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February 11, 2022


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Hi Lucy I have introduced a newbie to crochet to your lovely patterns and she is doing amazingly. The only hiccup was she thought the colour pattern finished on CAL 1 and was just going to repeat those colours . I’ve been through and sent her screen shots of the other weeks including the border but wondered if you had prepared a single page with all the rows like you did with Sweet Pea and Dune … being the two I have made?
Many thanks x


Your harbour blanket is stunning Lucy and it looks even more vibrant outside. All of the blankets are inspiring that you make,I can't make up my mind which is my favourite.
Kitty looks very comfortable on the blanket too :)


I just darned in my final end! Thrilled to have kept up (that’s a first for me), and looking forward to adding the border when the time comes. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

Ruth Plowman

It is a small world! Today I was at a sew/stitch/quilt day when I noticed the crochet project B was making; I thought it looked like your harbour blanket. Much to my delight, it is! It was fun to discover another follower of Attic 24 in the sunny state of Arizona, USA! Yes, our stitching does unite us!😁


All those colours look lovely in the sunshine! We don't seem to be having much of that at the moment:( I've never taken my crochet anywhere to do some, I've not even sat outside with it. Is that naff? You have floor space?!! Crikey, I haven't seen floor space for... hmmm, moving on!


Loved the photos beside the seaside, your own & those abroad & I even guessed where 2 of those were & I was right......here in Oz. I always knitted/crocheted on the train as a teenager going to work & still do in the car as a passenger these days if it is reasonable simple & not too large. I also love taking photos of my quilts in the outdoors as well crochet rugs. I used up many of my scraps from Attic 24 packs to make a rather colourful rug & when finished draped it over a stone gateway locally for a blogpost this January. Thanks for cheering my day with this colourful post. Take care & hugs.

Patty B

Loved seeing the photos at the shore in all the warm sunny places! For me and my blanket, we are tucked up inside looking out at all the snow. It's long enough to cover up while crocheting, however I'm behind but will catch up in the next week or so.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Beautiful photos...stunning actually. I really luv seeing the blankets outdoors as well. I am about a week behind in my crochet, but that's okay cos I get to drag out the experience a bit. LOL Yes, I always feel at odds when a blanket is finished, but I can see myself doing this eyelet ripple again using a different colour scheme. Thank you so much for this CAL. Look forward to seeing what the border will be...I luv putting borders on all my blankets, gives them such a finished professional look.
Take Care, Hugs, MO


Hello from Sicily,I have really enjoyed the harbour CAL and it's been so easy and it's as if I haven't been actually crocheting It because It seemed to grow so quickly ,if you know what I mean 😀.thank you for such a lovely project and all your Wonderful blogs ♥️have a great weekend ,all the best from Sicily xx


Wow! Looking at all those photos near the sea is like going on a mini-holiday! Thanks for sharing Lucy.
Of course you are always with us in our thoughts in our Dorset, West Bay get togethers. If there are any members of our group who are not on Facebook reading this. Please contact me by email for information of our next meeting of "Friends of Attic24:Dorset".
If there is anyone who lives in Dorset, UK who would like to join our group, have a look for the group on Facebook - you are very welcome to join.
Thank you Lucy for bringing us together! <3


I absolutely loved seeing everyone's blankets out and about. Especially in Australia and the Bahamas! Oh to spend a day crocheting on the beach in the Bahamas. The season is turning though I think. There is so much bird song now and the frogs in the pond are on the move. Also tight green buds to be seen. CJ xx

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