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August 10, 2022


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Oh, Lucy, your photos are so lovely and so calming - I honestly feel as if I've been on vacation just looking at them. So glad you were able to get time away to rest, rewind and recharge. It's my dream to visit the English coast someday.


Glad you enjoyed my local coast :)

Chris Swales

Your post reminded me of Sunday School summer trips to Saltburn organised by my father. Just a short train journey from Darlington,but felt like miles to a young child. Lots of fun, gritty sandwiches and sand everywhere - in socks,shoes, hair and knickers! Happy memories of 70 odd years ago.


Your caravan!!! I do remember!!! Your experience brings back memories: my first solo trip was just last year…. And I’m 53 years old! It felt strange but liberating. I felt like I was breaking up a “non written rule” about traveling alone. . And I just let the feelings be: a first experience todo that challenged me and changed me.

Thanks for writing your blog: I just love it!

Tracy Martin

Just got home today from my first ever solo mini break to west wales. Truly an awesome coastline down through Snowdonia.
I lost my husband 8 weeks ago and I had an overwhelming desire to get away to the beach in my own. It has totally reinvigorated me with a newfound determination to look after me and live life. Thankyou for sharing and confirming to me that it’s ok to spend time on our own and not feel guilty about wanting to do just that!! Take care lovely Lucy x


Ahhhh! My blood pressure lowered a few points just perusing this post!! What a treat you had! When I was in my 20s, I took a summer trip up the California coast to the little town of Cambria where I took a wonderful watercolor painting workshop. I stayed in a tiny room in a cute inn and painted my heart out, both "en plein aire" (outside) and in my room (until midnight!) I remember one warm night walking into the little town at dusk for a snack as a storm rolled in over the ocean. The lightning over the sea was mesmerizing! What a special trip that was -- 40 years later, I still hope to repeat it with my hubby in tow! P.S. Can't wait for your new blanket design!!


Your trip looks wonderful. So pleased you enjoyed it. I went to Scotland on my own back in January. I made the big decision to take early retirement from nursing last Christmas, and just felt a real need to empty my head and have some ‘me-time’. It was wonderful. It was cold, everything was shut, but I just took my dog, my crotchet and my paints. Bliss with Seaview s and big skies on the West coast south of Oban - Easedale. Can highly recommend it. X


I'm a long time reader who has never commented before, for which I apologize! I think it's because I feel I would write way too much... so I will try not to! I live a rural part of Pennsylvania in the USA, but 11 generations ago my family came from Chaigley near Clitheroe (I wonder if you know it?) I love your blog - your photography, writing, and creativity. How I would LOVE to visit my ancestral home area AND also beautiful Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Your photos are SO lovely of it... the flowers, the sea, everything! Yes, I have traveled on my own. I once went to Papua New Guinea solo. But as I've gotten older I am not as adventurous. Thank you for allowing me to be a virtual traveler thru your eyes!


Oh, what a glorious trip that was! I'm so glad you went, and then shared your experience with us. I very much miss the ocean (grew up near the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and am now quite landlocked where I live), and have not been able to see it in person for quite some time. Your photos and descriptions filled the bucket for a wee bit, and for that, I'm grateful.


The sea calls my name too. I grew up beside it -- the roar of the waves as they roll into shore, the sand, the tidepools, the cliffs (and caves!), the comforting call of the foghorn and, most of all, the smell of the ocean. It lives in my soul. But beauty can be found almost anywhere, if you allow yourself to open up to it. Now I live in a valley, bordered by mountains. I have traded the vast expanse of the sea for the vast expanse of the sky, and the ever-changing clouds that play in it. Sometimes it just takes my breath away! I guess I've decided to bloom where I am planted. Yet, even so, every so often I steal away to visit my old friend, the sea.


