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November 04, 2021


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Maria Di Murro Di Murro

Seguendo le tue istruzioni tempo fa ho lavorato la mia coperta più bella, quella con quadrati piccoli e grandi ed ogni volta che vedo un tuo post su fb rimango incantata!
Sono curiosa di vedere questo nuovo capolavoro, grazie!

Katherine NZ

You are so clever with your colours! ❤️♥️💜💙💚💛🧡

Tierney Davis-Hogan

The colors are so beautiful as is your work!

Carol Moran

So excited! Can't wait! Love your work and color choices. Thank you so much!


I've been following your blog since the moorland blanket (after moving to Yorkshire a year before) but I think I never commented on how I enjoy the colorfulness.
When I saw the new blanket on the post before, I immediately thought "seaside town" :)


All your blankets look so fresh and new, how?
In your blog you have shown how your kids build nests/dens with your blankets so they must get dirty.
I have never used acrylic yarn and I wonder if that is the secret?


Love the new wave pattern, which seems gently reminiscent of scallops to me. Very pretty! I began reading your blog, from your very first post, at the beginning of the Time of Covid. I loved the photos and your "voice." It was you who taught me to appreciate more color (instead of my usual go-to neutrals). It was you who taught me how to randomize. It was you who got me to actually like ripples and grannies. And it was you who introduced me to the Wool Warehouse. Thank you! I'm looking forward to making the Christmas blanket (right after I finish the three projects already lined up and promised!). I'm really looking forward to it, because this one will be for us. I like to start my day off gently, and I do that with my morning latte and a visit with my friend Lucy at Attic24. Have a good day!


I am hoping to be able to participate this year! I love the colors so much, they are so bright and cheerful, perfect to battle my winter blues!

Claire Hayden

Hello Dear Lucy, yay! I love this post. Really looking forward to the CAL. The colours look wonderful. Have a lovely day. 😍

Ann H

Lucy …. I love your new CAL. I love the colours and I LOVE to crochet ripples. Can’t wait to order my pack from the wonderful WoolWarehouse to have ready for the start of a new blanket in the New Year.
Thanks for all you do ….. you’re a star ⭐️


A ripple blanket, fun! Hope all will enjoy making your blanket, Lucy. Thanks for the timeline, I realized I follow you from the beginning. And only crocheting from 2007. Amazing <3


I just found your sparkling and wonderful inspiring site a few days ago as i am addicted in crochet just since the beginning of this year and looking for ideas for a striped, multi-coloured blanket.

I could resist for 2 days, but now ordered the yarn pack for granny stripe blanket in sunny colours as my starter-blanket (after masses of produced scarfs, wristlets, rugs, baskets, dishcloths, cup-warmers....) and i am sure to go further with your brillant ideas.

Next ones will surely be Moorland and Meadow, but Harbour look also exciting!

So happy to found you, i think i will follow you and your ideas for a looong, happy crochet-while!
THANK YOU SO MUCH, just love to have found you!!!

Best wishes from the black forest!

Abigail @ Rosy_Hill

It is wonderful to see, and remember, your CALs all together and the inspiration behind them. I look forward to following the Harbour CAL. :)


Oops, think I lost my comment. The new blanket is gorgeous, and I love the pattern as well, just right for a harbour, with waves and boats and everything going up and down. I just spent ages trying to pick my favourite so far. Narrowed it down to four :) You always make such a lovely job of them, you have such a good eye for colours. The Moorland blanket in particular is brilliant, also dahlia and sweet pea. Love them all! CJ xx


Absolutely lovely, and I adore the pattern as well, which seems very apt for a harbour, all of the up and down of the boats and the water. Waves, but not too big. Love it. I just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to choose my favourite from your eight blankets so far and I have given up. I narrowed it down to four :) CJ xx


Loved doing my first CAL of Meadow. The timing is perfect, cosy time indoors at the coldest part of the year. Looking forward to Harbour, love the colours 💕

Karen Wagge

Oooh love the colours. I might try & conquer my fear of waves/ripples (they never seem to work out for me). Christmas gift list it is


I was so excited to read this post!! I just finished my Meadow Blanket a couple of weeks ago, and I’m currently waiting for my package of wool for the Original Granny Stripe colours to start a new blanket. Now I’m thinking I will need to put that aside in January and February to join the CAL because I love the new colours and design! It reminds me of our holidays on the coast of the south of France…the same colours of sea and boats. These are such fun projects to work on during free little moments during my days, and I’m proud of myself having just finished my first full size blanket…as well as loving seeing our children sleeping under it and using it in their cosy ‘cabins.’ Thanks so much for sharing your colourful crochet world with us all xxx


Well I wasn’t going to do another blanket, but this is just gorgeous, and I adore the Yorkshire coast too! You are a bad, but wonderful influence Lucy, thank you!😝


Noooooo I love it gorgeous colours !!! But I have too many blankets !!! He he only kidding !
Wow look how far you have come in such a short time !!


Your neat wave pattern blanket with the colours of the sea (I’ve forgotten it’s official title) is my favourite,I made it when I was sofa bound recovering from an operation. Doing a little bit of crochet each day helped me feel like I was making progress in my recovery. I couldn’t have done this without your fantastic instructions. Thank you


Great work as usual Lucy..keep on hooking!

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy I have done at least 5 of your blankets, some CAL. And I have the packets for all of them...so I have quite a stash of blanket packets, including the Yuletide one I just got. I love blankets too...they are my favorite. So I have many hours of blankety goodness at my fingertips...which one will I do next tho' after finishing off the dahlia blanket edging??? I am so in love with the colors of the Harbour Blanket and always enjoy the ripple pattern so methinks I will do that CAL...so am so excited about it! To just look back at your body of artwork is truly amazing! Hugs, MO


Oh wow! These delicious colours also remind me of those beach boxes! So gorgeous!I know what you mean about itching to make the next blanket. Whenever I've got a bit of the lost crojo, or I simply want to 'do something' with yarn and hook, my default is to always start one of your granny stripe blankets or a cosy cupcake blanket. They're fast and the colourways are endless!


I don't crochet, but I love following both your blog and your crochet alongs. It feeds my quilter's eye

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