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January 07, 2022


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Please could you help with the stitch count as it seems to be 8 stitch repeat if you skip 2 sts not 7 thanks


wonderful... I love your patterns....


For those of you in the US that are worried about purchasing the yarn pack from Wool Warehouse, fear not! I live in Tucson, Arizona and from the time of order until I received my yarn was 5 days. I found the prices to be very reasonable and shipping cost was not outrageous. I have ordered from them three times and can totally recommend them. I'm two stripes in already. woohoo!!!


So excited to be a part of this! Thank you Lucy!


I'm going to pluck up the courage and order the pack & just hope it actually arrives at some point this year as I want to do it. They've always come quickly before, but the post has been horrendous due to the Pandemic, but I'll take the risk. I love it and of course we too love Staithes and all along the North Yorkshire coast. Thanks Lucy, take care and hugs.

Elda Da Fonseca

Thanks a lot for sharing and being an inspiration!

Dawn DeMulling

Thank you Lucy. Your blankets make me happy. I learned to crochet from your excellent tutorials. Beyond grateful to you :)

Diana Davies

Thank you Lucy for another wonderful project.

I bought the Dune Blanket pack a little while ago.

I have now fallen in love with the Harbour Blanket.

Would it work if I used the Dune colours to make the

Harbour Banket? Hope this is not a silly question :-)

Jane Stevens

Can I buy yarn in US?

Linda from Boston

There’s a stitch missing at the beginning of row 2?? Should be Chain 3, tr at the base of chain 3 and then tr in next stitch, tr in next stitch.

Ann Marie

I don't crochet...but I love following your projects. the colors are fabulous and inspire my quilting.

Jane Wolks

Just lovely, all of it, but I noticed your wrist warmers. Beautiful, are they knitted up by you, I must try to make a pair.


Hello Lucy,

How perfect: today is my day off (every other Friday), so I was able to start right away. And my husband said: you go on with your hobby, I’ll make lunch. The sweetheart. 😊
So first made my colour chart (thanks for the tip!) and now I’m working on my first row in Lapis.

Warm greetings from the Vulkan Eifel,

Lesley Yeldham

Can’t wait to start


Yes, I think the second row 3 is row 4.


Yes, I think row is row 4. Made a note.

Becca L

Excitedly doing my tension sample and enjoying all the beautiful colours. I think there might be two stitches missed out at the start of row two in the photo tutorial instructions. They're in the written ones :)


I absolutely love the colours in this, very 'bustling harbour', and perfect for a seaside picnic. Lovely photos of the start of your blanket by the coast as well. I do so love the energy of everything in January. CJ xx


Woohoo - Thanks Lucy, off we go down to the harbour on a colourful adventure 😍

Phyllis Hart

Lovely to see photos of my home village. Thank you for this x

Mabel Murphy

Thank you Lucy for the wonderful pattern and design, i cant choose which one to make :( .LOL so i probably will make both. lol..


Just got to finish my Yuletide first- another 10 rounds to go - then into this-can’t wait .
I’m going to do the random stripe

Sue Roberts

Is it me ? There seem to be two Row Threes on the pattern for the mixed strip.

I’ll change mine.

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