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March 16, 2022


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Hello Lucy, (Just lost a comment but if you get two please lose the first one 😁
Had to come back to say I absolutely love the bag with your new wools, it’s gorgeous, is there a pattern please? Love the little squares on the back of the dining chair too.
I always enjoy reading your posts. Take care Lucy!
Love from Barbara xx 😁🙋‍♀️👍


Beautiful post! Dicombobulation my dad used to say that 😂😂


Gorgeous rich colours in the new yarn, I shall enjoy seeing the new blanket. Rather discombobulated here over the past week and ver-r-r-y tired. Am trying to pull it all together and be more focused and energised. Hope you have a lovely weekend, the weather forecast looks absolutely divine. CJ xx


Hello Lucy! I live in New Zealand and I always feel secretly envious when I see the other side of the world moving in to their spring time and our side going into the cooler months! I have to say though that weirdly this time around I feel ready for some hibernation, the earlier nights and rugging up warm in my knitted socks etc! Enjoy the warmer weather and spring flowers that I’m sure have started blooming by now!!!!!

Jane Nearing

I spent a minute catching up with your life, while having a quiet minute with my own. Thanks!


Oh, those top few photos made my heart sing, and at the same time feel a little homesick. Thanks. I'll definitely be in for the new rug as those colours are "gorgeous". Am also going to try some of those oh so cute flowers and leaves and make a wreath too. Take care & hugs from down under.

Mikki Ogle

Lucy, I dearly love your blankets, garlands, et all!!! Your colors are fab and do so much to cheer me in the dullness of my Oregon winter. I pray you know how important you are to many of us around the world. Thank you for sharing your journey.


Thank you for sharing such lovely photos with all of us. The village that you live in is so pretty. I can't wait to see your garland all finished - it'll be gorgeous. I'm excited for the beginning of spring this coming weekend, as well.


Hello Lucy. I love the idea of a "rogue," daffodil... Here's to the spring, anyway. with love from London, where, after a few false starts, I can promise you, it's taken hold, and will be working its way north any time now...

Kerridwen Niner

Im looking forward to seeing your winter garland but do find it uncanny that winter is technically ending and you're appreciating the change and yet you are deccing winter stylee lol. Still i'm sure its going to look gorgeous and will be most enjoyable :)


I have used the Highland Heathers and made a C2C blanket for my mother. The colours are very beautiful and if you put together a pack, I will definitely look forward to buying it x

Gillian McM

You have been bringing me joy for years and years, Lucy. I've made so many of your patterns. Yesterday I felt like making a daffodil, so I consulted my Attic24 folder and there it was, the perfect daffodil. I've gathered together the yarns for the winter garland and they are waiting patiently!


* ops.... I would write: the last years :-))


Here in the south of Italy is not nice in the last period. But as you say we are at the end of winter. I know that spring will fly away soon and I can’t manage with very hot summer as we had in these last days. So, thank you always and always for your post, your pictures and thoughts that bring me away from here.
Thank you. Have a nice afternoon,


I have butterflies, those colors are wonderful.

Carol Blakeley

Hi Lucy,
I don’t comment very often but thought it was time to say thank you. I love your blog and all the lovely photos you share.
It is a very gloomy day here in Ontario Canada but we are supposed to get a peek at some spring weather Thursday afternoon.

I am loving the new colours of yarn for spring this year and while I don’t need any more yarn I’m itching to get some pretty colours.

Have a wonderful day!

Rainbow Junkie

I don't normally comment but love following your blog. But today I felt it worth mentioning that here in Southampton I have taken to buying a bunch of daffodils from Waitrose every week after seeing yours (last year I think). Recently I had a whole bunch like your rogue one. (They have been different each week so far - 3) So maybe if they have some like that where you live you might be lucky and get a whole bunch one week. Trouble is if you buy them still in bud (as I do) then you have to wait to see how they turn out.


I so agree about the weather, in Worcestershire we had a very wet Wednesday and now a glorious sunny Thursday and I can feel the difference so strongly. You're garland is so pretty, I have the same problem with mislaying things. I have no children or pets to blame and they often turn up as soon as I have made or bought the replacement!I enjoy seeing the planning process but would have to think hard about a recipient as my collection of blankets in use and the tastes of my friends and family are all in your glorious SSK palettes. Thank you for giving us inspiration and positivity at this time

Miss Daisy

The picture with the heart garland , is that a fireplace ? Would love to see it up close. Looks Awesome !


Hi Lucy, thank you so much for your all your recent posts, they have been a delight to read and inspirational too. I love the photos of Skipton, the canal and the surrounding countryside. We visited Skipton some years ago and it is lovely to see reminders of places we walked. I think the flowers that you have created for your winter garland are so pretty, I would love to try them. At the moment my time is take up with crochet for my grandchildren, but one day I may be able to join you on one of your crochet journeys.
It’s always a thrill to open up the iPad and find a new post so just wanted you to know how much it lifts my spirits. Thank you. Xxx

Kathleen Southworth

Lucy your blog is always a joy to read and your photo’s of Skipton and the surrounding area so beautiful. I am currently making leaves, flowers, with a view to making the garland. Enjoying watching my little box of goodies grow each day! I really enjoyed making the Hellibore flowers, they are so realistic.
Thank you Lucy for your inspiration. Xx


Can't wait for the Highland Heather blanket since we lived in the highlands before coming to Australia. Looks lovely.
Thanks Lucy , hope your Spring light arrives soon xx


Is there a pattern for beautiful crotchet basket that’s full of wool on the table near the candle in the photo- I d love to have a try at it!


I have a lovely bunch of pale lemon daffodils , all the ones in Morrisons at the minute seem to be the pale ones. They are beautiful


Ooooooh! I was looking at those yarns just the other day thinking it would be lovely to do a man's lap blanket in those more muted colours for my uncle…..87!
Can’t wait for this one!!!

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