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March 08, 2022


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Thank you so much for sharing your routine! It was so enjoyable to read, and it inspired me to consider how I can improve my own. :)


That is a very high dosage vitamin d. My tablets are a quarter of that and are 500% of the recommended amount, which I worry about sometimes. I was worried about that level dosage as vit d is fat soluble and your body does not flush out any excess (as it does with vit c). Toxicity can occur. Taking dosage daily is recommended over weekly though.Your high dosage is the the very maximum level according to nhs website. Also toxicity tests etc are usually done on men, who are obviously generally bigger than women. Too much can also mess with calcium levels.


Not wishing to be interfering and you perhaps had them prescribed. I'm sure you also did your own research.


So glad you have found something that works for you, Lucy. I'm 70 now and never had any HRT. For some reason, I didn't need any. But I never suffered from PMS so it probably wasn't necessary. Everyone is different. Love all your pretty photos and I'd like to know how you crochet those little bobbles you're planning on using in your spring garland. Hugs ♥

Veronica Davis

Such a helpful post Lucy, thank you - especially around your morning routine and links to the Albina lamp and diary. I think Covid has totally destroyed our routine in this home and I tend to drift through some days , race through others , no sensible routine and not sleeping well, My husband also suffers from lowered mood during winter months, which can be especially dreary here in the West of Scotland where daylight hours can be exceptionally short, especially this winter when, for that seemed like weeks on end, the low cloud level barely lifted.
You have inspired me to establish better routines, increase Vitamin intake and toorder an Albina lamp right now to have it ready for next winter. Thank you for this and for all of your interesting blogs, crochet news and patterns. I am in the finishing stages of Harbour blanket which I just love but had to tae a break after a very swollen inflamed arm resulting in a week of antibiotics to treat severe inflammation that made me quite poorly. Now limiting myself to just a short period of crochet per day so it will be another week or so before my blanket is complete - but I love everything about it - the colours, the pattern and the cosiness. This is my third blanket and I love them - so do my grandchildren . Meadow has already found a new home with my granddaughter and my grandson has his eye on Harbour already - but NO-ONE is going to run off with my glorious Dahlia blanket. Thank you so much and keep up your wonderful inspirational blogging.


I know this is going to sound really smug but I never suffered through menopause. I was on the contraceptive pill for years and when my doctor retired the new one refused to prescribe it due to my age(54). I’d never really given any thought as to whether I should still have been taking it at that age. Anyway after a couple of years of intermittent heavy periods that was it. I’ve never had mood swings, sweats or anything. A friend suffered greatly from sweats - she would be drenched in seconds, so I can sympathise with women who struggle through menopause. I just feel incredibly lucky to not have had any of that.


I started Lucy Wyndham Read’s video today and think it’s going to work for me. I’m 71yo and walk daily but needed to add another activity. Thanks so much for sharing. Susan in North Carolina USA


Thank you so much for this Lucy! We are the same age and I’ve realised that, although I have been taking HRT for a couple of years, my GP has never taken the time to check my dosage or offer alternatives. I’ve had huge mood swings too, though not as bad as not taking it!
Also love the advice on keeping fit and mental health. Lovely to know we’re not going through these things alone!

Kari Dent

I absolutely hate starting my day with the jarring sound of an alarm clock. A few years ago my daughter bought me one that simulates the sunrise. A gentle light comes on and gradually gets brighter like the natural sunrise. If for some reason I sleep through that, the sound of birds chirping wakes me up for sure after 30 miniutes. (The length of time and the sound can be customized.) It has made a huge difference to how I start my day.


That was a really inspiring post, thank you. I need to make some health changes to improve my health and fitness in order to reduce my blood pressure and get on the HRT! I use a Dodo pad diary https://dodopad.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAvaGRBhBlEiwAiY-yMPYF3MZ_RQ5NUX3cfmAyd0DdtyaVzHCENCS7_yWfQ1-WafLsfGW5VxoCvwIQAvD_BwE
Which I find fab!

Helen Mathey-Horn

Reading your menopause comments made me think of my former mother-in-law a sweet lady. One day she was going to her music lesson (voice) and her teacher greeted her at the door and said, "Welcome back, Shirley." Shirley was confused, "I've not been anywhere." And the teacher replied, "Oh, yes you have." So yes, mood changes. :)


Have you done a previous post on HRT? I'd be really interested to hear what your symptoms were. I've been toying with the idea for a while now but am nervous that my GP will say I'm not suffering enough to be prescribed anything.

