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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 16, 2022


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Gaye Turner

Hi Lucy,
It's time to pick a new blanket pattern and yarn pack. I am having trouble viewing pictures on some of the patterns. Some have pictures some have picture markers. When I click on a picture marker I get a big black screen.
Is this on your end or mine? Weird that I can see some pattern pictures and not others!

Cheers! Hope your day is glorious❤️


I loved seeing the differentiation Calculus of your daughter's logs and exponentials ...is she going to do maths at university....i did that 50 years ago . Good luck for her.


My condolences to you and your family. Losing a parent is never easy no matter how old you may be...Lovely post as usual, especially the picture with the ladybug.


I thought I was alone in feeling that time goes by faster and faster with each passing year. I looked in the calendar today and realised that June went in a blink of an eye, and my husband said that if it keeps on at this rate, it soon will be Christmas before we know it.

Losing loved ones leaves its marks. Sometimes memories bubble up that I thought I had put to rest. But I can look at them and say; "You are here, but you can manage on your own without me. You can not stop me from rejoicing in what I have today and I can be grateful that my life turned out quite well anyway".
Thank you for sharing your thoughts; your every day life and your wonderful crocheting.
Take care, Ida

Olwyn Phillips

G’day Lucy,
You asked for some “happy news”. It’s winter here in Queensland Australia and after a very long hot summer and a very wet autumn we have some lovely weather….cooler, beautiful warmth streaming into our sunroom, (we think it’s cold if the temperature is below 15!), crocheting in progress (my second Dalia quilt) a grand daughter’s wedding in our 107 year old home which has seen seven generations of our family live in. Our first wedding in the old home.
It’s been an exciting year and it’s only halfway done!

Looking forward to what you have for us in November

Janet Jones

I just love reading your posts… you have a such a beautiful way with words and images. You’re living my dream life, …big sigh …thanks for sharing. So much of what you write resonates with me.❤️

My creative life

Lovely to catch up with your news Lucy. I totally understand the whole complex family situations. Mine is nothing like normal. We went through lots with my lovely in-laws as they declined in their health. Sadly my parents are getting worse now. The speed of decline is shocking sadly. Take care, love the sleeping cat photo x


Thanks, Lucy for being authentic—- reminds me we are all the same.


... thank you for everything on your blog, it's silly to say, but I'm glad there are people in the world like me ... Same note! Lucie from the Czech Republic.


Dear Lucy, thank you for sharing your month. I completely understand your worries about your dad, it’s so hard to see a parent not able to cope any more. You are within your rights to speak to his GP, just so that they know there is a problem. They would not be able to discuss with you without his permission but you can give them information.
Take care of yourself. Good luck to your daughter with her A Levels. Such a stressful time.
Love from Dorset


Thinking of you and your dad and sending love.
Best wishes to Little Lady in her A levels
Looks like you and your street had a fab Jubilee celebration :)

Leslie Susan Clingan

Discovered your world through our mutual friend Deb and Deb's World. What a pretty space you have here. Love that it is decorated by your lovely photographs of life in England. Will be back.

Had to look up Pimms and have pinned a recipe for making it on Pinterest. Sounds very refreshing.


Thanks Lucy. I feel like I’ve had a really nice catch up with a friend xx

Marili Bezerra

Olá. Amo ler seus posts, adoro as fotos. Meu coração se aquece e fico muito feliz. Gratidão. As fotos sempre lindas e o jeito como vc narra tudo é maravilhoso, natural e como se fosse de uma amiga para outra. Também perdi minha mãe faz 4 anos e penso que entendo como vc se sente. Não é fácil.
Aqui no Brasil é Outono e está um friozinho bem gostoso.
Um grande beijo para e muito grata por seu lindo Blog.


We have already had an early heatwave in May in Italy. This is not good for people’ health and for the environment. Climate change is having bad consequences. But, yes I like the sun and more light during the day. I have about your age and need them. I feel the same way as you describe in some posts. You inspired me to stay more on the balcony when I read that you live a lot your courtyard during summer.
I have enjoyed to read about the Queens’s Jubilee, and tried to watch everything I could from the Italian television.
Have a nice weekend,


Losing a parent is so hard and the grief sharpens at unexpected times I've found. Never thought a shovel would render me speechless and weepy but I could remember my Dad using it and felt the freshness of loss all over again.
The green is a balm to the soul though. It is a glorious time of year, even if my polar-bear soul is happy to see the barometer drop today!

nayan parmar

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Was at my monthly sewing group, most were knitting or crocheting. :-) I was given some lovely wool yarn. Only three colours. Hope the new CAL is doable in them. :-)
I did the trellis pattern in three colours, baby pink, baby blue and white for my niece. Have not made another blanket for her second baby. That baby blanket looks gorgeous. And she has dibs on one of the bags of yarn in two of your colour packs for me to make a blanket for the first baby when she is older. But she hasn't let me know which blanket she wants or which colour pack.
I do like your patterns and colours.
I am working on a blanket that I designed in 2019, in another colourway, to see how quickly I can make this one. The first one took me only two months. How long this one takes will be an indicator, to me, of how well I am doing in getting better. Still not up to designing.
Life gives us troubles and hiccoughs and we just need to plow on thru them.
We have a cleaner coming in once a fortnight. When it started, once a fortnight seemed too little. But as time has gone on, now it seems to frequent and an intrusion on our peace. :-)
We humans are funny creatures.
Take care Pat

🌷Hanneke 🌷

Thank you for posting all those beautiful photos of the countryside, street festivities and early Summer. Also.. It’s good to know we’re not the only ones struggling with the feelings that pop up when we experience our parents getting older and all that goes on… My mum passed away quite suddenly 10 years ago in the early stages of Alzheimers. She was quite a happy person with it for 2 years, but was often also getting ‘lost’ in her ways already, when a brain infarct took her away. Probably for the best, I think at times, but then again I still miss her so much.
Anyway, it’s Winter here in New Zealand and time to finish my Yuletide.
It was too hot and muggy up till recently.
Thank you for creating and sharing 🤗🌷♥️

Lesley Wilcox

Love your posts - new to blogging How do I subscribe


I'm nearly 2 years on from losing my mum so I can sympathise with lots of your feelings here. Hoping you can find comfort in the beauty of nature and colour. X


So strange because yesterday I said exactly the same …how can it be mid-June? Where did the before bit go before we hurtled towards midsummer’s eve. I’m reassured that it’s not just me!

I also did a proper blog for the first time yesterday too! We are in sync.

Gorgeous photos, I really like all the different angles. Have you got a new camera / phone? Looks like you might be playing with a new toy Luce? xxx

gina in alabama

Thanks for the update. I have been hoping all was well with you. The chimney pot is gorgeous, cant wait to see it full of lovely plants or yarnbombed this fall. Its going to be near 100F here again in Alabama, more of the same next week. A little wistful for cool and breezy!

Linda from Boston

So nice to catch up with you. I started another granny stripe from my stash, but had to order some more colors. I don’t need another blanket, but my fingers just need to be crocheting!! It’s such a stress reliever. Can’t wait to see more of the new CAL. Something to look forward to. Enjoy your day!

Janet Patterson

Hi Lucy,

I love catching up with your posts and seeing what you have been up to. I have just finished my very first blanket. I loved the colour combination of your coastal ripple pattern and really enjoyed following it. I plan to take it too the beach and take a couple of photos. I have bought the moorland pack of wool from attic 24 but it doesn’t include a pattern. Is there a pdf for the whole pattern or do I need to follow through the posts for the knit along?

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