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April 28, 2022


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Oh my gosh it appears even blog posts get spammed these days (the two comments above). Anyhow I just wanted to jump on to say how much I love your blog posts! They’re like a little break from my routine day! I liken it actually to the good old days, remember when we’d receive a letter in the mail from a friend and how good that felt! That’s what your posts are like, like catching up with an old friend! So thank you very much for brightening my day! I love the yellow top, it’s so so pretty! The bonus for me is Seasalt deliver to New Zealand! I might just be purchasing from them next year when I’m earning more money (presently working part time to study at age 55!). Thank you again! All the best Angela x


Everything you wrote about Little B sounds exactly like my Sonofagun No.2. Just turned 13 and would rather be hunkered down in front of a screen or listening to music with headphones on. When he decides to grace us with his presence it's a rare treat. And when we drag him out into nature, there is much grumbling until he starts to enjoy himself (much to his surprise!). But it sounded like such a lovely day out with 2 of your kiddos. Xox


Love,love,love your blog posts. You live in a stunningly beautiful area! A joyful read!Carol


Such lovely photos! 😍 Thank you so much for sharing with us. 🥰


I'm always glad when I see you have a post! Thank you for sharing your days! Your pictures and descriptions make us readers feel like we are actually there on a tour :)


Hi Lucy, what a lovely post (as usual) .
Those Victorian arcades are beautiful, aren’t they? There are several in Bournemouth and I always enjoy them when visiting.


Sounds good! Out and about with your kids, buying lovely yellow tee's. you live in such exceptionally gorgeous countryside. All that mjummie food <3


Dear Rosemary Foreman. What can I say about Covid? It’s still here, albeit (at the moment) in a milder form, however people are still filling hospitals with it, and it’s affecting some people badly. Our government seems to think it’s all over, and has scrapped all legal requirements. You don’t have to wear a mask, you can travel freely and go to shops restaurants, theatres, etc. There is no free testing any more, but most people I speak to are still testing regularly. Most people wear masks on buses where I live, but not so much on trains. however, people seem to accept that some wear masks and some don’t. You rarely seem to find hand gel publicly any more, so make sure to take your own. Good luck, I hope you enjoy your visit.


What a pretty walk and lovely to see the lambs. My youngest is a bit the same re going out - very happy once I have prised him away from the screen. Your day in the city sounds lovely. CJ xx


The cake looks scrumptious!

Rosemary Foreman

Dear Lucy ..... I live in Rural Maine USA ...... I am bewildered about trying to arrange a trip home to Visit my sister in Newcastle with 3 other family members in August ..... My sister has not been so well so I dont really think it is a good idea to land on her for 2 weeks so I thought we should Air b and B somewhere ..... (Non of us want to drive ) really what am I asking you ???? well i Think it is about covid ... I can barely understand what is going on via news etc ..and my sister is really staying home still ... we dont have much here and almost everone still wears a mask... is it really okay to go on public transportation and etc etc ... to travel and visit people etc ..... loaded question I know ... thanks and I loved how you had such a fun visit to Leeds ...I love Salts Mills by the way ... and the top will look lovely on you xoxox

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