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April 07, 2022


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Such a happy life, enjoying and appreciating the everday. Thank you Lucy xx

Nora McGrann

Great blog again Lucy!
I hope you enjoy your stay with your Dad..

Always enjoy reading your blogs, with both the narrative plus all the gorgeous photos adding to them

That embroidery item is so sweet …the colours just ping!

Thank you as always..don’t forget to relax and enjoy!!

Nora 🌷🌷🌷🌷xx

Barbara L

Ah Lucy, what a lovely post. I really do enjoy hearing about your day to day life and share completely your feelings of gratitude for the simple pleasures. It is the smallest details that resonate with me. I too love to sit quietly without tv or radio during the day. Good to know I’m not the only one! Take care and keep up the good work, it’s wonderful x


Dear Lucy, some very personal questions..how can you always be so happy to have your husband at home and make things together? mine is in smart working from pandemia and I am so stressed to have him at home... love & envy your complicity. Laura from Italy


Having thought about the problem blanket project it is very different in hue from the palettes of colour you usually use. As we emerge into Spring is it too different from the colours we see around us that you love? It's good to have a challenge but do you need to be lifted and inspired by the clearer shades of SSK?


A lovely mix of creativity and prettiness. Love the violets against the dark background. Children even in adulthood are never too old to spoil. I feel you will be carrying treats in that bag for many years to come. Have a lovely trip to Dorset and I’m sending sunshine your way. B x


Thank you again for letting us join you in enjoying a simple life. Like you we had simple food and couldn't eat out in my childhood, I have my late mother on my shoulder saying "Can you afford that?" but have learnt not to let her spoil my enjoyment. Hope you find your father well and enjoy Bridport. We returned to the Midlands to be near our sons after living for 14 years in Weymouth to be with my late parents and miss the sea, I learnt that poem at primary school


So lovely that in this time of world being what it is you point out the sane way of being. The mindful acknowledgement of the ordinary, but absolutely lovely life, at the same time recognising that we who share in your luck in safety and relative financial security are the lucky ones in the world. Love your blog posts and your colourful world

Jan Magor

Lucy, thank you for making the ordinary so appealing. What a wonderful part of the world you live in. Thanks for sharing your world with 'the world'
Happy Easter to you and your family/

Beth in Maryland

Hi Lucy - I wonder if you are familiar with the song version of “Sea Fever”? Hi I recommend Bryn Terfel’s recording- so beautiful. I have it on CD but perhaps you can find it on You Tube. Thanks for a wonderful post - as always. I hope you have a lovely visit with your Dad!


Thank you for your post and lovely pictures! The colors of your embroidery project are so pretty! I recognized your lines from the poem about the sea as our younger daughter had to memorize it for school :)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Lucy.
It's very calming & heart-warming to follow your journey with your family, crochet and environment.
Have a lovely time with your father and a very Happy Easter xx


So many wonderful moments and tidbits of wisdom in this post. I giggled at you bringing snacks for the "littles" who aren't so little. I have a friend whose kids range from 17 to 10 and she does the same for walks, watching siblings do sports etc. She will even pack me a snack if I'm joining the family. It feels quite nice to be on the receiving end of that, so no wonder your little lady didn't object.


A lovely blog post, embroidery is gorgeous. Your description of the hardships growing up and life now,could have been written by me. I never take good fortune for granted. Enjoy your trip away.


What a lovely post Lucy & I felt as though I was sitting there with you whilst telling me about your week. Love the photos (as usual)and the violets are lovely. Is it the colours in the new project worrying you or the pattern? Do hope you have a nice visit with your Dad. Take care & hugs from down under.


Lovely post, thank you. I am transported to Yorkshire as I read what you have been doing. I long for a community similar to yours instead of this asphalt jungle I live in. Ah well…..

Sharon Sellens

Thank you Lucy, can you please send my love to your Dad when you see him? I've not met up with him for years but he was missed and mentioned at Aunty Betty's funeral this week ♥ Sharon xx


Gorgeous embroidery, and as always I love your joy in the simple things. I still always pack all the snacks. Can't risk a teenager turning grumpy on me :) I love when the sun comes round into the living room in the morning and the dog comes and lies in the sun. It is the very definition of bliss, he actually sighs with the ecstasy of it. I hope you have a lovely trip to Dorset and that you solve your crochet problem. I know you will, but I hope it comes fairly easily for you. CJ xx


Yes to the sea poem. Miss the sea. Love your post, slow life and snow is a perfect combination.


Thank you Lucy for sharing your blog posted with us all. O the joy i get reading about your life and family. Have a wonderful few days visiting your dad i hope you find him in good health. I can't believe your lille ladys going to be 18th

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