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May 11, 2022


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Wow! Just wow wow WOW! Your pictures are just stunning! It must be abSolutely breathtaking to experience them in person. Thank you for sharing!

Veronica Davis

I just love native English bluebells too, their colour and especially their perfume which on a warm spring day can be delightfully heady and not to be missed.


Just wanted to say thank you for all your tutorials,and your blog. Always really appreciated.


Beautiful bluebells. Thank you for sharing your walk through Bolton Abbey woods.


What colours... what a beautiful blue. Thanks for the wonderful photos. It's a pleasure to see her. I can very well imagine how you enjoyed the walk.
Many greetings to you. Viola


Beautiful! Lovely walk!

Christine Holdsworth

Texas Bluebonnets are like Lupins not Bluebells.


You are lucky to have so many near you still in bloom. We have some in the garden, but they are already going over. So many of the Spring flowers are over much too quickly in my opinion, just like tree blossoms. It's always a treat to see all the new green growth everywhere though!:)

Ellen D.

We have "Virginia Bluebells" blooming here, altho, I don't live near the state of Virginia. I am in Illinois. Every year I visit the woods along the river on the south side of my city to see the fields and fields of bluebells. Wonderful like yours but not as dark purple - lighter blue with some pink highlights.

Linda Spooner

In Texas they are called Blue Bonnets. Just about that shade of blue. This years crop has been great and beautiful. Linda


They're beautiful aren't they. Always such a treat to see them in the woods near here when I go to a writing event at a nearby village in April. We went back with the dog one year and made him run backwards and forwards through the bluebells so we could take photos of him. CJ xx

Jean Blythe

Beautiful! My neighbor has Virginia bluebells in her yard. Such a wonderful color.


Wonderful! I love all blue and lilac flowers.
It’s full of high, yellow daisies bushes around the area where I live. But, I don’t know the exact name.


Such beautiful pictures. Hubby and I tried getting that purple haze when we saw it (it *is* a good year for bluebells...I wonder what has to happen to make it so?)...B ut you have captured their vibrancy much better than we managed, and it's a joy. Many thanks!


Agree it has been a beautiful year for the bluebells


Certainly a good year for bluebells as my garden is awash with them. Such a delightful flower in the wild or in the garden.


I have loved bluebells since I was a child. The colour is so impactful.


Absolutely beautiful!




Such a beautiful sea of deep purple colour! Absolutely stunning! We don’t have them here in New Zealand. I will have to time our next holiday in the UK right so we can see these bluebells in their full glory!!! Thank you for showing us all!

 Debbi Robertson

Oh my! Those photos literally took my breath away -- what a gorgeous bloom! Listen to what I just learned about them:

According to folklore, bluebell woods are enchanted and inhabited by fairies. Trampling a bed will anger the fairies that were resting there, and if you pick a bloom, the fairies will lead you astray in the woods, and you’ll get lost forever.

Isn't that fun? Thanks so very much for sharing your day in the woods!


I read that about us having over half the worlds bluebells too. Was amazed but felt very privileged. A highlight of the year.
I miss though that we can’t pick just one bunch like we did when we were small…..back in the 50s. I only want one bunch each year….but not allowed apparently.


Awww.........if only we could get the English variety here & again, I'm just longing to come across again to visit. Thanks Lucy, take care & hugs.

Isobel Thomas

I was born in Harrogate but I now live in the USA and every spring I miss the bluebells. I have always loved them. Nothing compares.


OMG they are gorgeous.....

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