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March 02, 2022


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Melanie Hinton

If you write SAD stuff it helps make other people feel not alone. I loved your blog. Colour and texture and reflections. Memories of the beautiful UK. I live in New Zealand and am struggling to get started although I know, just do a bit and the wheels will start to turn

Jackie Wright

Yes do it, I'd love to watch it grow! And thanks for the mindfulness... my mindfulness places are usually in wild spaces out side in the Australian bush, on a ridge with views or of course the coast, always exploring...


Sadly I don't have beautiful park or countryside to walk in every day but I make myself go out and enjoy the song of the birds and the seasonal changes in the gardens of the houses that have front gardens. What a lot of interesting ideas for scraps of yarn, I wouldn't know which one to choose but I've started a Dahlia pattern with Aria pack and have Coast and Woodland packs before I start to think about that.

Carolyn Dietrich

Yes you really should!

Silvia Liliana Friera

I think it will be a wonderful blanket!!! Thanks for the idea💜
And the water reflections are beautiful too!!
Nice weekend!


Slow burn blanket: yes. I have one. A C2C rainbow blanket that I'm gradually making using scrap balls. At the moment it is a large unfinished triangular octopus on my couch.
HRT and SAD lamps and perimenopause: yes. But only ever share as much as you feel comfortable. I am also enjoying the 'pause. OK not actually enjoying. The brain fog, the random aches, the everything that makes me feel like I'm quickly aging sucks. There's such that was never discussed by our mothers so for me all the weird seemingly unrelated symptoms are bewildering and annoying!
Foggy mornings: love them. They remind me of the cover of the Fleetwood Mac album Bare Trees.


Of course you should :)
Another thing you could do is to create another blanket with solid granny squares in a colour of your morning walk. Even on dreary days there must be a colour in there you like. When you’ve finished you’ll have a morning walk blanket and you will see it was not too bad after all ;)

Carly Orris

You definitely should make one!

Shelley Corcoran

Hi Lucy, I am doing exactly that using Hydrangea leftovers as I have made four Hydrangea blankets so far and gifted all four. Each time I have used the leftovers to make your Solid Granny Squares. I have worked out I need at least 425 squares. I am hoping to use them to make a Battenberg blanket. I think you definitely should start one too!! 😘


I think make a color set of squares for each blanket and then sew each set into one row of what will eventually be a lap blanket. It would represent in one place all your blankets (don't know how well all the over all color look will be.)

Wendy Featherstone

Yes. Just do it. I am currently doing just that. Making squares from beautiful left overs from blankets. This is my second 'left overs' blanket, although I still like to choose a colour palette, usually autumnal! It's so therapeutic. You'll enjoy it. What's not to like ❤
P.S. I love your blogs and have been a fan for a lot of years


Good morning, Lucy! Your posts always brighten my day and leave me with a sense of peace. I recently used all my leftover yarn to make not just one, but two blankets. I was bound and determined to get through all of my stash during COVID. This is what I did: Tied together all the yarn with Magic Knots (one blanket trimming the knots, and one blanket not trimming -- I kind of like the texture). If any color had more than 18 yards, I cut it into shorter lengths. I didn't want great big clumps of color. Wound the knotted lengths into balls. Chained for a length that made me happy and worked a blanket of spike stitches. I like that the spike "blends" the colors. Then I made a nice wide "frame" all around, ending with a crab stitch. I had to buy more yarn for the solid color border, but I just used any leftovers on the second blanket. I'm still working on that one. I can't believe how much I like these two scrap yarn blankets! So, yes, go for it. You'll feel good about diminishing your stash, and you'll have something useful and pretty to show for it!

Sue Floyd

Ahhh. Thanks again for another wonderful post! I so enjoy all your writing, words , photos, & colors.
Its balm for my spirit.
Thanks for being YOU!

Nora McGrann

Another lovely blog Lucy
Always enjoy " your walks"
Yes go for it!!
Thanks for all you give us! 🥀🥀🥀🥀


You definitely should.


Go with your heart Lucy. I am 72 and I wish I had done more of what I wanted instead of always being so bloomin sensible, particularly at this awful time in the world.

Nicky Slade

Yes, yes, yes! I think a slow & mindful 'postage stamp' blanket would be very therapeutic. I've just finished making a granny stripe Moorland double bed size blanket for a friend (in 6 weeks - really quick for me) and have a lot of leftovers. Was faffing with hexies last night but don't think I have the patience for all the ends - now I'm thinking a postage stamp blanket would be the perfect slow burn project and nicely portable.


Yes :)

Frances Jones

I had not thought about going for a walk each morning but when I considered it I realised I always do feel better when I get out of the house and go for a wander, even for a short while. I'm going to try and make the effort more often! I enjoy your blog, you were the reason I took up crochet quite a few years ago now and I've made a number of blankets since. I love your work, so thank you and keep writing the blog x


You know you should... I really love to start the day with a walk as well. I do a quick Joe Wicks workout first thing, then tidy the house and take the dog for a walk, so I feel all ready for things once I sit down to work. The dog is fundamentally opposed to going out in the rain, but I insist on it, so we zip round a bit quickly on a wet day like today. I think the cold wet days make the glorious sunny days all the lovelier and since leaving my office job and the commute I really do love them. And I like the cosy feeling of being back inside after going out in the wild weather. CJ xx


That sounds like a lovely idea. I’m doing that with my four ply sock wool and it’s there to add to every time I have more sock wool.
Always love your posts Lucy whatever they are about. I had planned to post every day in March but my blogging mojo is a little muted at the moment. Maybe it will have to be blogapril instead. Meanwhile I read your posts with pleasure. B x


Thank you for the inspiration. I have been wanting to walk in the morning but have been saying "I'll wait until spring" but perhaps I just need to get out and be with whatever nature has to share for a bit.

Mikki Ogle

You are a rock star to get walking EVERY morning! I can't seem to get moving. I have such great plans in the evening, but when a.m. comes, I'd rather do anything else!(Usually a lovely mocha and croissant) I'd do a long term blanket of solid squares. Every shade of every color would be in mine!

Jean Stein

Here's what worked for me: After working several different blankets in Special DK I wanted to use the many leftovers in a project. Three years ago I found an interesting and challenging granny square, and when I'd finished a big project I'd also make a couple of my granny squares. I even weighed a finished square to figure out if I had enough leftover pieces of DK to finish a square. Three years later I organized rows and columns and did a dark crochet outline to connect the squares. It's on the back of my couch right now, the cats love it. And only tiny balls of leftover DK! PS I later found one of my Wool Warehouse organdy bags with three more quarter-skeins of DK in some unfavorite colors. I thought all my scraps were gone!

Liz Hasler

Doing a slow burn blanket would mean that you would always have something on the back burner to reach for when you just needed something to do! Go for it.
I also dislike cloudy days. I love a sunny day. I wish that had the views that you do not even if I did, I'm sadly unable to walk like I used to

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