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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 13, 2022


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Hi Lucy, my daughter is a florist at Morrison's they do have great flowers. Often the little reduced bunches are made from the large bouquets that don't sell so reducing waste. My daughter has taught me to trim tulips and put a two pence piece in the water. This helps keep the stems upright my last bunch lasred 2 weeks!!


Always love your posts, but never comment. Your visuals are always lovely!! I don't ever recall having ever seen the castle you showed though. I will be in the UK this summer and plan on checking out MANY castles (we Yanks do love us a good castle - LOL!) and was wondering if this one has a name?



Morning Lucy,
I've been a fan of yours for a few years now, really since I got a magazine with a special on you back in 2016. Anyways, I just started working from home, and I gotta say, my favorite part is that my office is actually in my craft room right now. It's hard to not grab up my hook and crochet in my "down" time, but I will prevail. I wanted to say thank you for all the inspiration you've given me and I hope you continue your blog for a long time.
Sincerely, CrochetCricket-Lacey.

Nora McGrann

Just this..... ❤️❤️❤️💐💐❤️❤️.
... And THANK YOU!


Can't wait to see the stylecraft cotton project! Wonderful colors. Thank you for the reminders of the beauty in the ordinary and for sharing little snippets of your life. :)


Very nice post as always,


Lovely Little Houses. Since a recent move I no longer have a mantel and miss being able to place little visual pleasures there. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.


Thank you for sharing - I keep on saying that, but I really mean it! It's also a good reminder to enjoy the daily visuals, because it's too easy just being busy with the daily 'stuff', without really noticing all the beauty that surrounds us.


I could linger over your lovely photos for hours! Thank you for sharing the beauty in your world. I love an afternoon in a cozy chair with a blanket and a good book. Have a cozy evening!


Such a lovely post! I especially loved all your crochet yumminess-the colors are so inspiring. The little thimble house is absolutely adorable and would be make me happy as well. Beautiful weekend!


So much pretty! Early spring is hands down my absolute favourite time of year. As soon as I see blossoms starting to appear on the plums and apricot trees my heart leaps! My 2nd favourite seasonal time of year is early autumn which I'm in now. It feels cool and fresh like Spring with flowers trying for a last burst of colour before having a winter sleep. xox


Thank you for sharing that visual banquet for me to nibble on. I'm inspired to do some more intentional looking and seeing in my own world. xx


Thank you so much for reminding us of the joys of the small things in life. We had an Ukrainian member of the congregation at church yesterday tell us about her mother and husband still there and I'd come home feeling very sombre. Definitely a day for counting my blessings.


Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and I love how appreciative you are always are of life, it is very uplifting. Those carnations are beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing what your Stylecraft project is, I'm a huge fan of organic cotton yarn. I treated myself to a container of 9 hyacinths today, they're a scrumptious colour (hyacinth 'Woodstock') so I shall take a leaf out of your book and pop them into a nice pot. CJ xx

Linda from Boston

I love the little bobbin houses. Adorable. Your flower pictures are beautiful. I used to buy a bouquet of flowers occasionally, but with this crazy inflation, I’m lucky to buy food!!!


Thank you because you are doing more posts in this period. Thank you for what you tell us and the pictures you show us.
Thank you,


So so beautiful, Lucy. As always! X


Hello Lucy,

Thank you for the wonderful visuals. Like you, I love capturing the visuals of life especially those right in front of my nose! My latest, which I am so head over heels excited about and have encouraged all family members, visitors, guests and I am even thinking delivery guys/gals, to come and see with me! It is in the garden and jellylike! Have you guessed it?! Another clue, you could say I have babies!!! Yes, I have frogspawn in my pond, how absolutely gorgeous is that?! It is especially special because I have been checking my little pond for over a week and seen nothing and then I saw (prepare self for rather sad news) a poor splattered frog on the lane and thought that was it, no baby frogs this year, but there IS. Excited here! Anyway, gone on a bit, thanks as always Lucy, it is a real joy sharing your family, homely days with you. I have a spiraliser too!!!

Liz Hasler

Just have to say that I love your descriptive sentences along with your lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing your life with us through words and pictures.


I love that you’re ‘blogging’ more often these days.
Can’t wait for the new Stylecraft project to be revealed I would really really like to crochet one of your designs in that gorgeous cotton yarn.
Keep up the good work of cheering lots of us up with your posts from beautiful Yorkshire. ❤️


Awww such a lovely write up and beautiful photos its the little things that make us happy. I have a serious case of octopusitus (cant stop crochetong them) and I got a big bottle of cif (jif) cream cleaner and that has tickled me pink cleaning away with it this morning. just sat down for an internet catch up and snack🐙

She Thomas

You really cheered me today. Thank you Lucy for the gorgeous photos.I have to remember the simple beautiful things in life and stay positive. Thank you again. You're an inspiration xx

Elaine O.

Thank you for your bursts of great visuals to delight my morning. I love how you have such a way with color in your plantings and crochet--and in your food. Your diet is so bright and cheerful and looks delicious; I'd love to see more of what you eat and how you make it look appealing.


With all the troubles in the world it is good to focus on the simple things which give so much pleasure. A lovely peaceful blog which is a pleasure to read.


Gorgeous colours. Looking forward to seeing the garland completed. Xx

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