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January 28, 2022


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Alex of Log & Mitten

These are very pretty Lucy. I'm impressed at what can be achieved with crochet alone.

Lisa Smith

I adore my blankets😍 I have 4 on my sofa, one on each armchair,one on each bed and 2 in my caravan. They're cosy,warm and comforting!

julie Lewis

A colleague from work came to visit and on seeing my pile of blankets asked me what I was going to do with them! It was then I knew that we blanket pile lovers are indeed very special people lol xx


Can't wait till June when I promised myself that I will buy this yarn pack.
Used the Trellis pattern to make a baby blanket in three baby colours: baby pink, baby blue and white. It was so easy. I confess I only do easy. :-)
Also tell all newbie crocheters to visit your blog for inspiration and instruction. Nice simple patterns that don't break the brain bank. :-)
Keep up the good work! Pat


Hi Lucy, I am so enjoying the visuals of your harbour blanket. It really feels like summer, which seems very far away today with a storm blowing over the Netherlands... On the other hand, it's the perfect weather to hide under crochet blankets! I have made a few big ones and a few smaller ones. Everyone in my house uses them with pleasure, which makes me so happy! I am currently working on the Dahlia blanket, oh those colours make me happy too!


I have never known life without crochet blankets! They've always been around in various sizes and colours and patterns. I've currently got four on my bed, five if you count the doubled-over one twice!) I just wish I was quicker at making them!

Loving the Harbourtide squares, could this be your best colour choice yet?

Amelia Birch

I've been enjoying your blog for many years, even though crochet wasn't really my thing! I learned how to do it years (decades) ago, when making enormous granny squares was all the rage at primary school, but always considered knitting my one true love...until November/December last year, when I finally took the plunge back into crochet and made myself your original Harmony blanket in the space of about 6 weeks. Now I'm addicted to granny squares all over again! I think it's something to do with the soothing rhythm you quickly get into, and the visual feast of all those gorgeous colours.
After the Harmony blanket was finished I made a little Solid Squares baby blanket with some of the leftover yarn, and I'm now working on a blanket for my daughter ('Flowers in the Snow' pattern by Solveig Grimstad on Ravelry), using the rest of the left-overs plus some new colours she's chosen. I can't believe how obsessed I've become with crochet - I don't even mind darning in all those thousands of ends!
I find your joy in creating really inspiring, and appreciate your generosity in sharing all your patterns too - but I especially want to thank you for your brilliant step-by-step photo tutorials - it's like having an expert tutor sitting next to you, showing you exactly where to put the hook next. Thank you Lucy!


I am developing a love of crochet blankets! I have am working on my 3rd one of yours, the meadow color wash, which I started last year and still haven't finished. I crochet on it here and there between other projects. I have the Harbor pack and had intended to join this CAL but then the Meadow blanket still needs finishing so I decided to stay the course on that. Today, my 7 year old son curled up under the first blanket I made, which was one of your patterns but don't ask me which, and he said it was the best and so cozy. That gave me a real boost to keep making blankets in my slow way. Thanks for the wonderful, easy, fulfilling patterns!


I love to crochet a blanket...all thanks to you a few years back when a lady in a wool shop recommended your blog.
I'm currently working on a granny hexagon blanket but last night it dawned on me that I'm missing the rhythm of a blanket made in rows. Which do you prefer?


I learned to crochet blankets from YOU and your wonderful blog! So thank you, thank you, thank you. My first was your ripple pattern and I was so stinkin' happy to actually create something so pretty and warm. I was instantly addicted to the pattern and made at least 4 more (of different colors, of course)! I've made other patterns since, and just love the rhythm of the stitches, the colors, and to see my family (including the dog) enjoying the finished products. We are under house remodeling at the moment, so I am patiently waiting until I can purchase both your Yuletide and Harbor packs!

Kate S

I have been crocheting for ages, but it really took off when I found your blog all those years ago. I have made many of your blankets- too many to count. They give me so much joy. I think it’s the repetitive nature that calms me and I find so intoxicating!! And doing the different colors is soooo fun and enjoyable. Thank you for making our lives brighter, Lucy!


