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October 09, 2021


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What an exciting time! Visiting universities and having the fun of choosing where to go! Your pictures are amazing. I love the rounded buildings that fit the shape of the land between the streets. And I love the sense of history with those brick buildings.
I also recognized the area from watching Vera. I get my England fix anyway I can!
I know you are recovered by now from your trip since I’m commenting on 10/13. I’m a little behind on my reading. But…Oh My! I just had to say something about the pictures and your day.


You asked about supplements....

I started taking Vitamin D3 daily a few months ago and the difference was stark! (I moved from California to Montana a couple of years ago, and never needed to take D3 before). As well as lightening my mood, it solved my brittle nails problem, and eased my dry skin. Big difference!

I also take a daily multi, vitamin C and zinc. Calcium a couple of times a week. And just added a joint health supplement called MoveFree (glucosamin chondroitin) that seems to help with my osteo arthritis, but not daily, more like 2 or 3 times a week (more often if it hurts more often).

Jane Tilbrook

I work at Newcastle University and am really happy to hear that you and your daughter enjoyed the open day. I am from Newcastle, moved away for a few days but found my way back. There's something about the North East that draws you back :)

Linda in Texas

My DD attended Sheffield Poly as an exchange student in a Junior Year Abroad program sponsored through her university here in Texas. Such a thrill for her! My, that was 27-28 years ago but she still mentions “when I was in Sheffield” from time to time. She loved the midlands and the Yorkshire Dales and had opportunities to travel all over England and Scotland. . The local students were amazed that she and her other Texas friends would travel by train many weekends to places that were. sooo far! But not by Texas standards. Two or three hours from Sheffield and they could be anywhere from London to Edinburgh! I traveled vicariously through her and her adventures.


What a glorious day together in such a beautiful place! Thank you for taking time to post after your huuuugggee day!

Charlotte Pountney

A fun day out to remember, wherever LL chooses to go.


That sounds like a gorgeous day!


My three sons went there and loved it one of them is now a senior lecturer teaching computer sciences. It's a very friendly city your daughter would love it. 😊


I like the fourth photo, showing how the buildings were built to curve away from the street. You captured all the curves -- the rounded corners, the bridges -- it's your artist's eye. Glad you had a good day out.

Christine Whiting

An amazing memory to store.x


A bit of a massive amount of students to go and study there. I studied at such a huge university. So big it was a city in itself. You can get lost in such anonymous amount of students. I loved my time there, never would advise it to little town people. Go where your heart feels at home. And take a study worth studying. Waste of time to never find a job in it. Proud of you going together.

Winwick Mum

Glad you had a good day, it's quite a milestone to even be looking at universities and it makes you realise that your little ones aren't little any more. Exciting and scary! xx

Jaki Rose

Hi Lucy your part of the world blows me away. Souch happening in such a little place. I'm in the bush subtropical Queensland. It takes me a minute to walk to my toilet, a minute to a coffee shop, ha! Lol
In your Yuletide colorway, it's the blue/green that gets me going. Beautiful
Thanks for the chatty, chat chat. Jaki Rose

Teresa ford

Newcastle I visit it a few years age and from your very first photo it brought back fond memories of walking the river tynn. I live the weam and friendly or it. Rest up if you can today.


Sounds like a lovely day out. My eldest might be heading in the opposite direction to Cornwall to study next year - we shall see. This last year of school is full of big moments isn't it. I am a bit overwhelmed! CJ xx


Ah, Newcastle! Fond memories for me as we spent the first ten years of our marriage living in Northumberland and our two children were born in the city. One of our great nephews is currently in his second year at Newcastle University and loves it.


This is funny, but I think I only really recognised it was probably Newcastle from the bridge featuring on episodes of Vera / the BBC ident! Newcastle is a city I’d really like to go to explore. It’s just such a long way from here, but I must make the trip sometime.

Angela Kirby

So pleased you enjoyed my part of the UK. Newcastle is a beautiful City and the Coast is fabulous if your daughter should choose to come here. I live in the south for many years but was so happy to come home. Hope you have now recovered from your busy day 😊

Emma Hannen

Well you should've said you were coming up, I'm in Whitley Bay and available for coffee and cake by the sea!
Glad you enjoyed the toon, does your daughter like football?!
Enjoying your blogs and making my yuletide blanket,thank you ❤


Your photos make it look a fascinating place. Such a hard decision to make but 2 and a half hours isn’t too far away. Easy for weekends home to do the washing :; B x


Very pleased your blog found it`s way to my Facebook feed. Living the other side of the world my heart is in Cumbria/Yorkshire Dales. Enjoying your words and pictures - fond memories of Skipton and Newcastle. One day I may learn to crochet too!


Sounds like a good, bad exhausting day but well worth the time with your daughter. Choosing a school is very difficult but in the end it all works out just fine.

Liz Woollan

My son went to Newcastle uni and loved his time there. Its actually in the toon and part of Newcastle. Some unis are out of town and don't have the same atmosphere.


Thanks for showing us Newcastle, what a charming city!

Corinna Mazzotta

We too start the rollercoaster of Uni Open days tomorrow. I think I've worked out that by the time we've visited the ones S wants to see, we'll have driven over 2000 miles! 😱 Then we will have to do several of them again in the New Ywar when he gets called for auditions!
Sounds like you had a lovely day - I'm not sure ours will be quite so enjoyable as the whole process is making S a bit stressed. Hopefully the long journeys home will give him a chance to chat things through & process stuff.
Thanks for your Blogtober posts - I'm loving sharing daily Attic life. 😊

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