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August 10, 2022


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gina in alabama

I am planning a trip to the beach for Christmas week. My husband is going to see his parents and I have no other obligations. My mother is in a care facility (dementia) and my presence will not be missed. So its off to the beach! We don't have trains in Alabama so it will be me and my Jeep hitting the road! I am looking forward to it. I have already started making a book stack and will be taking needlepoint of course!


I’m lucky enough to have a husband who understands my need for headspace too. And lately, now we are almost 51 years wed, he has become a man who doesn’t like travel and realises I still need to go. I have been 4 times to India now, and am going again in January. Yay!
I too need to reset, and have stuff to look forward to. I love every bit of it…..the planning, the packing (7 kilos carry on only!), the company!
I go on textile discovery trips, and it is usually small groups of like-minded older ladies n a mini-bus. Wonderful!

Gaye Brodie

Hi Lucy,
What a lovely photo journal of your time away. I know exactly how you feel about being by the seaside and seeing the ocean. I am now in my mid 60's and after spending my teen years on a clifftop overlooking the sea have always yearned to live close to the ocean. Finally last year I have a little cottage not quite by the sea but only 10 minutes away. I still feel a strange tug and yearning if I haven't seen the beach for a day or two. My Mum grew up in Devon and her time living in Herefordshire was difficult as it was to far from the sea. I think it is in our blood and definately calls to us and gives us a feeling of peace. I have never had time away on my own but think it is about time I tried it.


What a fantastic trip, a beautiful house and a lovely spot. I also crave going somewhere and having space and time to myself. I would take my writing, but the rest of the trip would be similar to yours I think. Alas I haven't managed to do something like that yet. One day, definitely! In the meantime, I have enjoyed seeing your trip very much. CJ xx


I try and get away for a few days once a year. I live on a small dilapidated hobby farm that we have been slowly fixing up into our dream property. I also homeschool my 5 kids. So, from time to time, my introverted self just needs to get away and be alone and be away from chores and responsibilities and remodel messes! I do different things. I stayed in an airstream trailer and painted and crocheted one winter. I stayed in a barn loft and did homeschool plans and transcripts one summer. I have stayed at a garden resort and journaled over my birthday weekend in late Fall. I took an early spring vacation to the coast and hiked for several days. Honestly, I would love a few days get away every season and I live in just the perfect place to do so. Within a 3 hour radius of my rural farm setting, I can be at the coast, in the woods up in the mountains, in the high desert, or at an alpine lake. There are hikes and waterfalls, lakes, rivers, beaches, rock hunting, state parks, etc.. I wish I had more time to take advantage of it all!

Winwick Mum

I've really enjoyed seeing your photos, it's funny how a place looks different but the same as the year moves on, isn't it? I'm glad you had a lovely time :) xx

Linda Spooner

I have made 1 trip by myself. I went from Ft.Worth/Dallas area to Wyoming. I was going to meet my birth father for the 1st time. Saw a lot of deer, buffalo, horses (wild), antalope and elk. It was very strange not to have kids in the back seat arguing and fighting. But it was a wonderful trip. Linda

Peter Dennis

Well done, Lucy. Your beautiful words and pictures are an inspiration to us all. I used to visit Saltburn as a child and always enjoyed going there. Your post brought back happy memories for me. Thankyou so much Lucy. You are a real treasure.

Abigail @ rosy_hill

I love this and definitely need a trip to Saltburn now! I spent two nights away from hubby and kids with my mom and sister. It had that same feeling of reckless indulgence and was incredibly good for the soul!


This sounds like bliss to me. I have never gone on my own but at least once a year, my lovely sisters and I, will have a night or two away. Even though my children are now grown and there's just hubby and then, it's so good to just be Fiona and not wife, mum or daughter x


This sounds like bliss to me. I have never gone on my own but at least once a year, my lovely sisters and I, will have a night or two away. Even though my children are now grown and there's just hubby and then, it's so good to just be Fiona and not wife, mum or daughter x

Sue Brown

I was born in Saltburn, Lucy, some 71 years ago. I went there just a few days ago with two of my grandchildren who enjoyed playing and being creative on the beach. I live in Darlington, so it's not too far for me to go back there. I have to say your photos are just astounding - the best I've ever seen of Saltburn - and I'm so glad you had a good stay there. I've been away on my own (but with my dog) the last four years staying near Oban in the west of Scotland self-catering, and just pleasing myself. I agree it is a wonderful thing to do and really re-charges the batteries!

Brenda Cupryna

At nearly 72 I still go off and cycle camp on my own. Didn’t try it - have the confidence until I was nearly 60. 2 weeks ago I had a little trip in the Yorkshire dales cycling through Reeth, Redmire and Leyburn.