I have crocheted 4 of your blankets so far: Woodland, Moorland, Meadow and Log Cabin. I have two in the queue, meaning I have the yarn packs, but I haven't started yet.It takes quite a long time for me to crochet one blanket. I had decided that when I have all six done, I am going to stop there. No more. When I saw the Harbour blanket, I couldn't resist. I had to start it. I can't resist anything to do with the seaside. If I had to pick a favourite and it would be very difficult to do, it would be the Harbour blanket. Such a bundle of joy. I love all of your blankets. They are all masterpieces.


Yellow is my favourite colour. I like in week 3 the yellow next to the cloud blue .


Hello! I popped over from my friend Julia's lovely blog. Your crochet blankets made me so happy. My mom had a very special one in our living room when I was growing up, and your post brought back so many happy and cozy memories! I have added you to my reading list and am looking forward to visiting again soon!

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy, I am absolutely addicted to crocheted blankets. I have a small pile of them just sitting there in their glorious stripey blankety-ness, and most of them are your patterns. They bring joy to my heart. Everyone's blankets are so beautiful and a feast for the eyes and heart. Yes, crocheting blankets makes me happy and their is always one on my hook. Take Care, Hugs, MO

Geri Inglis

This is a stash-busting project for me as I'm only creating bands of red and black with your ripple pattern. I'll be donating the blanket to the local cancer centre for chemo patients. I learned how to read crochet diagrams on this project - yay! Here in the greater Toronto area of Canada it has been very cold (-14C today) so I'm enjoying draping the blanket over myself as I work on it. A couple of decades ago I crocheted a grandmother's garden afghan with 6-sided blocks - all with a yellow centre and many colours for the other rounds. I recommend your blog to any of my crafty friends who crochet. You are such an inspiration.


Oh so many clever people out there with their gorgeous crochet rugs. Well done to all & a big pat on the back for it's designer and master crocheter. I love what they are all doing. Thanks Lucy, take care & hugs.

Rachael Ayres

Hi Lucy, a question. It seems to me you have the blues running from dark to light (bottom to top) and the “other colours” doing the same in the colour wash blanket (which I love, incidentally) I was wondering if it would achieve a more “balanced” look (in terms of overall tone) if the blues ran the other way with light at the bottom towards dark at the top- or would the contrasts at each end be too stark? I’d be interested in your feeling on this.


Yes blankets are definitely a thing with me too, I have them lying all over the house and have gifted all family members at least one. I have made countless blankets for charity and am always looking for an excuse to make another. Have a great weekend. xx


I love crocheting blankets too! I discovered colorful blanket making thanks to you and the ones I've made have been all following your patterns - started with the Summer flower granny, made 2 using the original ripple, a hexagon where I tried to match your colours, a hydrangea and now a Harmony using my first order of Stylecraft with my own colors! Thinking of starting on the Harbor ripple too ... thank you so much for providing desgisn and amazing inspiration over the years !!! XOXO


I’ve joined the Harbour CAL and it’s the first time I’ve made anything bigger than a baby blanket or hat. I am loving it but can only do a row or so a day so I’m still on week 1! Loving it so far and can’t wait for it to get bigger!


I too love looking at my pile of crocheted blankets. They are all scrap blankets from various knitting projects. I also have a treasured granny square one made by my grandmother over 70 years ago. She taught me to crochet when she made this and there are a few squares in there made by 6 year old me. At the start of the pandemic, I repaired al the holes in it and finally added an edging to it using one of your patterns. Thank you Lucy for all you do to bring crocheting to all of us.


Wow! You are so talented. The Harbour blanket is gorgeous and so colorful. I don't crochet or quilt - I wish I were so talented. A dear friend gifted me a homemade quilt last year and I adore it. Love all your bright, happy photos. Have a lovely weekend!


Lovely to see different versions and I love the poncho. I was going to say I don't have anything blankety around here, but then I realised I do have a load of quilts dotted around the place as well as knitted blankets slotted in here and there. I am sort of surprised at how productive I have been in the past. And I know exactly what you mean about how nice it is to see these things in situ. CJ xx

Linda from Boston soon to be buried in snow

I enjoy having a stash of crocheted blankets. It’s so nice to just grab one when you have a chill!! Your patterns are easy to follow and what I love most is the Stylecraft yarn. It’s so soft and warm and easy to work with. I’ve made several as gifts including a baby blanket in the Cupcake pattern and everyone loves them. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2022!! ♥️ We’ll be wrapped in blankets tomorrow as we are getting 24 inches of snow!!!! ⛄️ Lord help us!!

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