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May 08, 2022


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silvana martis

Dear Lucy, I must say it was such a lovely post. I agree with you about some rituals we still do throug the years, and mine is to watch waves at the beach in the place I used to live.
In the other hand I do understand your worries about your dad. No one of us is prepared to see them decline and become like little kids. It is like the fahter-doughter role is flipped and now we are the parents and they are the kids. It's hard. But it'is life. I'll send you a big hug from Chile


West Bay was the first port of call when my parents use to go to Cornwall for holidays each year as a child. I have very fond memories of this area. Thank you for sharing it brought it all back to me...though, long ago.
I understand where your Dad is coming from, he's a proud man and trying to understand it all is hard. I'm glad you visit and share these times with Lady B and your Dad...and what a setting....those woodland walks....what can I say! Having lived in Australia for so long, with a few trips "home" over these years....your pictures wherever you are bring alot of pleasure to me. Thanks!

Lauren O

Oh Lucy, my heart goes out to you. I lost both my parents at a young age but I’m seeing a lot of friends going through this with their parents. As a nurse of many years I’ve looked after people suffering from this cruel disease. I’ve seen how heartbreaking it is for their loved ones. Your father is certainly blessed to have you and Lady B in his life. You might not get to see him as much as you’d like but it’s such a treck for you to get there that rest assured you’re doing your best. I think, as has already been suggested in these comments, it’s a great idea to record your father talking about his memories. That of course depends on whether he’s willing and able to chat about such things.
Sending you hugs and strength xx


Thank you for sharing your trip to Dorset, so many lovely photos. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Sorry to hear about your father. As you write, time spent with parents is very precious. Hope you get to make many more precious memories.


Hi Lucy
We have a lot in common, but I was brought up in Yorkshire and now live in Dorset!I find it fascinating to hear of your trips down to Dorset( to places that I regularly visit- Bridport and West Bay, it’s also lovely to hear about my home county of Yorkshire..
I occasionally return to Yorkshire but I only have a brother living there now.
Make the most of seeing your father, I really miss going to see my Mum and I fully understand what it is like to see someone you love being overtaken by dementia. Try to see him as much as you can, although it is difficult when you live so far away.
Thank youfor your blog and the crochet, I have made several blankets etc thanks to you!


Ahh the call of the sea. I feel it too and indulged in April as well (I cheekily added the link with my name below!) My dad is in his early 70s and whilst his cognitive abilities are still good, he is losing his hearing and having dizzy spells. He says he knows what it is and therefore he doesn't need to bother a doctor with it! Ugh. I decided on the latest visit to stage an 'intervention' where I basically 'logicked' him into finally agreeing to go sort things (much to my mums extreme relief). Dad prides himself on his logic, so if you can out-logic him (is that a word?), he will go "Ok, I see what you're doing and Ok." I love your Dorset posts. It looks like the sweetest place. xox


Your kindness and your empathy, despite your father's obstinance, are truly inspirational. I wish you strength for the journey ahead. You're doing the right thing -- though it isn't easy, it has its own reward of sorts. Peace be with you, Lucy. You are a good daughter, a good mother, and a good woman.


Sending love to a special lady who gives so much to all of us. It is a tough time for you with all the concerns about your dad and yet you still manage to brighten our day with your blog.
Hugs x

My creative life

I'm sorry Lucy, sending love. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Dorset with family x


Oh Lucy. What you wrote totally resonated with me and I can totally understand. In my own situation we are further down the line-all you can do in just be there and gather strength from the loved ones around you.
I am lucky to live by the coast and believe in the healing qualities of the shore. My father in law came down recently to stay with us from up north-he said that after a week he feels more 69 than 89 and feels invigorated after his daily beach walks with us.
Take care x


Dementia is such a cruel thing, but it's good that your dad has LadyB to support him every day, and having you visit when you can will be a huge boost to them. A few days before my Mam died, we sat and talked about her childhood, while recording on my phone, and after she died, I did the same with my Dad. I found out things I would never have known otherwise.
On a more serious note, do you have Lasting Power of Attorneys set up for your dad while he still can? It makes life a lot easier when he can't make decisions for himself, either financial or healthcare.
Your photos are, as always ,beautiful. Thank you for letting us share your trip.

mary mathews

always love your visits to the sea. reminds me of doc martin!

i love your boots. what brand are they? they look so comfortable!

i live in the states close to the ocean, but i love all your walks thru the countryside. we really don't have anything close by like that and i wish we did.

have a great day!

