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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 03, 2021


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Absolutely loved reading your blogs throughout October.
Your blog posts were inspirational and always with beautiful words and photos too.
Thank you 🙏🏻


Thank you, I really enjoyed reading your blog each morning, while enjoying my black coffee, before I started my daily creative journey. So much of what you write about resonates, life is ordinary routine and things but they make the world go round and the beauty and inspiration for creativity and happiness are there if you look.


To be honest Lucy I don't know how you managed to post every single day with so much going on in your life, it takes a huge effort for me to post weekly and that doesn't always happen. It was lovely to read your daily posts, thank you for taking the time and effort to brighten our days. xx

Kate Buckley

Your daily activities are never boring, they remind me to take pleasure in the little things each day and to be grateful.

Gillian Greenshields

Loved your posts, if you were able to share the green Thai recipe I'd be grateful


Thank you so much for sharing your October with us Lucy. Uplifting, inspiring and as beautiful as ever. I loved it!

Drusilla cleary

Thank you Lucy. I do looked forward to reading your blog every morning early when so quiet.

Donna Stephens

It wouldn’t be October without your Blogtober. Thank you for your commitment. The quality of your posts didn’t wane, each one a bright jewel in the calendar. Thank you Lucy!


Thank you Lucy for the Blogtober round up and for all the Blogtober post's. It's so lovely to read all your posts and see all your pictures, they bring such colour and inspiration. Thank you again.🙂


Thank you for sharing some glimpses of your live. I was looking forward to your blogs every October evening. Hope your November will also be good for your family.
Stay safe and healthy! Greetings from Ukraine!


A lovely month. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's been a sweet treat each day. ❤️


Thank you so much for this year's Blogtober - October was a dreary month in many respects because of our extended lockdown (spring and warm weather notwithstanding) and it was so nice to step for just a little bit into someone else's life :)

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy What a month it has been! Glorious in all the photos, thots, and sharing you so graciously gifted to us. This sum up just blew me away...and it was absolutely fabulous! Every photo and thot, all your outings and home life totally absorbed me and took me away to another place. It was respite for a tired me. Thank you ever so much for giving you time and effort to blog every day...that is an amazing feat, m'dear. Luv ya, take care, Hugs MO PS Looking forward to more info on that delicious looking blanket you are working on! And thank you so much for the Yuletide Mandala...I can see myself using that pattern over and over again in different color palettes.


Wow Lucy, this is wonderful! I loved your daily blogs, what a lovely thing to read at the end of the day.
884,848 is a very satisfying number of reads, not only in the volume but in the happy symmetry of the numbers 8 and 4 !
Your words and great photos convey colour, happiness, cosiness, and family life.
You are a talented lady.


I have enjoyed every day of your blog. When I looked at the very colorful door in Dorset I wondered who lived there. I often wonder when I am out walking. It is so nice to see the ordinary thing that happen in someone else’s life. Thank you for sharing.


A wonderful review of the month and how lovely to preserve your memories in this way.
Your words are always so beautiful.


Congratulations on making all 30 of your Blogtober posts! I admire people who are able to find enough content for so many days, and you definitely did it with your gorgeous, colorful photos


Thanks so much Lucy, looking back over Blogtober 21, has been so much fun and such beautiful bright, uplifting photos too. So happy to hear there will be a Blogtober 22!, until then, looking forward to your next post. Can’t wait to hear all about your new blanket. Take care, love and hugs Becki xxx 🥰☺️


I've loved reading your blog throughout October. Just like an early Christmas present!
Thank you.


Loved "blogtober" love reading your posts year- round

Sue Floyd

Dear Lucy,
As so many mentioned, your posts are always a joy, but October posts are like Christmas!
Thanks for all you do! Your creativity and shared inspiration are so wonderful. Wishing you many more "Blogtober" posts!

Christine Whiting

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about how much thought actually goes into your blog, it has been an insight into your life. Thank you x


You chatty lady! 27,276 words! Oh my, I think it is absolutely one of your powers. Writing, not only crochet, Lucy. 884,848 viewed your blog, you realize that is close to a million eh? Well done. <3

Linda from Boston

So fun to look back at the month. Loved it all. Can’t wait to hear about that new blanket!!

Charlotte Pountney

Thank you for your company, for sharing your day to day doings, your inspirational photographs - a feast of colour and celebration of your world. A little treat for me, every day; it really helped to keep me going.

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