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November 16, 2021


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When does this start please


Hello Lucy,

Today after work, I went to pick up my yarn pack at the post office. Quickly bought the necessary groceries and once at home, I first opened the parcel… and oh… so, so, beautiful. Such lovely soft yarn and the colours… perfect! Even my husband, a technician and carpenter, hat a tear in his eye and I think that the colour lipstick is his favourite 😊.

Now I will have to practice patience (do you also have that expression in English?) and wait for January 7th, 2022.

With warm greetings from the Vulkan Eifel,


Beautiful blanket and lovely colours. A real treat for the eyes. Thank you Lucy x


I really, really love ALL your colour combinatons but I swear.. before I don't finish all my other blankets (harmony, meadow, aria), I'm not allowed to buy new yarn. :D


I love the little fishing boat - it looks so at home on the any ripples! I might just have to put the Harbour yarn pack on my Christmas list!

April Vaughn

I swore I was not going to buy anymore yarn until I finish the meadow blanket and some knitting projects but alas the colors and the ripples are just too enticing!

Amanda Smith

Many thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos of the Yorkshire seaside.Hopefully I'll be able to get back home in May for a visit and do a bit of touring with my sister. I have never been to Yorkshire so I would like to visit these lovely parts of the county. Gorgeous gorgeous colours Lucy! I do like the Harbour blanket! Keep well. Amanda x

Jools Morgan-Jones

Such glorious colours, Lucy! I do so love your photos too - our daughters live on the Yorkshire coast so we are very familiar with Whitby and the surrounding area. It was lovely to travel there again via your pictures, and I'm looking forward to seeing more as the CAL progresses 😊


Beautiful colors but don’t know what I would do with another blanket in this tiny house that we moved into in September. Best wishes to all who will be with you. When you first started posting I thought that I would ask for the kit for Christmas but as time goes by I give up.


Your seaside photos having me yearning for time on the coast now! The Harbourside blanket is so gorgeous! But all your blankets are. My monthly 'Crochet & Caffeine' group met for the first time since May on the weekend (our first in person meet post lockdown) and one of my friends showed me her almost finished Yuletide blanket. Those delicious colours leapt out with strong Xmassy feels!! Just like Harbourside leaps out with strong boaty vibes!

Mary Mac

I am so glad I found your blog last month! I ordered my yarn pack today and am so excited about the Harbour Blanket CAL!


Hello Lucy,

Such gorgeous colours! Just ordered the yarn pack and feel exited as a little kid 😊.

Warm greetings from the Eifel,

Charlotte Pountney

Gorgeous colours, perfectly reflecting the seaside at Whitby on a lovely summer's day...so tempting!

Annie Brodrick

How Wonderful Lucy! Thanks to the colors you choose plus the timing of the projects, I have been able to keep my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) at bay for the past 5 years! Thank You for helping me to find the tools I needed to do this! xo,💜🧶


Bonjour, j'aimerais suivre ce CAL, mais je ne parviens pas à m'inscrire à ce blog... Pourriez-vous m'ajouter à votre carnet d'abonnés ? Merci beaucoup !


Noooooo! Nearly finished the Yuletide and promised myself I would then finish wips and maybe start a jumper. Then along comes this temptation😂 think I will make a large blanket. Irresistible as always!! Thank you. Gonna have to send a letter to Father Christmas I thinkxxx

sophie dean

So excited. Ordered mine yesterday evening. There were only 200 & something left. I've got to hand over to husband as soon as it arrives to wrap for me for xmas. This will be my first Attic blanket. Can't wait to start and it's given me the push I need to finish all my other wips. Love reading your posts Lucy. Thank you so much for sharing xxx


I've ordered my yarn pack and it's on the way! I'm very excited as these colors really speak to me and the rippling pattern is perfect. Thank you Lucy and Wool Warehouse!

Linda from Boston

Got up extra early to order my kit. I’m so glad to have something to look forward to working on after the holidays are over and winter has taken root. Thanks for all your hard work. ♥️

Kristen Arold-Bender

I am so excited for this one! I need these bright colors in my life right now-as I’m sure so many of us do! What a beautiful ripple. I have made every blanket (or cozy as we call them) right along with you. FYI-It’s our Little Miss, a lemon beagle who just loves her cozies-she thinks every new one I make is for her! She is a 24 pound 7 year old, who from the beginning has carried them around with her from room to room to snuggle in and gently holds some in her mouth-she never ruins her cozies, just gently kneads them. Thank goodness you have made so many, because we humans also get to enjoy them-that is, unless she decides the one she wants for the time being is on your lap and then off she takes it! Many years ago I made her a small one thinking she would prefer it, but no-it is left in her crate, rarely used. Have a lovely Holiday season, Kristen


Love the colours! Once again you have absolutely nailed it :)
I'm just finishing off the Yuletide blanket and eager to start my next blanket project, I'm making small blankets for my grandkids using the cosy stripe pattern for Xmas.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy My bundle of juicy yarns have been ordered. I am so excited for the CAL and it will be a great way to start the new year with these delish colours. Thx so much for you efforts, the photos are so cheerful. There is a small harbour about 5 min drive from me, so I will go check it out. One year a bunch of sealions got onto a moored sailboat and their weigh sunk it. It's funny but not for the sailboat owner! Take care, Hugs, MO


That’s lovely. The late Theresa Kasner would have loved this blanket 😊

Marta Taylor

Two packs ordered at 8.03 am today! One for me and one for a friend; such a beautiful blanket. I've made most of your previous blankets and everyone has been a delight. Here's to many more blankets from you. You have brought colour to my life. Thanks.


Wonderful blog - love the design journey. Yuletide blanket and cushion finished, matching decorations to be made, then will be take refuge in the Harbour! Thank you Lucy x

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