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March 03, 2022


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Beautiful colours :)


Beautiful colors!


What a change from the Harbour colours and so delicately pretty. We have hellebores and snowdrops in our garden now reminding me that spring is coming, I always have them wherever I have had a garden.


Fabulous, beautiful the colours are in osmose. Wow very pretty. Eager to see the final touch.

Lita Elizabeth Ashley

Love the Winter flowers and leaves, the colours are indeed very pretty. Your blog always cheers me up, thanks so much.

Carolyn Dietrich

You never fail to amaze me! The pieces for the winter garland are so beautiful! I look forward to seeing the finished project.

Liz Hasler

That is simply gorgeous! I love the pastels and the way that you're constructing it. Your talent is amazing. Thank you sharing it with us.

Corinna Mazzotta

Loving the intricate details of your winter wreath! The grey in the background of the photos probably doesn't have much to do with the light though - it's more likely to do with the fact that cameras are designed to find a balanced colour (it's called the rule of 18% grey or something like that). If you take a photo of a white piece of paper on auto it will come out grey!
How on earth do you colour on crochet? 🤣 Doesn't it come off when you wash it?! 😱
Loving these more frequent posts Lucy - I tend to read them in bed last thing and it's a lovely way to end the day! 😊

Emma Varnam

So so pretty my friend. The snowdrop is genius! The colours I adore. Love it

Kath Grimshaw

Fantastic Lucy! I love your colours! Pastels are always my absolute favourite and you attention to detail is awesome!
Thank you once again for your lovely blog and for your wonderful creations! Xxx




Gorgeous colours, so very pretty. I love what a wide range there is to choose from. The hellebore is absolutely brilliant, with the stamens and everything. CJ xx


I love crochet flowers and leaves. It's a pleasure to make and yours are beautifully made.


Those colours are delicious! And I'm heading towards winter so well timed!

Jean Stein

I'm saving this post because I fell in love with your colors when you showed them and ordered all the skeins of Special DK plus a few more for the spring flowers, and I've been just basking in the colors. No crochet yet, just loving the color!

Karen Dodgson

Ooh Lucy those colours are SOOOO pretty! I love how it’s all looking….and dare I say a winter blanket in those colours would be a perfect project for later in the year???!!


The colours are just right for a winter garland - all frosty and muted, not just bright white and light blue! I can't wait to see the finished piece.😀 You're so right about the light, I've been having loads of trouble with it recently, it's been soooo gloomy!☁️☁️ Take care!


Very pretty.


I love this! The colours are sublime, perfectly wintry. The making of one of your creations is fascinating x


The colors are beautiful!

Linda from Boston

Wow….wow…..wow!!! Beautiful. What a great idea with the watercolor pencils. So many little parts!! I admire your talent. ♥️

Sue Boulding

So pretty, love the delicate colours.

Ana Luisa Portas Almeida

Uau indeed! Such glorious creation as ever and so looking forward to your pattern/ tips and tutorial 😊.
Making a garland has been a long time dream of mine and this one sings to my heart. Spring is on its way and feel hopeful that I'll be able to create this one. Love crocheting little things and flower brooches or hearts for banners or filled with lavender for presents so it will be a step up for me. Have followed you for years and in the past bought yarn for a possible blanket but have not had the courage to start a big project.
Love receiving your email updates and your Facebook posts and blog always make me dream.
Thank you so much for the lovely stories and colour you bring into my world 🌸🌺🌷💖💚🕊🤍


Stunning but I cannot get away with making small things! Looking forward to seeing the finished garland.

Vicki B.

Such lovely and relaxing colours! Thanks for sharing this! It's uplifting!

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