I took a solo trip to New York City in 2018. I grew up just an hour from there and spent a lot of time in the city over the years, so I know it well. But now I live far away, and I realized that I hadn't been there in some time. My husband hates NYC, so he suggested I just go there myself. We don't have kids but I have a very busy, high-stress career. Except for going to a show and meeting a friend for lunch, I had no set agenda. It was wonderful! I visited old favorite places and checked out some new things. Even better, I realized that I do quite like my own company - while I love traveling with my husband, being on my own was nice in its own way. It's already been four years, and I'm thinking of going back sometime next year.

Lily Veenendaal

Hello Lucy, this was an absolutely lovely post!! I have just done something very similar.... Travelled to Sweden (I live in The Netherlands) to visit my brother who I had not seen for years.... but first taking some days to my very self. Sitting peacefully at the edge of a big quiet lake, with my feet dangeling in the water.... It was not all that easy to get out of my comfort zone and to do a thing like this, but it was worth every minute!!!!


I've traveled for business in the US, to a few quilting retreats and to Los Angeles for medical treatment. There is definitely a feeling of freedom when you are only considering yourself for a few days. I highly recommend it.

Your trip looks lovely and I'm glad you were able to go.

Susan Beck

What a lovely blog!
I am fortunate enough to live in Whitby, and I know exactly what you mean about the sea. I try and go down every day if I can. I also have a beach hut and I love to sit and crochet there, sipping a G&T, and watching the sea.
But I also have a campervan, and I love to go away on my own in it, stopping wherever I want, doing whatever I want when I want.
So looking forward to the latest blanket coming available.....


Beautiful photos, we love summer blooms around the old church! We hope you're enjoying your summer and keeping safe in the heat! The BloomLocal Team xx


I was 40 when I first travelled by myself - I took 4 months to go round the world and it was so liberating. (My kids aged 12, 14 and 17) stayed with their Dad. Since then I travel on my own a lot and absolutely LOVE it. My favourite was a month in a treehouse in Pembrokeshire on the coast, over Christmas and New Year - utter bliss! Nothing between me and the sea!.


I have never gone away on my own but I do like the idea😁
I am lucky my chicks have flown and my other half works si I have plenty of time to myself and my own car too.
But I do like the idea of bench sitting, I might have to try taking a bag of crochet with me.
Beautiful blog thankyou omg that accomodationlooks gorgeous.

Jools Morgan-Jones

Oh Lucy, it looks like an amazing couple of days to yourself! I'd love to do something like that - maybe one day.


Oh, good for you! I did a similar solo trip in May (but to Wales) as I was in desperate need of breathing and thinking space. Deliberately stayed away from WiFi and just let myself be present there. It was splendid. Everyone should take a solo trip!


Lucy your trip away sounds idyllic, just reading it made me feel like I was there too! Salt burn looks absolutely wonderful. We are spoilt living on the Wirral as we get the most wonderful sunsets. Closest I’ve had to a solo trip was a day to London to see a Peanuts exhibition! Hope not too long till you can enjoy another trip away xx

Nancy Gill

A marvelous treat for yourself and us to live through vicariously.

Mrs Molly A Worsfold

This all looks idyllic!


This is an absolutely delightful post, Lucy. I feel as if I have had a lovely break at Saltburn too. Thanks for sharing your "retreat" with us.

Jackie Farrow

How wonderful for you. I won’t be alone but going down sth for a couple of days in Oct with like minded ladies who love to knit and crochet. We all bring our own breakfast, lunch out and around 5pm we have cheese platters etc. Then our leader organises our supper, normally soups. I’ve been once, so this will be my second time. We stay in our leaders family owned holiday home not far from the ocean. I’m planning of having early morning walks along the beach like I did last time. The holiday home is in a place called Eagle Bay, Western Australia. You should google it, it’s to die for and far too expensive for us to buy a home. On the way down my friend and I visit a yarnie shop in Busselton called The Blue Box, a favourite of mine.

Oh and we have booked our flights to the UK March next year. Can not wait to have some walks along the UK coast line.


I love all that coast and Saltburn is very special. My Mum grew up at Marske by the Sea, just up the coast, and was at secondary school in Saltburn through the war.

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