It sounds like you had a wonderful time, thank you for sharing! Makes me wish to visit Saltburn someday, it definitely goes on my to-go list. I have never been on a trip alone, but have thought about it. Maybe when my kids are older!


I loved this post! Such an energizing thoughtful post. Yes, I have taken a few special trips by myself. When I travelled to visit my parents in the UK I would often add a short solo trip for myself. When as a mature student I got a degree I took myself off to Greece to visit the museums and sites I had studied. I felt the need to see for myself what I had spent so much time studying. It was a gift to myself and Ive never regretted it. I went back a few years later to see some sites that had been closed on the first trip. I also went to Hadrians Wall for a few days. I don’t want to have regrets, so taking time for myself, not forgetting about me is important it nourishes me. I can relate, I miss the sea, there is something restorative about the sea. Loved this post.. Jean/ in Winnipeg

Claire B

I often travel alone to The Moorcock Inn at Garsdale Head near Hawes. It’s a short walk from the train station at Garsdale. I have a few days walking and stay in their budget single room. £40 per night with a massive breakfast. I go via train from Skipton. It’s great, I love lone travel.


I have never gone away on my own. I love the idea, but the is that niggling guilt about leaving my husband at home. (Not that he would mind) It's entirely an issue of my own making. I love your description of your views and your days and of course the photos. Unlike you I am craving line forests and streams and mountains unfortunately they are not to be had close to were I live in Southeast England and I don't want to go too far away. Your various blogs have given me a lot of good for thought over the last year or so I have been a subscriber. Thank you and also thank you for your wonderful crochet patterns, I don't do a lot of crochet, but just looking at all the wonderful colour combinations is a joy. All the best to you.


Wow, just lovely , and not a person in sight , my idea of wonderful.
Dorset is just too popular now , can only blame social media and film crews , movies etc . The beaches at lulworth etc used to be deserted during the autumn and winter, not anymore . Weymouth , etc just heave most of the time .
Near where you grew up they have just passed planning for 760 houses in an AONB, absolutely dire . I think Northumberland is looking very good from where I stand right now !

Anyway , good that you had such a great time and you must have a wonderful husband too, take care , and enjoy the north !


Oh dear Lucy, thank you so much for this wonderful post, I felt like i was right there with you. Everything from the music, wine the food was exactly how I would have done it. You have inspired me greatly and now I think I need to book a holiday all by myself too. thank you thank you x

Pippa moore

Hi lucy
What a fab post. Ive had solo trips and definately will have more. I read a comment where someone mentioned the expense. Dont know how much your rental was but i always find really great deals cheaply x i always stay in little cottages as i have my little dog xx im lucky i live fairly near the coast at 22 miles just a short drive away x btw what happened to Connievan ?? I always wanted one after you posted about yours many years ago x Cannot wait for your new blankie and still love your blogg after all these years xx happiness and blessings lucy xxx

Nora McGrann

Oh Lucy, I didn’t want your story to end!
I think it’s been one of the nicest blogs you’ve written..
The pictures, and your relating your stay in that charming little house..made me want to be in all that beauty..
Everything in one place..perfection itself!

It’s wonderful it did you the world of good..with all the memories tucked away …that is, until the time you are able to revisit..

Thank you for sharing this special time with us all…👏🌷💕

Alison Barrow

I have never been on a little holiday break on my own!Certainly days out though.Saltburn is somewhere I have never visited even though I have been to other parts of the yorkshire coast.
The funny thing is my grandmother had a boarding house in Saltburn for many years,one of the big houses on the front.It was requisitioned by the army in the second world war.
I now feel totally inspired for a jaunt of my own thankyou!


I spent my 55th birthday on my own in New Zealand on an amazing day trip where we had dolphins (including baby ones) playing round the boat. I spent 6 weeks travelling round both islands in a rented campervan - so many people were amazed I was travelling on my own, to which I usually replied "not alone, there's my wheelchair too".
I'd always wanted to go, I actually had some money and decided that I was going to just go and do it. The only really scary time was driving down to Milford Sound in a horrendous storm. Another campervan and I ended up travelling in convoy and as I pointed out as we booked into the campsite, at least I didn't have any one to have a matrimonial argument with over who's bright idea this had been! However it did mean the waterfalls the next day were spectacular. It was an amazing trip and I'm so glad I went.


Love the sound of waves and fresh air at the seaside. Glad to hear you are refreshed from your mini break

Nadine Nicholson

Not exactly by myself but with my sister. We came to England in 2000 in part because that's where our father came from. And Saltburn was the last place he lived so we included it in our trip. I walked the same beaches as you and they are incredible, so much so I came again in 2019 and had to visit Saltburn again. We stayed at the Spa Hotel.The trip in 2000 I remember was like being on my own because I left little kids with their father and being able to choose what I wanted to eat and wear light colored clothes was such a treat. Enjoyed your pictures, brought back lots of memories.

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