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November 07, 2021


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Greetings from Israel. Beautiful photos gorgeous colours.
Loved reading your blogs.

Lisa Smith

Portuguese tarts are so good!My husband used to work with a Portuguese guy and his wife made them...oh, they were so good!

Jane Bishop

Thanks for your Autumn blog, Lucy… it lifts the spirits and reminds me to be thankful for the little things in my life.
Lidl sell the Pastel de Nata tartlets which I discovered a couple of years ago and now have to avert my eyes sometimes when I enter the shop to stop me over-dosing on them!
Your socks look fabulous and I would love the details i.e. pattern, yarn etc - I have wanted to Knit socks for a while now but not sure where to start.
Can’t wait for the Harbour pattern release….

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Such calming photos and relaxing blog...much needed in my hectic crazy life at the moment. Thank you from my heart! Those socks are gorgeous! We are having rain storm after storm here...could use a pair of nice wooly socks in my wellies. I have never tried fine knitting like that, but I do have a pattern for crochet socks I might give a try this winter. Blessings to you and your family, hugs MO


I can hardly wait till for the Harbour blanket cal to start
meanwhile i am working on my socks to get them ready for christmas presents cause everybody loves those socks and i enjoy making them


Pastéis de Nata, freshly done, still warm and flaky, are one of the best things in the whole world and someone who has tasted it already is a very fortunate person. Only someone who did never had the luck of tasting a proper Pastel de Nata can say otherwise. I can see that you are a connoisseur. Good that you found a place where you can have them in England.


I've got two socks on the needles also, but they are two different yarns. I got kind of bored. When the second one gets to the heel I'll do both the heels at the same time and then onto the toes! Love your pictures and the newest blanket is just summer cheery bright.


The little peek at your new harbour blanket looks like another winner Lucy. Perfect colours to cheer us through the winter.
Glad you are able to get out and about and are enjoying your walks and the simple pleasures of everyday life. Thank you for sharing.

Gillian Edwards

Loved reading your blogs. They give me a 'feel good factor' X


I am very envious of your rhythms and routines, mine is totally up the spout at the moment due to a new puppy, spouse between jobs and decorator in the house for three weeks. I'm going a bit spare at the chaos and mess and unpredictability! I am always inspired by your ability to find joy all over the place and I aim to emulate you a little. I am taking more photos and looking for patterns and small moments of joy.

Thank you for your words.

Kate Buckley

I'm so impressed that you knit 2 socks at the same time!


I am vegan. Don't eat animals, they have a soul.. they are our brothers


Hello from Lisboa! You should also try Queijadas de Sintra. They are diabolic :)


Very sorry but those Portugese tarts don't hold a candle to plain old egg custards for me.
Love all the autumn colours. Sometimes I just want to print your photos and fill my wall with them (I live in the second city), especially the bridge over the canal by that old building..... just love your Views!
I love your new socks.

Kristine S

Thanks heaps, lovely Lucy❣
Love your pix, going into autumn/winter, while I'm loving spring/summer approaching...
Hope your health is going well & the changes are settling down.
So looking forward to next year's crochet retreat... ❤🥰👌


So enjoy reading your posts and I know exactly what you mean about the colors of the seasons with the flowers and trees, etc! I often will remark to my husband too, about how pretty something is :) Thank you for sharing with us in your posts!


Lovely to have a peek into your week and enjoy the stillness by proxy! I see you’re knitting 2 at a time socks …. I think I need to try that, one minute I’m fine with a colour change heel and the next I can’t remember and have to go watching videos at slow speed again. Looking forward to more Harbour CAL details, it’s super colourful xx


I love your writing and your town! You are wonderful at finding the holy in the everyday - and then sharing it with us. Thank you!


Beautiful photos as always Lucy and loving such gorgeous colours that come with the Autumn season. I had to give up gluten and dairy a few years ago so can’t eat any of the usual yummy cakes/pastries that I used to be able to. I was really intrigued to hear about the G/D free ones from Portugal, I’m sure they’d be delicious! We’ve been lighting our log burner fire too and I love the warmth and cosiness it brings to the earlier darker evenings. Enjoy your week and take care, love and hugs Becki xxx 🔥☺️🥰


What a truly lovely post Lucy, I adore what you say about realising how much you love the routine of the life you have, it's something I feel quite a bit too, a sort of warm happiness on an ordinary day. Those Portuguese custard tarts are really good aren't they. I like to get some seeds in as well, I have a spoonful of ground linseed/flaxseed on my breakfast. And I'm a big fan of pumpkin seed butter, it's absolutely delicious. Hope you have a good week, CJ xx


Greetings from California! I just discovered your blog while looking for a pattern for crocheting ripple stitch - your directions are the clearest I think I've ever read. I second the commenter who said they loved the vibe of your blog. Yesterday I didn't know about you; today I've bookmarked Attic24. Thank you for making the world a bit kinder, happier and cozier!


Lovely photos. Skipton is a beautiful place. I always feel cosy reading your blog. I'm determined to finish my moorland blanket before Christmas! Thank you for sharing your life. I understand your concerns about your Dad. I have the same issue. Take care and enjoy your walks and pastries :)

Mandy chenery

Loved reading your blog xx such a lovely happy vibe to a your posts xxxx


Oi, those treats from Portugal. There is this little bakery that sells gluten-free-vegan ones in Portugal. I was addicted, so expensive but delicious. Since they sell gluten-free pastries lately I think of trying to make them for a long time. I probably eat them all in one day, as that is best with fresh Pastel de Nata, so I keep it off. It will add a couple of kilo's XD One can be so happy with daily normal life, eh?


This time of year I love my fire, candles and fairy lights! We have had some hard frosts already.
I have snuggled up finishing off some xmas wreaths and some charity projects.
Definately looking fwd to your new blanket.
Stuffed pheasant never had but sounds lush!
It is definately the season of comfort food.

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