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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 22, 2022


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Crochet Lady

Gorgeous blankets. You are a wizard with the crochet hook.

Thank you Lucy


Lovely to catch up with your blog today Lucy. I'm over halfway with your beautiful coastal blanket design. I love it. Cathy x

Kathy Kraetsch

Oh the Joy indeed! Thank you for the Joy you've brought to my little part of the world!

Gail Knapton

I know how much you love your hyacinths , when they have finished flowering you can plant them outside where they will flower naturally .

Kathleen Ford

Should have put papercrafting!!

Kathleen Ford

Just to make it plain, I am definitely not a crochet person, more into appreciating and sewing. But have recently been very ill in hospital since November, very nearly died and had two major operations in less than three days. Followed by long stay in hospital in major hospital in different city. Been home for less than a week now, very weak and emotional.
But your blog has given me such a lift that's hard to put into words, has helped me emotionally such a lot, can't thank you enough, you'll never know how much it has helped me.
We are coming to Summerbridge soon, and love visiting your quaint little town. Fingers crossed that I will be up to going there.
We've been all over the world, but your area is the one we much prefer.
You never know, but one day I will bump into you.
You brighten up what has been a very long dark tunnel for me and my family.
Keep up all your much appreciated good work. I


Nora McGrann

Great blog again Lucy..
Gorgeous blankets.. You are a wizard with the crochet hook..

Thank you as always.. Nora 💐💐💐

Donna Marie Anderson

When my brain is filled with ideas I find it helps to have a notepad beside me to write them down. My fear is I won't remember them but if I have them down on paper, it relives some of the worry.


Such a lovely sunny post! This weather is certainly beautiful!
I just love daffodils, the variety of shapes, colours, and combinations of the same, seem to be infinite. In the country and town, daffodils are everywhere, by the roads, in hedgerows, on central reservations, in gardens, …there never was such a springlike flower!
Your cakes look scrumptious , inspiring me to bake soon.
Enjoy the sun, but also your afternoon siestas.. a grand idea! X


I don't think I've ever liked Hot Cross Buns, but your cakes look delicious!🧁🧁😀 You cannot beat a home-made cake! Loving your daffs as well - perfect spring blooms!💐


Enjoyed this post so much & just the thought of strolling along the canal side made me long for an overdue visit to family & friends. I love your Spring garland & I must try one soon and as for the daffs, they are gorgeous & our local daffodil farms have been planted up & little green shoots are showing in many of the rows now. I've run out of mojo (sewjo & crojo) too lately and just wish the world could come back onto an even keel. Thanks so much for your lovely posts, take care & hugs.

Rosemary Bennett

Hi Lucy
Are you going to publish a pattern for snowdrops please? I’ve nearly finished the components for the Spring Wreath and would like to put some snowdrops and bluebells in. I have found a pattern for a snowdrop which is nice but the scale is a bit big. I’m going to try it in 3ply to see how that works.
Making this wreath has given me months of pleasure and has attracted the praise of my husband, which is not an easy thing to do! Thank you for all your lovely patterns and the blog


Loved the flashback to 2008, and kinda miss your "view from the attic" photos. It seems like I've known you for years, but really its only been since July 2020 -- that's when I began reading your blog, from the very first post. Your photos, stories of day-to-day life, and amazing patterns generously shared made getting through lockdown much more pleasant than it could have been. Now I can't imagine not checking in every day to see if my friend Lucy has been by for a visit. I'm still finishing up projects (they're lined up at least 10 deep!) so that I can get to the Yule pack I bought a few months back. Isn't wonderful to be creative, to have things to do, and ideas to develop? I love it! Happy Spring!


Scratch the itch! You’ve earned it - such positivity through winter - it’s contagious! Thank you.


It's often difficult for creatives to switch off so Im not surprised that your mind hums with ideas and thoughts! I really enjoy your lovely warm weather posts and photos of your summer courtyard set up as it's winter here then and your lovely sunny photos give me something to look forward to!


Hello lovely, happy Spring time to you, thank you kindly for your comment on my blog... I always love reading your posts, your daily life of simple pleasures & your amazing crochet makes... The colours especially always please my eyes on your blog too. Since blogging from my phone I find I comment then it disappears not sure what I do wrong... Spring has definitely sprung here and I just love to see the buds opening, enjoy, x k a z z y x


I do so love your walks, surrounded by houses as I am, virtual walks are just as good for the soul.
Thank you


Thank you for blogging so much recently. It is a nice and calm haven to go to into in these disturbing times and you have no idea how much I appreciate it.
I have been following for ten years now, made several of your blankets and newer seem to get tired of you celebrating the seasons, coffee, flowers and colours. In fact, it is quite the opposite: I embraced more colours in my own life and home, enjoying it oh so much. You certainly inspired me a lot on that. Thankfully my husband does not mind me filling our tiny apartment with yarn, though he thinks five crochet blankets for two people is more than enough (obviously, I disagree, haha).
Also I wanted to thank you for speaking up and sharing your health journey in recent posts. It seems like one of the last taboos there is to women's health, so thank you for sharing. I wont be there anytime soon, but I highly appreciate information and experiences on the topic to be prepared and take action beforehand where I can.
Have a lovely day and enjoy springtime!


These granny square blankets, they always make me smile when I spot them in your pictures :-). What I do wonder about, every time you talk about the bulbs on your mantelpiece, what do you do with them when they are finished flowering? I imagine a serieus easter flower carpet in your small garden by now :-D.


I do love the granny patchwork blankets. Can't wait to see your new idea for one!

Kristine S

Love your colour, inspiration & care in the face of your own need for rest & quiet. I'm wallowing in sadness at the moment, but still grateful for you & your uplift... a warming breeze while I feel I'm plummeting 😘👌 thank you.

Dawn Mills

Love the daffodils - I’ve just been working on your crochet daffodil with those exact colours with a wreath in mind!

Linda from Boston

The garland looks fabulous on your mantle!! Great job. Your energy is contagious. I’m working on scrappy granny stripe blankets. Made one and I love it so much I started another for my married son. Son #2 would like one, so I did the starting 2 rows. Bad thing about this??…………had to order some more yarn 🧶 from Wool Warehouse!! Coming Monday. I thought this was supposed to get RID of excess yarn!! 😀


What a fabulous post, your energy is zinging off of it! A bit of full throttle creativity is a very good thing. It was lovely to read an older post of yours from 2008 as well. The weather is utterly glorious at the moment isn't it. Wall to wall sunshine forecast for the entire week. I have the most fabulous bowl of hyacinths in a really scrumptious plum colour that I think you would love. They make me happy every time I see them. Hope you have a lovely sunny week. CJ xx


A mini hot cross bun! Surely you felt cheated LOL
Love your winter garland, its sooo pretty

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