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August 28, 2022


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Crafty Cath

Ahh lovely! I've finally been able to make a start on your moorland blanket. I love the colours. Can't wait to do the fireside blanket too. I want to do them all!! (Need/want to retire.... )
Thank you for your wonderful creations. You are clever :)


Came on you blog to let you know that I have started another Ripple Blanket. This time in three colours as that is what I was gifted.
I bought a course on Craftsy some time ago on Foundation Crochet Stitches. Marty is a very good teacher.
As I have trouble counting chain for a ripple blanket, thought I would do the first row and the chain together so that I get that *muddy* chain count and the blanket width correct.
Have done the Foundation treble row in the green colour that I was gifted and couldn't quite see what I was doing and where with the decreases. Did a bit of pulling out and reworking when the mistakes were obvious. Other 'mistakes' had question marks against them as I wasn't sure if they were mistakes or not. Fixed it all up in the second row and it is looking fabulous.
Only onto row six. It is looking great and so long as I keep my lots of four straight it works fine.
Thanks for your lovely work and hope you are feeling okay. It is tough when your babies get all grown up and move on.
We are finishing the winter months here in the Southern Hemisphere. The Spring flowers are all in bloom and smelling gorgeous. Hayfever is having a time of it too.


Thank you for sharing this peaceful moment in time, so pretty. Have a bless day!


My goodness, so much beauty. I would be in heaven there!

Helen Gilmour

Lovely photos. Whereabouts is this please? Would love to walk there.


Hi Lucy! The landscape is simply stunning! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Raquel

Carol Blakeley

Gorgeous thank you for sharing.


Just gorgeous.


Amazing photos, Lucy. The colours and light are simply beautiful. Nature is a wonder.


What a beautiful purple heather. Really amazing.


Wow, I thought they were lavenders at first glance. The scenery is nothing sort of a masterpiece painting, I wish I could've been there :)


it looks magnificent. How lucky.


Stunning photos, the light and colours are absolutely glorious. I do so love how much you notice and appreciate the beauty in everything. CJ xx


Thank you so much for sharing all of these beautiful photos! Such a treat to get to enjoy a landscape so different from my own. I have loved the books "How the Heather Looks" by Joan Bodger, and "Heatherley" by Flora Thompson...both have made me wish I could walk the hills of heather in bloom. You gave me a sweet taste of that with this post. Thank you! :)

Penny Spencer

Absolutely stunning. I wish I lived where the heather grew naturally! Loved creating with it when I was a florist.

gina in alabama

Fourth photo down from the top would make a splendid palette for a soft blanket. Gorgeous! I dream of one day seeing it in person.

Sue Floyd

I agree that this beauty is amazing. The colors are so perfect...nature at it finest! I cant imagine how it must be to see them in person, but your photos are top notch and really compete with Nat Geo!
Thanks for sharing & blessings to you all.


What a treat, thank you Lucy! Hope I could make it, one day, to see this splendor in real!


Oh my gosh, the colors are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos. Beautiful!

Joan Sortwell

Lucy, Your photos are beautiful and the colours in the sky of the sunset - glorious. A cloud or two can often enhance the scene. I have been following your story for a while, Yorkshire Dales being a favourite holiday destination and having made a blanket or two.


What beautiful photos! Heather is to England as lavender is to France. The color is so very pretty. Does heather have a scent? Do people use it as cut flowers for their home? Grow it in their gardens? Does it dry well? Does it get dark enough there to see the night sky? Sorry for so many questions. I am very curious. Thank you for sharing such lovely soft color. Nature's palette is extraordinary!

Jane McLellan

Wow, amazing colours.


Absolutely stunning photos, rather envious moi!


Wow those colours so beautiful

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