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February 18, 2022


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Becky DuBose

Loved the pictures and narration of your respite trip. I miss England and it's people.


I love the idea of 50 hours away to see the New Year in. It was lovely to see your beautiful pictures.
I think you should talk to Yorkshire tourist board, you must gain them business from many wide flung areas.
I relate the busyness when you arrived.. our local beach at Mudeford is always heaving at Christmas and New Year, I always think it’s people making New Year resolutions to walk more!

Kate McCurrach

What a wonderful read Lucy. You've really made me want to visit again. It's been decades. Such glorious weather too and it's been lovely to gaze at those blue skies whilst the grey, stormy weather rages outside again.

Winwick Mum

I was right there with you, on that bright, cold, sandy beach. What lovely photos and what lovely weather! xx


What lovely views, and such a nice refreshing bit away! I think I would like Saltburn very much. Thank you for sharing your holiday!


I love your pictures! You make us readers feel like we are actually there - a mini vacation :)


I love Saltburn & have been on the lift from the beach to the top. Great! I need my seaside walks too, having grown up very, very near the coast in Sydney, though in summer I do find them very crowded, so hang out more for the cooler times when they are more deserted. I threw a mini tantrum a couple of days ago when the coffee machine in the cafe we'd gone to had broken down & being repaired & like you I really needed it after a walk.(giggle). Thanks for a great post, take care & hugs.

Sara Jane Apple

Oh Happy start to my day being carried off to your adventures by the sea. I am so fortunate to live by the Pacific Ocean and have seen orca whales twice recently. I lived inland growing up and this is a dream come true being close to the ocean living in wild nature. (Pacific Northwest Rainforest Canada). Thank you Lucy for your exuberant love of colour, character, crochet, crafting, coffee, calm, and caring! xox


Lucy, thank you so much for posting this. I live in Ontario, Canada but lived three miles from Saltburn before emigrating here in the early 1980's. I remember a post last year when you mentioned going to Saltburn and I have been longing to see these photos. I will definitely be in Saltburn on my next trip to UK as my sister has recently moved there.
I have not posted here before so just want to THANK you for sharing all your lovely photos of beach and country walks. The crochet blankets a wonderful too and I have made two now from your patterns.

Marcia Love

So appreciate your travelog. You are so lucky to have access to such a lovely place. I really appreciate your sharing.


Looks so very lovely. Can't imagine walking the ten miles.

Carol Partridge

Thank you so much for this post Lucy. I read it slowly and drank it all in. The photo's made me feel that I could almost hear the waves, Just what I needed on a drab Saturday morning, And as usual...written from the heart.


Oh gosh, we were in Saltburn on NY Day, wasn’t it busy! But wonderful as always 😀


Thank you for this account of your mini break, the pictures helped me imagine I was there. Although NZ is very beautiful, there is nowhere like the homeland - looking forward to being able to visit again one day. In the meantime, please keep sharing.

Jackie Farrow

Lovely photos, makes me want that trip back to England so much. Our borders open beginning of March and I’m guessing there will be so many people flying from UK to Perth and Australians flying to UK. We are planning crossing fingers for Sept next year, let the rush die down. I’m so looking forward to be able to have walks along the sea front and in the lovely countryside, can’t wait.

Sounds like the men folk in your family would not like our beaches which is all sand, very hot sand at the moment what with our very hot temps. Maybe another one of our 40’s today.


What a lovely write up, and I do love your pictures. So nice to see different historic villages around the world.


Fabulous Lucy, your description had made me feel like I was along for the journey too. (and wishing I was - away from our summer heat and bushfires - two weeks ago it was 42 degrees celsius, and fires destroyed four houses and and a huge amount of trees paddocks, fences etc). I have seen parts of the Robin Hood Bay walks on TV, so I knew where you were. The sky looks amazing, blue and few clouds! Agree that it was a great way to start the New Year!
Thanks. Cheers Bev x


Saltburn and Robin Hood’s Bay, two beautiful places. We too spent New Year at the coast … Norfolk for us , also with plenty of blue skies and sunshine. It was a real treat. The last time we were in Saltburn the railway was out of action too but we did have fabulous fish and chips sat off the pier 😃


Thanks so much for sharing Lucy-your photos are wonderful.
It looked a perfect time & am sure it’s given you some forever special memories!


Hahaha! That paragraph about having a tantrum when you discovered the cafes were closed, I have totally been there! How dare they?! But there's nothing better than a coastal break. Everytime we go, we longingly look at real estate listing's in the area and sigh as year after year the prices steeply climb. Thanks for sharing your mini break! Xox


What a lovely trip, it looks like a beautiful corner of the world. Great idea to book an Airbnb for just a couple of nights as well. My middle boy doesn't like beaches with sand either, odd isn't it? There's a nice little Victorian seaside place near here too which is quite charming, lovely old pier, nice cafes and bookshops etc, I think you would approve! CJ xx

Maryjane O’Malley

Thanks for this lovely up close and friendly tour! My grands are from the UK and their Boston home often echoed the charm that your work and photos convey. Enjoy the spring days as they start to erupt!

Linda from Boston

Beautiful!!! I feel as though I just came back from a trip!!!

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