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November 01, 2021


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Abigail @ Rosy_Hill

I always love these 3 things posts! They are so comforting and bright and full of tiny, everyday details that do not usually make it into people's blog posts. :)

Angela Glae

Love all those three things, you are very lucky! You made me realise I need some flowers in my life!!! I nearly bought some yesterday and wish I had now. Oh well next weeks shopping! Lovely post as they all are, thank you!

Linda from Boston

To those interested for knitted fingerless mittens, I like Martha Stewart’s free pattern. Just search Martha Stewart’s Fingerless Mittens.


Lovely candle holder on the table by the flowers. When we moved a few weeks ago we no longer have a fireplace. I will miss it. Thanks for reminding us to be grateful.

Charlotte Pountney

Lovely to have fresh garden flowers in November!
If she's a normal cat, she's probably thinking, 'About time, too, Lucy!'


Just had a fantastic breakfast! Followed your pancake recipe! Delicious! Thanks for posting a link to it yesterday!


A lovely cosy post, it always feels good to rescue things from the cold wet garden doesn't it. And curling up in front of the fire with some knitting when it's raining is utter bliss. CJ xx


Lucy, you make us all smile with your happy posts. Thank you.
@ Marian .. re fingerless gloves
I make wristwarmers - 4mm hook, DK yarn, 30 stitches, and create a square, using your choice of stitches. Sew up the seam, leaving a gap for the thumb. Very simple.

Lindsay Roberts

How lovely! My sister and I send each other three things every day. It not only reminds you to be grateful, it also starts some great conversations


Your blogs are a wonderful pick me up..don’t stop!


Thank you Deb mac, I do remember and appreciate all the workers who had no choice but to continue throughout the pandemic. That includes everyone in the NHS but also those in hospitality and retail and other industries (no one ever seems to remember those who have enabled most of us to hide away), who have had to continue day after day, while coming into regular contact with so many people. Many of them thankless and rude. Their Covid risk has been so high compared to us lucky enough to be stay at homes. I am very grateful to you all. Thank you.

Cats, warmth and crochet. Really rather big things to be grateful for.


Such lovely words, as well as images. Thankyou Lucy. I do hope to come and visit you at Coopers next year. And for now, I am grateful to God for sight, to see colours, to crochet and for creatives like you to inspire us all.

Deb mac

You are the luckiest person - doing what you like. Unfortunately that is a dream in the day of a NHS worker.
Fire, tea, and wool .......one day.....


Love reading your blogs xxx


3 things! I'm so glad you've written one of these again. They are a sweet reminder to pause and take time to be mindful and thankful. Xox




Love your work. Just wonder if you have any blog posts about fingerless gloves?

Kathryn Grimshaw

Thanks Lucy, for reminding us that it is the little things that matter. They make all the difference.
Thank you also for your month of blogging.bi enjoyed every post . Xxx

carol partridge

that fire looks inviting. My flames are just electric ones but they still give a nice glow on a dark rainy afternoon.


Yes, gratitude. Sometimes you forget how sweet things like kitties, flowers, and gorgeous yarn can lift you up. <3


Thank you for your Blog! Thats 1 BIG happy!!

Jools Morgan-Jones

Such a beautiful trio of things to be grateful for 😊 Thank you for the reminder, Lucy - I used to regularly do a "three good things" exercise, and you've inspired me to start again xx

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