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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 26, 2022


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I love your coffee fotos although I do seldom drink coffee. But your pictures are the embodiment of cosyness . Thank you for all the years of wonderful pictures.


I started the harbor blanket pattern and after row three it goes to row 5 and 6 and says repeat rows 3 and 4. But I can't find row 4. What am I doing wrong?


It is over 30 degrees Celsius outside and a bit humid, but I am a cool 22 with my air conditioning on.
Makes crocheting easy to work with.
Been playing with my embroidery machine as I haven't been able to use it for a couple of years.
I tend to forget all about my cuppa when I am crocheting and end up drinking it luke warm or throwing it out and making another. Then it is too hot to drink again!!!
I have a pod machine that makes coffee for the hubby and chai tea for me. Yum!! I love the frothy milk in mine too.


I’m all for fireside loafing too, certainly the day for it here today. Always love your visits to Bolton Abbey. Happy memories of visits in the past. Hope you get plenty of fireside time today. Happy weekend. B x


Have you considered "cafe lifestyle" themed blanket?


Thanks for a lovely post & your amazing photos. I'm very impressed with both your photography & crochet skills. Bolton Abbey looks good even in winter as I've only seen it in summer. Stay warm, take care & hugs.


A lovely read, wishing for cool weather our temperatures are in the 30's in Australia. I love Bolton Abbey, we have visited there a few times on holidays. There is such a calmness and beauty. I must try the coconut and yoghurt together. Happy crocheting


Delicious blog as always, Lucy. Your colour wash blanket is looking lovely x

Laura Martin

Lucy: thanks for writing!!! I love reading your posts.

Pippa moore

Hi Lucy
I'm loving the harbour blanket which will be a birthday gift for my daughter who lives in London. Now I'm going to order another pack but this time I think I'm going to do the colourwash for myself. I totally in love with the colours x have made many of your blankets quite a few which reside with my daughter up in London and get many ❤ from her friends xx I too love crochet for the kind of meditative calming effect it has on me x something I really need after a day working as a nurse in a busy nursing home x can't wait to finish my blanket and show my lovely residents many who are or have been keen crafts people xxxx

Gillian Edwards

Lovely blog as always. Love the cosy coffee shops you visit and the delicious looking frothy coffee. I feel very chilled after reading that. Thankyou x


Great to see a positive outlook when so many in the Northern Hemisphere see this as the worst month of the year


Beautiful as ever!
Its been awful chilly down here and oh so grey.
I have yellow roses and lilys over my fire.

Jo Hyde

Greetings today from a grey Cornwall. When the sun shines it is glorious but when it drizzles its just GREY!! Its rather a lovely thought that people from different parts of the world are enjoying your walks in Yorkshire and sharing a cup of coffee at the same time and feasting the eyes on the lovely colours of wool! thank you.


The overnight oats with coconut yoghurt sound lovely, I always have overnight oats in the morning so I shall give them a try. I usually have a live yoghurt from a local dairy, but coconut is one of my favourite flavours, I was honestly thinking just this morning why they don't just make all cleansers coconut scented - I mean who really wants cucumber??? I rather like having a break from the gardening in the winter, but yes, it will be lovely when the spring is here. CJ xx


Sounds like a cosy weekend Lucy, overnight oats are my go to for breakfast usually made with my homemade yogurt but I will have try it with coconut now. I plan on getting some daffodils today they brighten up the dullest days. Take care. xx

Lyssa Medana

Love to see the daffodils. Thank you for sharing the pics of Bolton Abbey. I swear that they feel bracing!


I love visiting with you, Lucy. Going on walks and having coffee in a little cafe is such a delight. We are having snowy, cold, windy weather here in the Ozarks of Missouri, and it's such a relaxing visit to Bolton Abbey and to stop and have a coffee. I've visited with you for many years, and it's always comforting and uplifting. I had oatmeal with fruit for breakfast this morning, and will finish the day with a little crochet in front of our fire. :-)
Take care and keep warm,
Anne ♥


Down here in Kangarooland I've just finished writing about our warm, summery week at the beach. It's been hot and sometimes humid down here so your wintery post is nice and cooling! What is it about cats and crochet? Or cats and yarn? Our nutbag cat not only runs off with my balls of yarn like stealing eggs from a nest, he burrows under my crocheted blankets and hides away or ambushes us from under them when we walk past...


Your frothy cappuccino looks wonderful! I could spend hours sitting in a cozy coffee shop sipping coffee. The daffodils are so pretty and cheerful. I haven't seen those at our local market yet - although I have purchased tulips the past few weeks and they make me so happy!


Here in South Australia it is humid and 32 C
I’ve just finished the Yuletide with the air conditioner on and the blanket all scrunched up so I’m not under it for too long or I start to sweat!Love the daffodils.I am getting my yellow fix from sunflowers at the moment


How serene and calming your surrounding look. Your overnight oats with coconut yogurt sounds soo good. Is that yogurt with coconut or yogurt made from coconut milk.would like to find here in USA.i am in Florida and we are having a bout with the cold 30 degrees in the a.m. past few days.Going to get back to my crochet sweater. Stay safe and warm Lucy. look forward to future posts.


Coconut yogurt is very nice. I like plain yogurt with just a touch of date syrup. It's lovely on its own or with berries too. (Not sure I squirm with pleasure though.)

Robin Summers

Beautiful post as always. Daffodils and overnight oats are a huge hit with me. Love yogurt!!

Linda from Boston

I love the coffee pics!! Wish I could just reach in and take a sip!! Here in Boston we’re waiting for the blizzard on Saturday as well. However, there was a glimmer of hope…….weather people are now saying it may be shifting farther east. My fingers are crossed; I’d rather be crocheting than digging out of a foot of snow ⛄️!!!

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