Suzanne Barbour

What a fantastic post, thank you so much Lucy for sharing your routine and your experience with HRT. As a cancer survivor myself I was always afraid of HRT despite mine not being oestrogen sensitive. My treatment also induced medical menopause at 41 years old. However having now done just over 4 years years of research and training to become an accredited menopause expert, I am now much better informed and have started on HRT this week under the watchful eye of my Oncology consultant. It’s early days but I am hopeful.
I would also like to say that to the amazing breast cancer survivor who was talking about not being able to take HRT, there are lots and lots of tools and tips available that can help manage your symptoms in the best way possible that are not hormone treatments. It is a bit trial and error to see what works for you personally, but don’t give up. You can get back in the driving seat with the menopause - we do not have to let it control us. Good luck to everyone who is experiencing it and please keep the conversation going! It’s fantastic that you are all talking openly about your experiences. It’s a great support to so many. 🥰 Suzanne Barbour (Life Coach) Xx


Lovely post about your morning routine & mine went haywire once hubby retired & that's another part of life completely. I also liked reading about your mid life problem & how you are coping with it & wish we'd had more information on dealing with it many years ago. Thanks so much for all the info. Take care & hugs.


Looks like you hit a nerve! Thank you for sharing your morning routine. You make many helpful healthy suggestions. You are reaping what you have sown. Good on you!


Loved the photo of the milk bottles. Very unique for me in the southwest US! It brought back memories of my childhood in a small town!


Thanks for this very interesting post , i'm 49.
As you i take vitamins and it makes me really get better!


Hey Lucy, thank you for such a lovely, informative post, I think the ideas you have in place for your morning routine are really inspiring to me and I'm going to try to incorporate into my mornings, Unfortunately after having breast cancer twice,and having my ovaries removed as a treatment, any hormone is a strict no no for me, but I think the rest of the routine might just help.Lucy, could you please tell me wherwe you purchased the beautiful red tree with birds that is in your first photo? It would give me great joy to wake up to that every morning x

Nancy in Indiana, USA

Thank you very much for sharing your struggles and joys so honestly. It’s been very helpful to me, especially your experience with HRT. Much love to you!

Sandy cooksley

That’s so interesting ! I was looking at that exact lamp only this last week ! I’ve found myself noticing since moving to Scotland I really struggle harder in the winter - so thank you for your input - I’ve just ordered my lamp :)

Raine Phillips

Great story Lucy, I live in Australia & feel a little off without reading in the sun every day. If the sun shines in winter I can mostly find a spot out of the wind. Even just an hour or two is all I need to be a happier soul!


My morning routine is so similar, except I am sorry to say I don't drink nearly enough water. I do a 15 or 20 minute workout first thing (Joe Wicks) and it really has made a difference to my strength and the way I feel. I use the time to listen to a writing podcast. I am really interested in your HRT experience. Something I need to look into I think. Thank you for talking about it, its so good to hear about your positive experience. CJ xx


Loved this post, so full of interesting info.
As an older reader, HRT saved my life. I spent 3 years going to my GP with symptoms and in the end he got angry with me and sent me to a menapause clinic!! Best thing he ever did.... I got my life back and, although I was warned about the cancer risk, I thought the pluses out weighed this. I eventually had to give it up in my late 60s, reluctantly, but still have some of the benefits...
I'm thinking of joining in with the short workout, the low impact one seems to be just the thing I'm looking for.
Thank you for sharing

Alex of Log & Mitten

Morning Lucy!

Thanks for sharing this experience with us. I'm myself on a self-care routine development journey and find it inspiring and helpful to discover how others do it :-)
I am not doing this at the moment but I totally get you when you say you go out in the morning when it's calm,
fresh and crisp and it feels so good. It would with the air of the early morning. Well, wish you a lovely day and enjoy your newly found morning routine!


Thank you for sharing your morning routine. It sounds wonderful. I am really bad at mornings... but the thought of getting up early and then take time to wake up slowly sounds really good. The way you describe it, makes me want to try it out (but not that early!). It might be easier now that the days start earlier again.


What a wonderful and empowering post! Though it makes me feel a bit inadequate because I am TERRIBLE at going to bed early and therefore there's no way on earth I'd be able to get up at 5.30 and fit in all that good stuff before the kids wake. :-D I'm a night owl but my lifestyle (eg. having school-age children) really doesn't work with that, so staying up at least two hours past the time my husband's gone up isn't beneficial. I need to start addressing that.

My GP has just prescribed me HRT (somewhat unexpectedly but it was an occasion for rejoicing as my usual GP had been stonewalling me on it for years) and it sounds very much like the protocol you're on now - oestrogen gel (Sandrena, a pretty name I think) and micronised progesterone (Utrogestan, also yam-based, yay!) for 1-25 days of cycle. I'm just hoping the progesterone doesn't make me feel rubbish but I'm very encouraged by your post, though of course we all react in different ways to these things. I think it's great that you kept pushing to get a preparation that worked better for you.

Now I'm going to get off the sofa and put my own workout clothes on and DO SOME YOGA for the first time in at least 3 weeks! It's not a frosty walk before breakfast but I know it'll make me feel better. Adriene is not wrong when she starts each session saying 'the hardest part is coming to the mat'! :-D

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