Tribes. Of course I popped in, a chat ensued with another customer about left handlers being able to knit and crochet in the usual right handed way, this left hander is defeated by Kitchener stitch and hand sewing though.

The view from Richmond Hill is protected by law, great views, on a good day one can see Windsor Castle one way and the North Downs the other, like Lucy I live in a very touristy place.

Sue Woodhouse

Brilliant pics once again so glad you’re enjoying summer. Congratulations little lady on your results and difficult decision making, it’s an anxious time for all of you. Am looking forward to seeing Harlow Carr in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the rest of the summer can’t wait to see more of the new blanket x


I do love the photos and the blanket colors are just beautiful. "the sky in my wine" absolutely beautiful :)


Your post was wonderful as usual. I love all your pictures of York. I live in a very busy city smack dab in the center of the US and it’s been very hot. Luckily for us, the really hot weather has moved away and we are enjoying the last of the summer very comfortably now. Congratulations to Little Lady on her school exams and good luck in whatever she chooses to do in the future. Keep on sending us the beautiful pictures and posts about what is going on in your world, we so enjoy it.

Peter Dennis

I feel so privileged being able to read Lucy's wonderful posts and it brightens up my day no end. What an absolute treat. Sure makes the worries of the world seem inconsequential. Thankyou Lucy!


So glad to hear you are having such a wonderful summer! Oh the heather looks absolutely beautiful, what a colour! We don’t get heather growing naturally in NZ so I’ve never seen it with my own eyes. I’ve only ever seen pictures of it.

I would really love to know how you mounted your beautiful embroidery? I tried to enlarge the photo but couldn’t really see how you did it. It doesn’t look like it’s in a frame, or is it? Thank you so much for another lovely blog post. It really takes me away to another world for 10 mins! Now I have to get back to reality and go and clean my bathroom! Thank you again! Angela xx


Big congratulations to Little Lady, well done x I wish her all the best with her next steps in life xxxx

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