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February 25, 2022


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Fiona Green

Hello! I am finally starting the border on this beautiful blanket...but when I click on the Border Tutorial above, the link takes me to a weblog. Is there another link that works? I'm just needing some help with the stitch posts...
Grateful for any assistance!
Thanks, Fi


Hi Lucy, I have been making your blankets now for about 5yrs. I only took up crochet then and discovered your site. Your blankets have gotten me thru some tough times and I enjoy the peace whilst I crochet something beautiful. I give some of them away to my children and grandchildren so they also enjoy them. Just finishing the Harbour blanket now and have my eye on the Yuletide. I also work so this is my relaxation. Keep producing these amazing colours and thanks for giving me a focus when I needed it.


I am currently doing the colour wash blanket but in king size the cal colour parts only go up to 84 rows when the king size requires 96

Please can you point me in the right direction to find rows colour from 84. -96

Thank you for help in advance

Louise Meaden

I’ve loved all your posts and the colour fest. Perfect to brighten up (pardon the pun!) these dark wintry days. Thank you for sharing your talent so generously 😘🤗


I wonder if all the lovely ladies that love to crochet would be as delighted as I would be if you did your seasonal wreaths as CAL and kits. I would definitely buy them.


The border you have added is perfect. I have really enjoyed the harbour colourfest. Thank you Lucy x


I don’t pretend to understand Crochet Math, but to keep counting to four when I got to the bottom of the blanket, I put two single crochets in each of the eyelet spaces (with one single on each side of the eyelet - and then the four doubles across the peak of the wave).


To Diana, Sue and Barbara: I think in the top row treble 2 and 3 must be drawn together. So you get 7 stitches per pattern repeat, same as in the bottom row. Do you agree, Lucy? Thank you for sharing the pattern and the colors of this beautiful blanket!


Little B obviously has great taste! I think it's because the colours are very summery and primary, happy colours! Now, if only the weather would follow suit!!

Barbara Bolton

Like Diana and Sue, I've realised that there are more stitches at the top of the blanket than along the bottom. Should this be adjusted?


Hello Lucy,

I just set on the balcony in the sun with my blanket in progress. All colours are beautiful and, in the sun, they are gorgeous!
Just finished the apple green ripple from Cal 4, so yes, I’m a bit behind 😉, but… I’m darning in the ends on the go, so, after ripple 84, I can start right away with the border.
The colours chosen for the border are absolutely complementing the blanket.

Sunny greetings from the Vulcan Eifel,


Thanks for the final section.
I’ve been doing a simple baby pushchair blanket in this pattern in just five colours, chosen by the mother of the future baby. Enjoyed it immensely, so……following this weeks news, and the likely problems with deliveries etc which will inevitably ensue, I’ve ordered packs of the Harbour colourway, and the Dube colourway. They should keep me busy for months and help soothe unquiet thoughts!
Thanks Lucy!


It is a lovely border Lucy & I hesitated getting the pack sent to Oz with all our postal issues over the last 2 years & was going to do it through winter here, but now I'm scared again with the latest wave of uneasiness with the conflict in Russia. I might brave it & send for it, as a nice ripple would help alleviate all the tension & stress I've got. Thanks so much for your beautiful designs/colours which help soothe away the evenings watching mindless TV.
Take care & hugs.

Debbi Robertson

I am so excited to find a new post this morning, that I am commenting before I've even read it! I find myself in the midst of a very stressful time right now, and reading your words and seeing your photos brings me a measure of peace and comfort that I find hard to describe. I am so grateful for your sharing your days with us as you are continuing to do. Please don't stop. From half-way 'round the world in Hawai'i, to your personal Paradise, I am thanking you, from the bottom of my heart. ~Debbi


Lucy...I confess, I've absolutely been one of those here for the colourfest. But what a colourfest it's been.

Thanks so much to you (and everyone) for all the gorgeous photos and colours that lifted everything so much in what might otherwise have been the dreariest weeks of winter.

Diana Steeds

am i doing something wrong? the number of stitches above and below is not the same


This has been so much fun!! I think it's my 5th blanket of your designs and it is my favorite one!! The colors are just so happy!! And I love the ocean too! Maybe you'll have time to post the fishy scissor bobble?? To go with it?? Many, many thank you to you!! Nancy


As always your border compliments the blanket beautifully!


Gorgeous blankets. One of the things I love the most about your blankets is how perfectly the colours match the colours in the inspiration (the harbour, the sand dunes etc.) It really is so beautifully done. CJ xx

Sue Geen

Hello Lucy

First of all can I say what a beautiful pattern this is and how much I've enjoyed making it.

I'm a bit confused by the border pattern however. Following your instructions the top border will have more stitches in than the bottom border. Is that right, and won't it make the blanket a bit skew?




Looks lovely Lucy, Thank You xxx

I only got about 10 colours done when the heat arrived here, so it will have to wait until around Easter, but I know it will be so enjoyable.

Thank You again xx

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