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April 23, 2022


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Marie Salamanca

Hi Lucy!

Wondering if you had shared the pattern for the crochet eggs with flowers that you mention in this post!? I'd love to make them for Easter.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter.


This post resonates so much with the way things are for me at the moment. I broke my wrist on my dominant hand five weeks ago and life has changed in our house. My husband is fabulous at looking after me and has managed simple meals but the house has fallen to pieces. It’s made me realise how much I value things being done on a regular basis. I miss my lists too, organisation is very important to me. Still, we are tootling along, all be it in a filthy house.

Linda Spooner

I do so like reading your blog. We were in Amsterdam during the midnight sun and the sky was that color. As an American and never seeing that before it was weird to be able to take photos at midnight with no flash. I do understand about your teen daughter. I remember when mine was that young and we were at odds most of the time. I'm glad you and yours have such a great repour. Please, keep posting because I look for your blog to hear what your day is like. Thank you for your time. Linda


Thank you for being you Lucy and reading about how you cope & feel is just as good for me to know that I'm not alone in being human. Love the photos and wish we could be there again in the beautiful Dales & oh that lamb is so cute......I can just see it gamboling around the paddocks (whoops, maybe fields?). Walking is also my go to when the going is tough & DH always comes with me now that we are retirees & even after 47years together, we enjoy each others company. Take care, look after yourself and hugs from down under.

Helen Mathey-Horn

Beautiful as always. :)


Sorry to hear about your dad and send best wishes. It is always a concern when you live further away from them at this time.
Very sweet little Springtime lamb.
Good luck to your daughter for her exams , I'm sure she will do well with all the support you give her. What a wondeful mum and friend you are xx


So nice to hear you are recovering from the stress of your Dorset visit and also from Covid. Be gentle with yourself and know our thoughts are with you. The lamb is adorable!

Becky DuBose

I am recovering from covid as well and really appreciate the uplifting from your photos. Keep well, friend. Wishing wellness for all your family.

carolyn Jackson.

I always love reading your posts. I do hope your Dad will be OK. Always a worry when family arent well.I also prefer a nice quiet time at home doing craft or walking together. I must say we have been married nearly 60 yrs and still enjoy being together each day.Also love it when family pop in. Your family sound lovely too, all the best to you all. I always tell people to look at your posts as thats what got me hooked on hooking !! Cheers.


Stunning sky. I'm glad you had such a lovely time with your daughter. My eldest has A-levels coming up as well and he's studying hard and hoping he gets the grades he needs for the uni he's set his heart on. The middle one is (supposed to be) studying for his GCSEs as well. I'm sorry things aren't great with your dad. Your Easter decorations are brilliant, it's always so warm and cherry and cosy chez vous. Hope you have a lovely week. CJ xx


So happy you are feeling better. I am praying for your Dad, hope he gets better soon.
The scenery is gorgeous around your village and I love how you take walks everyday.
Take care of yourself and know we are here for you. Don’t forget to get some flowers
as I try to get them every 2 weeks and they really help my mood. Hugs and hope you
all have a fantabulous week.


Love those sky photos!
Glad you are coping with all your pressures. Emotional things can be so draining.
I bought a Luna Herdwick Sheep kit today at Wonderwool in Wales and am very much looking forward to cutting him out and sewing him up, and knitting his clothes….! So therapeutic!
I don’t have as many Knick knacks as you do, but those I do have I love!


As always it’s lovely to read about your comforting daily rituals. I envy you your local coffee shop although I do have a local beach so we both have a win win. Sorry to read about your dad and I can only imagine your angst. Crafting and walking certainly helps to calm the mind. Love the pretty lamb. So delicate. B x


Thank you for this wonderful post today. The pictures are breath taking. Enjoyed a nice leisurely read with my morning coffee. Loved it all. Continue to take it slow and do what your body tells you. My son-in-law still has diminished respiratory capacity two years post Covid. Particularly stressful when it interferes with his diving and swimming. My daughter, the same, when she is out running. So yes, take care of you. And, again, thanks for sharing.


It’s been too long since I’ve checked the Attic blog but reading this am- it’s like meeting up with an old friend. Easy. Familiar. Smiling. Lovely. Thank you for keeping this portal open & sharing. Loving your spring pictures of your little piece of the world. 💕be well & enjoy your coffee today. ☕️ Jennifer in Kansas

Karen Dodgson

Hi Lucy, I’m so glad to catch up and hear that you’re doing ok. I hope you can find a way of keeping in touch with your Dad without the huge emotional cost each time. I’m 61 now so my Dad and my friends parents too are all at that age of causing us worry, life is a balancing act isn’t it.
I agree about needing routines to enjoy freedom too. Since moving to the seaside I ‘need’ so much less, and am perfectly content with my little life here, in fact I often don’t want to plan constant things to fill my days like my husband does, again it’s a balancing act! I’m in the last month of my Foundation course in art and design at Blackpool college, I’ve loved it but oh the stress, yes gentle days of routine will be high up on my wish list come June!
I had to laugh when I read about you pretending to be a tourist….here in St Anne’s I stroll through the sunshiney crowds of happy people and want to wear a placard saying how lucky am I? I LIVE HERE!!!
Well, I wish you all the best with your Dad and good luck to your lovely daughter with her A levels, I’m sure with you supporting her so wonderfully she will do well xx


I so enjoyed reading this post this morning. Thank you. I dont often comment but always enjoy your blog. Indeed i have also crocheted a couple of your blanket packs and right now am enjoying using some left overs to make a granny stripe one. Keep writing


Thanks for writing!!!


What a lovely post. I also just came back from a week at the coast to help out as my dad had a health issue. Luckily it now seems as though it may not be as sinister as we thought but it gave us a fright. Im so sorry to hear about your dad and that he recovers from whatever is causing problems.


You always make blog writing🖊️ seem effortless, even when you're not really "feeling it". There is a very calming rhythm to your style which is probably why so many of us appreciate reading your posts and look forward to the next.😀 Easter generally passes without much fuss here, but I do love the look of all your decorations!💐💐


How lovely you have such a wonderful relationship with your daughter. My daughter is 22 and we are best friends! I feel that if you have a daughter you have a best friend for life. So so sorry to hear about your Dad, my thoughts are with you and I understand what you’re going through. I have had two very unwell parents in the past. Wishing you all the best x


A lovely blog Lucy. I am sorry what is happening with your Dad. Take care of you. 🌸🌸


I think I prefer Easter for decorations too, there’s something particularly uplifting and hopeful about it ( I am definitely not religious and I really don’t like the winter, probably because I was born on the shortest day and have always felt a bit cheated!)
I do hope your dad is okay, I well remember that anxiety). I collect striped pebbles like the one you’re holding, there’s something special about them.
I love seeing your photos and reading your blog, it makes me want to move north!
Take care and look after yourself x


No drama? Wait until they going into their twenties I would almost say. Kidding dear XD Be gentle on yourself, parents can be a huge cause of concern. In my case it was my inlaws, I do miss them dearly. COVID is not easy to recover from, I am happy you treat yourself to healthy food and exercise. And routine? If you want to see me grumpy, take away my two espresso routine every morning. I am very flexible, but not for my food and espresso.


Big hugs for you x
Absolutely love your blogs and beautiful photos.
I dont decorate for easter but you make me want to, maybe next year😂😂

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