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February 14, 2022


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Donna Philpott

Gorgeous flowers! I Love them; they would be so pretty on a heart wreath!

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Valentine's Day doesn't really fuss me as such, but crochet hearts and flowery crochet, garlands and wreaths are right up my ally. You've inspired me to work on something spring-like for my home decor. Thx so much for sharing your creativity. Hugs, MO


I love all your work Lucy you are such an inspiration and I so appreciate all that you share thank you so much.


Beautiful - and I definitely think you should make it a permanent heart on a wire frame!

Peggy Drake

I really need a pattern for a larger (6"+)heart. Yours looks as if it will work! Thanks so much. (FYI these larger hearts will go to Mothers of Preemies. They will lay on the Mother's heart, then go to their preemie baby to establish a scent connection. Preemies of the Carolinas in the US will get them to NICUs!


Totally love your realistic flowers - those Heartsease are especially lifelike and gorgeous!! Happy heart day to a very lovely lady 💐


Thou shall.


What a lovely Valentines Day/ pre-Spring (for you guys) decoration!
Many of these hearty creations are like a walk down memory lane. Just lovely. I can think of a few people I'd love to gift some of those hanging hearts to! xox


Love all your gorgeous hearts & enjoyed the wonders of your mind making the fingers craft pretty things.
Well done & now I think I want to try a heart too.
A large wire coat-hanger can be twisted into the shape of a heart with a ready made hook for hanging somewhere. Thanks Lucy, take care & hugs from down under.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the violas!!! I want to crochet a beautiful nosegay of just them! Of course, I love the other floral designs also but my heart belongs to those lil' johnny-jump-ups! Can't wait for the pattern!!

Linda from Boston

I love the violas and yes, make them into a wreath. I’ve made that heart garland (my son took it this year to put up in his apartment!). I’ve made several of the rose heart hangers over the years in those colors. I’m looking at one hanging on a child’s Amish chair by my fireplace. My house is looking a lot like YOUR house!!! Love it all.


I love all your posts, but this one is full of pretty spring blossom!!! Absolutely gorgeous and a promise (hopefully) of a blossom filled spring on its way!!
Thank you for sharing your creativity and fabulous use of colour with us x


Your flowers would make beautiful brooches. Especially a cluster of them. Spring flowers are just so happy and smiley! I would love to make these flowers. Thankies!


So pretty! Love the narcissus in particular.

I’ve made quite a few of these hearts, I just can’t remember what I did with the hanging heart. We might have pixies who steal our little crochet things, I think!


I love hearts too Lucy and have heart theme going on throughout the year. I have made lots of your heart patterns throughout the years but I'm going to make your beautiful heart wreath for sure. I love your little heart display it's beautiful and I would love the flower patterns for sure. xx


Oh yes, I think you must, it would be lovely to have it in a more permanent form. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect you get the tiny little flowers. Beautiful. And I really love the rose heart hanger, such a lovely shape. CJ xx


Wonderful post. It's a wet miserable morning and your post brought such bright, cheerfulness into my day. Thank you
Love those heart shaped wreaths, I have metal coat hangers that I use for such things and my mind went racing ahead.... Super project for my grands.... I make the flowers and they glue them onto the wreath.
Please could we have the pattern?

Carole C

Hi Lucy ,a big resounding “YES” to the Spring flower heart - the little narcissus and viola flowers are really lovely and the tiny blossoms are so sweet 🌸 Have you thought about bending a wire coat hanger to make the wreath base ?
Every time I gift a pair of hand knitted socks - or occasionally a shawl ,I crochet up one of your Teeny Tiny hearts in the same yarn as the socks/shawl and attach it to a plain luggage label with a dot of glue .I write the yarn details on the back together with the shade colour,washing instructions, etc and on the front of the tag beneath the heart I write “ handmade with love “ .
When I was sorting through my late Mum’s sewing and crochet baskets I found all the little heart labels from the shawls I had knitted and crocheted for her over the years for birthdays ,Christmas ,Mothers’ Day …I now have them in my sewing box 💛
Carole xxx


Such a lovely post! I would love to be able to crochet like that - I would stitch the spring flowers on to the front of a jumper in that exact shape x




I’ve just looked at the free heart pattern by BeaG and it’s now available in three versions, Including one for the UK, so no need to remember to transpose from US terms!

Jane McLellan

Yes, absolutely, it’ll make a gorgeous floral heart.

Debbi Robertson

I second the notion of the wire heart! and the violas are especially nice, why, they look so much like the real thing, it's putting me in mind of spring plantings! I also wanted to say how much I appreciate you continuing with this traditional blog, rather than going solely with the "social" media avenues as so many seem to have the past many years. And I'm willing to bet there are others that feel the same! So thank you Lucy, from the bottom of my heart (because all of your posts fill me with such joy!).


Such a colourful post! Love it! I think your little flowers are really cute, especially the Violas! I'd love to be able to hook those😀! And I think the arrangement of them is too good to lose so yes, get a wire heart and make it permanent, I think it would make lovely Spring Decoration!💖💖

Nancy Woods

Your new little flowers are so cute! Could you please write up the patterns for them? Especially the viola...I love pansies and violas. I have a goal this year to make some wreaths and/or garlands for my house because I have enjoyed yours over the years.
I also love your blankets! I've made a few of them and have several of the yarn kits waiting to be worked on.
Thank you so, so much for sharing your creativity with us through the years.

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