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January 07, 2022


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Hi There, I'm a newbie to this site and just reading the qustions Do you answer privately ? It's just that I don't see any replies and some of them I would like to know Thank you

Zoe Mason

I have put a loop of wool through the paper ball band and tied it so I have a handy reminder of each colour


Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern. Just wondering if you could explain the purpose of the optional extra rows for the double bed size. I don’t understand why they are optional.


Hi Lucy,
Is there a border for the harbour blanket please?

Nicola Hopper

Is there an error in the Harbour pattern. Rows 3 and 4(labelled 3) are identical?

Elizabeth Gregory

Can you please tell me if there is an error with Row 3 andRow 4 in pattern print out. Both rows are identical and both named as Row 3. Where is Row 4 please?

juanell dunlap

Hello Lucy, i have followed you for years!
Love your colorwork


Is there a border for the Harbour blanket please?

Marjorie Marotta

Hi Lucy! I live this pattern! Quick question- do you insert your hook into both loops of the foundation row or just the back loop? Your photo seems to show the back in the foundation row and both loops on every other row. Thanks!
Marjorie Marotta- Pittsburgh PA


And with that I have woven in the last end of part one, and I am ready for Week 2 just in time. Whew!


Hi Lucy,

How are you?

Slightly behind schedule, I’m now working on my second row of Aster. Also an absolute lovely colour.
During the week I felt the pleasure of this journey together, with you and fellow crocheters. And looking at the coloured rows, getting together under my hands, I think of that little wooden boat from your pictures. Since I also love to work with wood, I think that could be a colourful wood project for somewhere this coming summer 😊.

Have a nice evening and I'm looking forward to the next 15-colour-scheme.

Warm greetings from a snowy Vulkan Eifel,

Norma Rodine

Hi Lucy
Thankyou for this gift of your blog , your creativity.
I am currently finishing my fifth blanket using your yarn packs and patterns
I am hooked 😂
Would you please share your recommendations for washing and drying your blankets?
I think I’ve read on your blog that you do put them into the washer but I’m wondering if you recommend laying flat to dry or draping over a clothesline rather than popping them into the dryer.
I am concerned about all the woven in ends coming loose in the dryer.
Thankyou Lucy


Someone asked Lucy about her wristwarmers, which appear to be crochet rather than knitted. I think they are the ones Lucy shows in this post:



Dear Lucy!
I always read your blog with great pleasure! - although I have to admit that I'm more the kind of person who loves simple, not too colourfull clothes and stuff, and knitting is my favourite craft ever since I was a child ;)
Now I found on a german blog "something" which made me immmediately thinking of you and I said to myself: I have to share this with Lucy, she'll love it.
So here the link of the "BOHO Flower" found by "seidenfein"- it's in german, but with all the detailled charts it's probably/hopefully no problem to follow the tutorial:
Dear regards!
Angela (from Germany - Münster)

Donna O’Neill

Love all you do. But could you possibly update your BLOGS I HEART list? I was looking for a few new uplifting or inspirational people to follow, but many of these haven’t blogged in years. Some of the links don’t work. One lovely lady died very recently.


I really love the colours you've chosen for this blanket, and the ripple pattern is so enticing - I must try me a sample of that! Looking forward to the rest of the CAL posts and all the wonderful pictures I know are coming!:)


Thanks for your wonderful ripple tutorial. Once I realized I had to skip 2 chains in the second row for the 'valley', I was able to complete the pattern successfully. I have struggled with wavy/rippled patterns in the past and your instructions were crystal clear. Your strong recommendation to do a tension sample was excellent. By the time I started my blanket, I knew to use a larger hook for the foundation chain, I had internalized the pattern, and could 'hook' confidently. You are a wonderful teacher/photographer/craftsperson.


This is a lovely new CAL Lucy. I am looking forward to seeing all those wonderful colours appearing each week. Thank you for all your hard work in making this happen xx


Happy New Year!
This post with the cheery CAL colors definitely add brightness to my day!

Wishing you peace and happiness during these quieter winter months.

Hil Clayton

Dear Lucy, I'm really sorry but I think you might have made a slight error on the list of colours for Part 1. When I look at the pictures of the CAL, row 14 appears to be Aspen and row 15 Denim. On the list they are the other way round. Perhaps this doesn't matter in the big scheme of things but I think the way you made it looks much better. Otherwise you'd have two pale blues next to each other. Really sorry for being picky! Hope you understand. I love your new pattern, please keep making lots more! Lots of love, Hil Clayton xx

Mel Harper

Hi Lucy
I did my tension sample (28 sts) and it was 18 cm with a 4.5 hook but my blanket is coming out well over 120cm wide. However when I worked it out this would appear to be correct - 203 sts works out at 130 cm wide. I’m not too worried because I always have plenty of yarn left over but I just wanted to check that this is correct. Thanks!
PS am loving the pattern and colours x

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy, The stitches are flying off my hook, this is so fun! The colors vibrate alongside of each other and it is so exciting to get to the next color to see how it looks! Your are always spot on, and I am going to enjoy this yarny experience immensely! Thank you m'dear. Hugs MO

Pippa Moore

Just sent for my pack and cannot wait to start its going to be a gift for my daughter who now lives in London. Hoping it reminds her of the beach here in Norfolk and the wonderful harbour at Wells next the sea.
Thanks for all the info . Hoping i can master this ripple x not had much luck before even though ive been crocheting for years xxx


Hello Lucy,

… and then the colour Lipstick came alongside the Turquoise, making the Turquoise even more vibrant than it already was. Now, being halfway the second row of Lipstick, I can’t wait to start with Clementine. I love it, I love it. Did I already say that I love it? Well, I do!

But first I will repair three working jackets from my husband. Minor repairs, so I can crochet a bit more in a jiffy 😊.

Warm greetings from the Vulkan Eifel,

Patricia A

The diagonal colourwash in Harbour Harmony is lovely and has given me inspiration. Think I will use this yarn pack to make a C2C blanket. Love the effect of the diagonal lines as opposed to the horizontal lines.

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