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April 19, 2022


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Carole C

So sorry to read that the visit to your Dad was stressful,Lucy .
It’s a very long trip to undertake with only 5 days in between the to-ing and fro-ing and I’m sure that ,on top of your recent bout of Covid, has hugely impacted on your general health and peace of mind .
Rest up and recuperate as much as you can -and although it’s a lot easier said than done ,try not to worry too much about things you can’t control .
Take good care and enjoy the spring sunshine 🌞
Carole xx


Get ready for some long-lasting after-effects. I had Covid over a year ago (pretty bad) and still feel weak and light-headed at times. I still have no appetite and strangest of all, I smell things that are not present:
sweets, chemicals, foods, disinfectants, etc.

Get well soon and please, be good to yourself. REST!


Take care Lucy, I hope you get better really soon. Sorry to hear about the stress you experienced in Dorset. It’s great that you can rest when you like, look after yourself.

Debbi Robertson

Rest, definitely, and kitty-love. Lots and lots of kitty-love.
Sending my best. . .

Noelle Sweeney

feel better, and i know that feeling well, you put it so nicely, foggy brain pipes.. take care of yourself, hope you enjoyed your trip.


Oh Lucy you poor thing it’s horrid isn’t it, I had it too after managing to escape it for all that time! It does knock you for six and can leave you very foggy for a while after, (I was in bed for about a week before I started getting up and about) so do make sure you rest as much as can. I’m sorry your Dorset trip was more stressful for you but hope you enjoyed your Leeds day out and had a lovely lunch. Take care and looking forward to your next post when you’re up to it. Lots of love and hugs. Becki xxxx 🥰☺️

My creative life

Take care of yourself Lucy, get well soon x

J. Crafter

Enjoy your outing to Leeds. I hope you take time to rest and recuperate and feel much better soon. Take care.xx


So sorry your energy levels aren't great, that is so frustrating. I had a couple of weeks of tiredness recently - no covid symptoms though - and also sudden hip pain which was a bit worrying. I've been hobbling about the place with the dog hoping it's not anything that will be ongoing. I hope you're back to full strength very soon. CJ xx

Anna-Karin in Sweden

Sending lots of hugs! Know the feeling, I had covid in the beginning of this year, with fever for 14 days, and it took more than a month after recovery to walk my usually 5 km walk in the woods (and not very fast either)... now when the spring is here, it feels much better.
Let it take time, and rest a lot. 💝
xxx /Anna-Karin

Jools Morgan-Jones

The after-effects of Covid can be seriously debilitating. I was reading an article in New Scientist over the weekend and one of the theories seems to be that the virus leaves mini blood clots in our system, so our oxygen exchange isn't as efficient as it should be, which leaves us more tired and more "foggy" than usual.
Go gently with yourself, Lucy - rest when you can xx




Post Covid effects can be horrible. Take care my dear. Sending good vibes and prayers.


Hope you are feeling better soon, we must take care of ourselves. x


Hope you feel better soon, Lucy.
Best wishes, Helen x

Lyssa Medana

Sending hugs. Covid seems to really drag people down for the long term. I hope that you can pick up soon.


Thank you for posting to reassure us you're still with us! Nice to know you made it to Dorset and back safely and enjoyed Easter with your family. Don't worry, the words will come or they won't -- as someone else said, pictures alone are fine! Or just a brief "I'm still here" once in a while to reassure all us worrywarts ;-) who care about you.

I'm sorry your visit with your father was stressful; praying things improve or at least you get the support you need to deal with it (sometimes, especially with older folk, their improvement isn't in the cards but your acceptance of a difficult situation can help you cope).


I know how stressful it can be, worrying about elderly parents with all their attendant problems, when you are far away. On top of Covid no wonder you are feeling your brain is full of fluff. It was good to read your post, though, and I hope you feel back to normal soon. Xxx

Eleanor Marson

Lucy I so admire your beautiful crochet.
I am .so sorry you have had covid, so many now seem to be getting it.
Thank you for sharing your pretty home
Take care. xxx Hello and thanks for your big Hello!


Hope you will soon feel much better Lucy, take care.

Sara Evans

Saying prayers for you and yours Lucy (and to all who have health issues). Get well soon, take care and know that we are here for you.



From SoCal to to North Yorkshire, wishing you buckets of good health and peace. Take care of yourself.

Carol partridge

Hello back to you Lucy . Know what you mean about covid wearing you down, but don't forget all the travelling on top and I know you worry about your dad. My husband is in hospital with Covid pneumonia. Never heard of it. One of his lungs is all pitted and his kidney function is down to 30%. He only has one kidney and its a transplant. But he was ok yesterday, hooked up to his drugs , sitting in his plastic tent and getting fussed over by the nurses. ( not a moan) Hospitals are a way of life ( last 15 years anyway) Apparently this could take about 9 months to recover from. So, take care and don't let yourself get bogged down. Looking forward to your pics.Like someone else said just put your pics on if you can't think of any words.


Look after yourself gently Lucy xx I know it’s hard to imagine right now but your energy will come back and then you’ll be popping with your usual enthusiasm for projects and family fun xxx


Hope you are back to your happy healthy self very soon. Don’t rush back before you are ready x

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