Nora McGrann

Another lovely blog Lucy.. You always take us on lovely journeys with you..I also love train journeys.. Having recently travelled the Belfast to Derry line.. One of the most beautiful according to Michael Palin. And I fully agree.. Never tire of it.
Sorry about your situation with your Dad.. I had a tough time several years ago.. But you are a very strong woman and you will cope.
Sending hugs your way.
Nora 🌹🌹🌹

Carole C

Lucy ,you absolutely earned that delicious cake with all that walking you did .
What a lovely post and wonderful pictures ,as ever ,to do justice to this beautiful place - I literally pinch myself every day and will always be so grateful that we made the move here almost two years ago and get to wake up to
the stunning river and water meadow views outside our windows ,feeling so thankful for it .
The white cottage with the blue door and fantastic array of tulips belongs to neighbours of mine ,ours is just a few more doors down heading south ….how I wish you had knocked at my door - though I suppose it would have been a tad early ,but I wouldn’t have minded ☺️
On a more serious note ,I am so sorry about the situation with your Dad …it’s a hard one to bear for everyone close to him and the source of much stress obviously.
You are doing your very best and your visits I’m sure are a source of great pleasure to your Dad and Lady B . Hugs to you all,
Carole xxxx


Oh Lucy, I'm sorry about your dad. I'm envious of the trip to Dorset though. It looks absolutely lovely.

Miss Daisy

You're so fortunate to have one of your parents still alive, I was 16 when my dad died and 20 when mom died. As we all know life is precious.

Marg Freeman

Loved reading your blog and especially seeing the photos of the area once again. My grandfather was born in Bridport, his father was a manager at North Mills many moons ago. I don't know why my grandfather came to Australia and left all his family behind. I have been lucky enough to have two visits to Bridport and walking past the house where he lived and also visited the cemetery where my great grandparents are buried. Unfortunately it is such a long journey from Melbourne to England and I'm not sure I will be able to make it again. It makes your posts even more special for me.
Thank you so much.

Chris Swales

That was a lovely blog! I appreciate the problems with your father. My husband and I have recently moved up to Edinburgh from North Yorkshire to be close to our daughters and grandchildren. Quite a change but so worth it to be closer to the ones you love. I hope your dad doesn't make it too difficult for his family. It can be a heart wrenching experience.


Sorry that things are difficult with your dad. It must be hard for Lady B as well I imagine. I'm glad you had some time to wander around in Dorset a bit though, it's such a lovely place. I love to see a homegrown bunch of flowers too, such a treat. And always wonderful to see the sea. Sending hugs. CJ xx


My husband and I decided a long time ago to be happy, so much better than worrying about health problems.
I have spent many hours sat on the top of those cliffs and also in the quiet little coves at the base. We never heard of them falling down, and I find it frightening to think about that happening. Life was simple back in the sixties.
Thank you for sharing, it warms my heart.


Aww Lucy what a lovely blog and I just adore all the lovely photos.
My heart goes out to you dementia has many forms both my parents had it.
Now my mother in law has it, she is now in a home and we visit although this was a hard decision, she is so happy there. She is cared for well and always says how much she likes it there. (Even though she said she wanted to stay at home)
Thankyou for sharing with us.


Thank you for posting this and reminding me about happy years living in Weymouth and visiting Bridport. Like you I enjoy time on my own, travelling or walking, no music, Radio 4 or podcasts, just letting my mind run free and sometimes praying. My mother had vascular dementia after a stroke and made life very difficult, worse when she had a chest or urinary infection for which she had to go into hospital. Mum and Dad refused all other assistance or treatment and it was hard to see them struggling but refusing assistance. Dad was fully competent so there was nothing the rest of the family could do except loving support and prayer. I feel for you being so far away. We left Dorset to live close to our sons when Mum and Dad had died and were glad of each others' support during Covid.


Thank you for sharing your travels to Dorset and the photos. It takes me down my cherished memory lane when I was a child. My parents,brother and I would spend our summer holidays in the beautiful countryside near Sturminster Newton staying with my grandparents. We would take day trips to visit coastal towns.
Memories dating as far back as the 50s but still so vivid. We lived in North Africa at the time but continued our visits when we returned to the UK until both my grandparents died and their little cottage sold.


We got my father referred to the local Memory CLinic who sent a lovely guy round to interview him at home and that led to a diagnosis and to some medication which definitely did help. I was amazed to learn there are about 200 different types of dementia, for some of which there may be helpful treatments and some not. But it is a good point that sometimes an apparent cognitive decline is not caused by "dementia" but by some other medical condition which can be treated. Also if someone has one of the dementia variants for which there is a treatment, further decline can be delayed. Which I think is a good argument for an individual to see their Gp and start exploring what may be causing their forgetfulness. My parents certainy saw the force of that.

Debbie Abbott

It’s so lovely to be following your life’s journey, the ups and downs of real life always make fascinating reading. It can so often put our own lives into perspective! Dorset was a place we as a family visited often with our young children and 2 big dogs! We have since moved to NZ, so following your blog’s is a real memory jogger. Love love attic 24!!! Xxx

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