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November 11, 2021


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Carol Fieldhouse

Wow Lucy, I missed this post! Just a few weeks ago we took ourselves to the Clarendon pub in Hebden- just around the corner from the Old Village School tea shop in Hebden! Maybe you were hanging out there as we walked past…..We walked across the hill to Grassington and back along the river, so your ohotos looked soooooo familiar to me!
You’re right, it’s wonderful up there!


Oh my oh my, not only am I dribbling after looking at your brunch but the photos of your walk are gorgeous and it is definitely on my places to visit list! Thanks. Enjoy your weekend, precious times. XX


Lucy, did you see A House Through Time, series 4? It was a house in Headingly. One of the occupants was a builder who built lots of civic buildings in Leeds, including the shopping arcade. It's on the BBC iPlayer if you'd like to see it. I think it's either episode 1 or 2 - they're all interesting!

Charlotte Pountney

Your gorgeous riverside walk (and the special cafe) looks wonderful - thanks for transporting me there!


Always enjoy your photos...and again my feeling's of loving Yorkshire come flooding back. I was born on London but emigrated when nearly 18 to Australia. Having watched and read so many james Herriots Yorkshire on trips back home this county has drawn me like bees to honey. It's a beautiful county. Thank you so much for your photos and often with history surrounding these areas. Greetings from Tasmania.

Gill Swan

I used to regularly go shopping in Leeds (used to live near Wakefield) and especially loved the arcades. They look fantastic after years of neglect but I was so disappointed when I saw photos of the updated Market Street arcade - that used to be mine and my friends' favourite back in late 80s/early 90's - full of the funkiest of shops! I also used to love the old market house, too, especially in the lead up to Christmas - such a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you for sharing your photos.

Winwick Mum

Fab days out! It's lovely to have the contrast, isn't it, and it looks like you picked a time to get to Leeds when it wasn't too manic ... those times will be few and far between in the weeks ahead, I'm sure! :) xx


Beautiful post and pics love that bridge !
Have a fun wknd with LL hope her iron is makeing her feel better.

Kate Buckley

Hope Little Lady takes some photos of you in your posh frock for us!

Carole C

Years ago we lived in North Yorkshire ,just outside of York and my husband worked in Leeds , so I would make the occasional trip there . I was in awe of those shopping arcades - such incredible architecture.
Gorgeous pics from your visit to Burnsall - the light can be so wonderful at this time of year ,but I do love to see all the autumnal colours against a dark grey sky too .
What a stunning view from the café window.
Have a lovely weekend Lucy and enjoy wearing that new dress ! xxx


I love the contrast of the pictures, Lucy. Couldn't indeed be more different. Love the "watering hole" which made me laugh out loud. I am born a beach girl that studied, lived and worked in the city for a long time. I thought the kids better in the countryside, studying for them would be a big city so they would learn to know both this way. And without noticing I turned into a country girl. Always happy when I cross the three rivers to my town after some time in the city. I admire you for taking that train by yourself and going. I hope Little Lady will have a lovely weekend with you.

Gill Compigne-Leaney

Aah, lovely Leeds. I have only ventured there twice since Covid and not for long. The Victorian Quatre has always drawn me, the arcades are wonderful especially when the Mecca was there. I loved your views of the Dales and wish I could get there easier than by train. Gorgeous photos as ever, thank you.


Gorgeous photos of the countryside, such a beautiful spot. And the view from the cafe is amazing. I hope the uni visit goes well. CJ xx


Is this Heaven ? It's more beautiful than a dream.


We watched The Hairy Bikers in West Yorkshire last night. They went to a farm (Hespers?) near Skipton and chatter to lots of people doing good foodie things and starting new businesses in the area. It was a really lovely program if you fancy watching it on catch up on the iPlayer.


A perfect contrast of days. Love those shopping arcades especially the old one. Leeds is on my list one of these days. As for brunch, that’s made me feel very hungry lol! B x

Christine Whiting

Lovely place to shop! when you feel the need to window shop, and I agree about having to carry shopping home.x


This post tugged at my heartstrings and after a quiet month of not being able to blog or read blogs, this was so lovely and brought back memories of Leeds and the north, which I so want to be able to visit again. I'll be doing some catchup reading too, but thank you so much for the lovely pics. Take care & hugs.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy, Gorgeous photos, especially the countryside. Makes me want to get to my paint and brushes and paint a scene. Lovely and tranquil...nothing that suggests this chaotic world we find ourselves in these days. Thank you so much for the serenity. Hugs, MO

Silvia Liliana Friera

So beautiful photos!! Both the city and the nature make me want to jump on a plane and visit you and your amazing country!! ❤️❤️❤️


Quite a contrast as you say, but both very lovely days. Leeds looks beautiful. We have shopping arcades in Bournemouth, and they are beautiful. But the floor in the modern one! It made me feel slightly nauseous just to look at a picture of it. It must be really bad for people with dementia, who sometimes have poor perception., also for people who get migraines. or those with balance problems…badly thought out, designers.

Susie D'Amico

We are looking for a lovely place to live as the western U.S. is burning up in smoke. Wish we could relocate there. Beautiful and thanks for the the mental get away.


Clothes shopping? Only when absolutely necessary. Lovely pictures, as ever.

Helen Elsom

Ah, the Old School House Tea Rooms! We visited here several times on our last holiday while staying in lovely Grassington, on the recommendation of a lovely local lady. Martin ( the host) was very friendly and took time to come and chat on each visit when we told him we were visiting from Aus. You live in such a lovely part of the world.


Oh my, I totally enjoyed looking at your photos of shopping in the city. The Christmas decorations are elegant. I just sighed when I finished admiring the photos; I want a trip to the UK again! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!!

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