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July 31, 2022


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Rachael Rideout

I’m so sorry to hear about your fall - I don’t know when you did it but I also broke my wrist getting out of the shower and am now about 10 weeks in , out of plaster for the last 3 and able to crochet again. Felt like such a plum! Hope yours is feeling ok - mine is still a bit achey now and again x

Jay Crafter

Hello, Lucy,
So sorry to hear about your bathroom escapade! I do hope your wrist is much stronger and no longer giving you pain.
I'm pleased you have been able to enjoy outings over the last month and I hope you will share them with us in due course.
Your beautiful photographs, adventures, day to day life as well as your lovely crochet creations on your blog are a constant source of joy and pleasure.
Thank you so much for sharing with us all.
Take care! Warmest wishes,
Jay Crafter x
P.S. Fingers crossed that your daughter's A level results are everything she hoped for and set her on her path to the next stage of her life. x


So good to hear from you! I'm sorry to hear about your fall. It's downright scary when that sort of thing happens, as it happens so fast, and there is absolutely no control over your own body. I fell down the stairs once, and let me tell you, I count each and every step now. Summer is, to me, the time of year to relax at home, read good books, putter around in the garden, cook outside, and just enjoy ... whatever. I live in SoCal; so, to be honest, my favorite time of year is winter. The blazing temperatures have dropped to pleasant (and if we're very lucky, we might be blessed with a raindrop or two), the throngs of tourists have gone back home, children are back in school, and everything is a little less crowded, a little less frantic. And then there is Christmas. I love Christmas. People seem kinder and, for a little while, I can believe that we might truly attain peace on earth. Hope you are finding peace in your beautiful little corner of the world. By the shear number of loving comments you receive, I know you bring joy to others.

Kerridwen Niner

Lovely to read your post, not so great re your wrist so i hope that's all healed now.

I must admit i seem to be struggling with the heat, those two days in particular mean't i stayed under cover but even the less hot days leave me in a sweaty mess lol, must me my age :)


Hi Lucy. It's so lovely to see a new post from you. I hope you are fully recovered from your wrist injury soon. It looks as though overall you are having a lovely summer. I love the look of that delicious slice of cake with jam in the middle - it looks scrumptious! Take care.


Hi Lucy, so sorry to hear about your fall & wrist. Great to read you’re on the mend. Loving your photos of summer, as we here in southern Australia, are having a very cold (for us) winter. Would be lovely to see your trip photos. Can’t wait to also see your new blanket! Kindest regards.


This just made my day sunnier!!! So happy to hear from you, Lucy! If you could imagine how much enjoyment you give all of us! Prayers for your wrist to heal. Thanks for sharing the photographs and peeks into your daily adventures.
Amy 🧶

Linda Carpenter

from America (Colorado) Just installed grab bars on my tub. I have osteoporosis so I tread lightly through this world. 72 now and can only crochet for a short time before everything hurts. Tough getting older sometimes. I do love your blog, so glad when you popped up today. I'm making the Harbour blanket and just love the colors. I live vicariously through your lovely photos and adventures.

Cathy Tucker

Regale us with your July doings pretty please.

Sue Roberts

Not all the uK hAs been super hot……it’s just a little cooler and damper on the other side of the country……perhaps that’s why we have lakes here.
On a gloomy misty,damp morning how lovely to have you pop up…..good morning,sooo pleased to see you.
Hope your wrist is well on the mend now and that all your times away have been fun and happy times.
Looking forward to seeing the new blanket and all your photos.


Always a delight to read your latest blogs, sorry about the wrist! In the middle of our Winter here but lighter mornings and evenings are on their way. A baby blanket and matching beanie finished, and a string market shopping bag completed!! Love my hook times! Xxxx


Hi Lucy
Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos. I absolutely love your work and blog. Have made a couple of blankets but really looking forward to the next one.
Take of yourself

Gillian Edwards

I love your blogs and would love to hear about July. So sorry you have hurt your wrist though. It just shows you how how careful we have to be. Look after yourself. Loved the photo of Hebden Bridge. We have often seen the signposts when travelling north. We do live in a beautiful country. Please keep those photos coming. Xxx

Gaby Meares

Can’t wait to see your new creation and hear about your well deserved trip. Take care of that wrist ❤️ Gaby


So great to find a new post here today! I find I really miss it when you don't, it's a bit of escapism fro me I s'pose. I love seeing all your photos - you live in such a pretty part of the country:) I've been finding the last few weeks/months much too hot. Crochet has been out of the question for me and even stepping outside for a bit has been awful. Not that I get out much anyway. That slice of cake looks rather yummy! Can't remember when I last had a proper slice of cake? Sorry to hear you've hurt your wrist. My knee's feeling a bit iffy at the mo', but it's usable. Looking forward to more posts and photos soon:) Byeee!

Peter Dennis

Hi Lucy,
Glad as always to hear from you via this blog. We have been following your antics for many years now and enjoy your blog so much. You are a true English gem and because of your wonderful photos we often fantasize about moving to Skipton. You are indeed lucky to be living there. Take care and watch your step as it only gets worse as the years go by.
Your loving friends in Los Angeles,
Peter and Josie


I tried to post a comment yesterday, but my tablet wouldn't publish it, so here we go again. I was glad to see a post pop up & was surprised by the wrist episode & now realise why you've been quiet, plus the extreme heat days you've had this summer. I've enjoyed your snaps above & look forward to hearing/seeing your July jaunts. Especially liked the canal, rainbow, kitty & vase of sweet williams. Take care & hugs from down under.

Janet Burns

Beautiful photos as always. So very sorry about your fall and injury. I'm 71 and as an artist have always said, take away anything from this old body, just leave me my eyes and my hands.


Ouch, that sounds painful, I hope you're back to full strength very soon. I slammed down into a bath on holiday once. I was leaning over into the far corner from on the floor while standing on a bath mat to reach for the shower head. I had my knees pressed into the side of the bath and the bath mat just shot out backwards. I'd definitely love to hear about your July jaunts. I'm just back from North Wales, so working up to posting some lovely green mountain photos, just as soon as I have a spare minute. I love the third photo, the daisies by the water, wonderful. Hurray for the end of A-levels. Also the end of GCSEs here. Now just waiting for results days. CJ xx


So glad you’ve popped up again! Look forward to seeing your photos, especially your Lindisfarne trip. I was in Beadnall in May, just a little south of Seahouses and Bamburgh. We had a glorious walk to Dunstanburgh !


Yes on pics. They are always so beautiful and colorful. I just love your blog. It’s a blessing Hang in there, your therapy to us I’d needful.


Pleased to see you back and on the mend. I love seeing your part of the world and hearing about your lovely family. Can't wait to see the rest of your photos, and the new blanket!


My daughter broke a bone in her hand getting out of the bath, requiring a specially made splint and some hand therapy to recover, so I really do empathise! Silly little incidents can lead to some big consequences. I hope you recover quickly

Linda Ansell

So so glad you're back in blogland -I’ve missed you. I realise how much i look forward to sharing your life in words and photos
Patiently awaiting a glimpse of your latest blanket and the story behind its inspiration

Mrs Jane Halvey

Hi Lucy , It's so good to hear from you again. Would love to see your photos. Sorry to hear about your wrist, glad you are recovered. I am just starting my summer break from school, much shorter than most schools as we have 2 weeks off at October half term, but still so looked forward to during the long busy second half of the summer term, I work in a year 6 class. At present enjoying all the different sports of the Commonwealth Games. We had temperatures in the high 30's and one day it touched 40 so it was far too hot here in Nottinghamshire.

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