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May 18, 2022


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Aww, I love seeing chickens roam around free like that :) This post felt like home. Thanks!


That feather must belong to a dinosaur or something, It's absolutely HUGE :) Great post as usual!

Linda Betts

My resident avian expert did a little research and says it’s a feather from the mid section of a goose wing, probably a right wing covert feather. The Brent Goose looks to be the right color. Do you have those in that area? Wish I could upload a picture.
This coming from a Texan who’s not set foot in Yorkshire!


Another great blog Lucy.
You always have such beautiful photos. Really love the quality of the photos you use.

Gillian McM

The pink jug with pink tulips made my heart beat faster - how wonderful! This post is a feast for the eyes. Thank you so much!

Nora McGrann

Another great blog Lucy..
You always have such beautiful photos..

Thanks for sharing…brightening up our days

Have a lovely weekend!

Nora 🥀🥀🥀


Lovely new bed linen, and it looks perfect with the Dune blanket, which I think is my favourite. I have just one set of bedlinen too, which really simplifies things. I found a lovely organic duvet cover on sale recently, very floral and I mostly bought it because it was organic and a compete bargain, but I absolutely love it now. I have a couple of vases of feathers on my mantelpiece too, a good feather can't be passed up. Not sure what yours is from, it's very impressive. CJ xx

Kristine S

SOO lovely to see flowers & some warmth... it's not even winter here in Australia yet & I'm freezing at night! 12 degrees in the house in the morning is too cold! I'm so looking forward to doing an Arena/Stitchtopia retreat in Ireland next month, and then YAY! Carcassonne France in October! Can't wait to see what you Stitchtopia lovelies will have for us to learn. Hugs & enjoy your flowers & walks (I'm going to try your poached eggs tomorrow!) 🥰👍

Jools Morgan-Jones

Beautiful post, Lucy - thank you 😊


Looking at the feather again, that quill is huuuge! Could it be from a goose and somehow found its way into the woods? Dropped by someone perhaps? I really think it's too big to be from a Wood Pigeon.

Carol Blakeley

I’m always filled with joy to see a new post with beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.


Your posts inspire serious Yorkshire lust! Just so beautiful! I envy the breadth of your walking choices. You must come home from such walks refreshed in body and soul. Here in SoCal, the jacarandas have passed their peak and are beginning to leaf out. Those lovely blue-violet blossoms overhead and scattered beneath the trees fill me with joy! They do not last nearly long enough. The compensation for the fleeting blossoms is that the leaves are just as beautiful -- long lacey fronds that look like ferns. I just can't get enough of them. Even the seed pods are lovely -- they look like castanetes. Another thing that fills me with joy is your lovely violet embroidery. The black background brings out the colors beautifully. So charming! Thank you again, for another visit to your part of the world. Deep contented sigh here.


thanks for the lovely post. I love your new bed linens look and vintage glass bottle. Hope you make it to see the tulips next year.


It’s always a real pleasure to read your posts.
Have a nice afternoon,


I'm absolutely soaking up your Spring photos. My favourite time of year and I'm counting down the days until it arrives here! In the meantime I'll drink in your delightful updates. I really recommend a good tulip romp. There's nothing like it. My hometown has a lovely tulip festival in Sept-Oct (it's Floriade in Canberra). Here in Melbourne there are also tulip fields open at that time of year but not as vast as the photos on the website you posted. They look unbelievably amazeballs. Do it. You'll love it. xox

Karen Wagge

Is this an idea for another blanket? Love tulips


Lovely post, as always. I don’t think it’s a buzzard feather (and incidentally the UK buzzard is a different bird to the one given that name in N America). Buzzard feathers are brown and striped. We see buzzards regularly gliding over our housing estate in Cheshire. My best guess is a wood pigeon - they are quite large birds and their largest feathers might well be that hat size and the colour is right.

Kerridwen Niner

What a lovely read. I enjoyed your photos once again, particularly the blossom ones which i think has just about gone where i am in the Midlands but i did alot of oohhhing and ahhhing over it :)


Oh my, that looks like a raven or wild turkey feather, you don't have wild turkeys in the UK, have you? Oh, dear Tilly, you've to ravage that feather. I adore that little violet embroidery. And Tulips <3


Beautiful Such gorgeous writing and photos!
We are enjoying the countryside and fresh air on a farm in lincolnshire so lovely to be out of the smog!!!


I love all of your posts. You truly live in a beautiful part of the world. I would love to visit rural England someday (quite far from Australia).


It's a shame that you only showed us one side of the feather🪶 - is there more colour/patterns on the other? Given it's size and where you found it, I agree with Susan in that it's probably from a bird of prey🦅, probably a Buzzard. Love the gentle pink of your Tulips🌷🌷!


As a lover of tulips you might like to know that the fields in an area of the fens around Spalding Lincolnshire were always planted up with tulips and in years gone by there would be a procession of floats decorated with tulip heads, that were cut from the plants so that the bulbs could bulk up ready to be harvested, sorted and sold in the autumn, on the spring bank holiday Monday. It was taken to see the floats many times as a child and I remember it as always being freezing cold with a strong wind blowing off the north sea.
If you want to see what it was like there are videos on the internet.


Ooh, golly galoshes, such a lovely chatty, photographic post. Now who doesn't have a feather collection propped into a vase? I'm wondering if your large one belongs to some sort of "bird of prey". It's been 3 years now since we were over and I walked along the Leeds to Liverpool canal and how I miss all that beautiful scenery, the outdoor markets and meeting up with family & friends. Thanks for your great posts so I can still see somewhere I love. Take care & hugs from down under.


I have seen that exact expression on any number of kitty faces. Now I know the correct term for it - the Wanties! Must remember... That gave me a good giggle. It's lovely to hear from you, Lucy!

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