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March 01, 2022


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Donna Marie Anderson

The beauty I love in winter is in the shape and structure Of things around me. In the other 3 seasons so much of the beauty involves the colors.


My birthday was on 22/2/2022! It's also International Cat Day in Japan because two ('ni') sounds like meow in Japanese ('nya').
I love your blog and all the beautiful nature photos, and I look forward to making the Harbour blanket later in the year :)


My husband and I discovered Saltburn last summer when spending a couple of days at Whitby, we absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back.

Susan Berry

Im not seeing links to the projects in the photos? Where is the pattern for the daffodil coaster and the blue yatn shades throw next to the Harbour throw?


Lovely post Lucy & seeing Bolton Abbey in winter mode is different for me as I've only my photos of it in summer with lots of greenery. I said lots of silly things too on the 22nd about twos & both hubby & I were quoting Richie Benaud's (choo, choo), same as Louise above. It was nice to see that someone else has a warped sense of humour. A beach huts coloured rug would be a lovely bright rug & we saw beach huts yesterday at Dromana & I'd forgotten to take my camera with me. Enjoy March and thanks for this post. Take care & hugs.


February - great month. I love it, if only because it's my birthday month :-)) And because there's often snow for skiing. And because spring is about to come.
Thank you for your wonderful photos. I enjoyed them. All. And especially, the one by the canal with the canal boats and pink sky and the one by the sea with the colorful beach houses... Inspiration for the next blanket :-))) Anyway, you crocheted your blankets great. I'm at the sewing machine now :-))) People need relaxation.
I wish you a happy March. Viola


Hi Lucy. The colours of those beach huts at Saltburn are *amazing*...

And you have a "sand-hating Husbundo", (love that term) too? I thought I was the only one...

Thanks once again for a page full of colour and joy-hope you have a lovely week.



Saltburn looks lovely. Beach hut blanket..? And the water in the river is beautiful, so clear. I rather like eating out and having someone else bring me the food as well, it certainly doesn't happen at home very often. I really love the exposed tree roots on your Bolton Abbey walk. There is place not too far from here called Puzzle Wood where there are lots of sunken paths so you walk below the level of the trees, it's so atmospheric. It's caused by old mines falling in I think. Loads of things are filmed there because it's so striking. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx


Beautiful post Lucy, I'm glad your February was a good one.xx


Felt I was there with you, very peaceful. Not sure way a little tearful too. One of those days xb

Jan Wolfe

I love this - thank you. Full of peace and optimism - and light. Like others, I noticed the heart-shaped stone to the left of your feet in the photo by the water. Can't wait to do the harbour blanket, but I am mid-Dune at the moment.... May March be a Merry Month for you.


Thank you so much Lucy for your colourful, uplifting posts, they remind me of better things to come and am really looking forward to hopefully getting away a little more ourselves this year. We are lucky enough to have beautiful places around where we live to walk and visit but it’s always exciting to see your posts. Can’t wait to come back up and visit again. We have a lot of roadworks around us in all directions at the moment so it can get a bit frustrating and long winded if you do have to go any where by car! Never mind, we’ve also had lots of sunny days interspersed with the rainy ones and the lighter evenings are fabulous. I’ve nearly finished my Yuletide blanket so am looking forward to starting the Harbour one soon. Hope you are all keeping well, take care. Love and hugs, Becki xxx 🥰☺️

Christine Summerhill

So peaceful and calm.....and colourful! Gorgeous! ❤


Thank you for another lovely, gentle bog, it was a joy to read, as always. In the picture of your feet at the waters edge i spotted a big heart-shaped stone to your left ... clearly you were in exactly the right place at the right time. Here's to a happy, bright and creative March 😊

Libby Parker

Delightful photos and the trip back to 2008 was so much fun! Thanks for the return visit to one of your favorite places (and one of mine by extension). If I could teleport to your part of the world, I would love to see all of your favorite places with you as guide!

Lynda Campbell

I just want to say how much I've enjoyed your post. Your pictures are truly amazing ❤ Bless you.

Liz Hasle

Thank you so much for sharing bits of your lovely life. I really enjoy hearing about your family and love your pictures.

Sue Hockley

My husband and I will be the same age again on his birthday in April.... until the end of August, when I have my birthday!
Loving the blogs, and the Harbour blanket. I'm just coming to the end of week 3 colours!


Wow those beach huts are so happy! I want to drink in their colour! Last week on 22/02/2022 at 2.22pm here in Melbourne it was 22 degrees. I thought you might like that little quirk of numerology and date magic! We made lots of Richie Benaut cricket jokes (twoo for twenty twooo). xox


That was a lovely read. Aren't the light nights wonderful. X


Lovely post, Lucy., I’m glad you enjoyed February - . do you think yourSAD light has helped?
I have really enjoyed making the Harbour blanket.. I had lost my crojo and then had a knee replacement at the end of the year, and I found the colourful stripes perfect for my mood., I’m just finishing off the border now, and am so pleased with it. Thank you for the CAL.


What a lovely little recap. So picturesque. Living in the southern hemisphere I long for your colder days and whish we could all experience together. Sure as I know soon enough, I'll be back wishing for warmer weather again.

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