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March 04, 2022


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Joya Roy

Your hill view looks like it could be a painting!


A great day ! Always count your blessing.


Thank you for reminding us to count our blessings at this difficult time and to take pleasure in the little things

Jackie Wright

What a wonderful post, thank you Lucy, I always love your posts and aren't the simple pleasures just the best! Enjoy!


Ooh, I love this post & maybe I should try something similar to keep me blogging more often & using my camera like I used to. Love your little ferny leaves & the canal with its reflections. Thanks Lucy, take care & hugs.


They are indeed all lovely things to be grateful for - thank you for sharing them Lucy x


I’m so happy that you are back blogging again Lucy! Love your posts and photos xx

Jean Blythe

What a beautiful sunset! I love to see your country side photos!

Natasha Goldberg

Thank goodness for you and your blog, Lucy, as a counterweight to all the craziness and catastrophe in the world at the moment! You are a force for good.

PS please do write a post about your morning routine, I and I'm sure plenty of other people would be very interested to hear about it!

Natasha x


What a gorgeous photo of the canal. There was a stunning sunset here too, I texted the biggest boy who was on a train to the North to see if he could see it. Derwent Pencils are absolutely wonderful aren't they. My youngest went with his father to the pencil museum in Keswick last summer when we were on holiday, but unfortunately I was tasked with looking after the dog and making lunch so I didn't get to go. I would have loved to have seen round there, it is right up my street. Hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx


Wow what a fantastic Friday! Love all those gratitude moments and totally agree about the pencils, not had any since my kids were young but maybe that could be a therapeutic pastime again … it’s my birthday soon ☺️


Yes, I do agree a box of pencils has the flavour of childhood and calls for long hours of pleasure.


Such beautiful words and photos. Loving the new project.

Betty Clark

I used to get your blog by e-mail whenever it was posted, but now I don't. How do I sign up again? There is no place on your blog to do this.

Betty Clark
[email protected]

Laura Lee

Very much enjoying your life reflections via your blog posts. I’m nearing the end of my Harbour CAL journey and look forward to the next one. You’ve mentioned a number of times your love of reflections and it occurred to me that would be a lovely name for a blanket design! Maybe your next one 😉


From our beach, the view of the Isle of Wight disappears on a regular basis, in the same way as your hill view.
Love the pencils, they do smell delicious don’t they?
Thank you for these blog posts, really enjoying them ! X

Corinna Mazzotta

We're going to visit the Derwent pencil museum when we go to the Lake District in the summer. I can't wait to take my Mum (she's a very good amateur artist) as I think she's going to be just as excited as you by these watercolour pencils! 😊
So lovely to see the hill is back - I love watching the seasons change through your pictures!
Have a wonderful weekend. xx

Kath Grimshaw

Beautiful view! We were shopping in Skipton this dinner time. I just love it!x
Happy Friday! X

Deb R

Ooooo - I love a new set of colored pencils and markers!

Julie Lewis

Thank you Lucy, do.pleased to see the hill view has returned! Have a lovely weekend xx

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