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October 08, 2021


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Give a big thank you to your lovely friends for showing us their blankets.
They are gorgeous!
Friends are good that way, they see what you are doing and want to do it too. I taught three ladies how to do a simple, but easy to confuse one, pattern that I found on the web.
I have learnt to do foundation stitches and will do my next Ripple using that as I can't count chain!!!

Charlotte Pountney

You are a great ambassador for Hebden Bridge! How tempted I am by your photos of the town and surroundings...and by your Fridays at Cooper's!


Loving these blogs.
Just one query, asked with respect ....... but I'm wondering - in the photo with friends, did you take masks off for the photo or were you not wearing them? I thought the recommendation is still to wear them indoors whilst keeping distances from others you don't live with.

Winwick Mum

Those socks are going to be lovely, what gorgeous colours! Have a fab day out! xx


Hi Lucy, lovely post as always!
Thank you so much for the mandala pattern!
I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


Argh! Wide awake at 0445. I think I’ve been awake since 0230, but I enjoyed reading another Blogtober post. Shame it didn’t come with a sleeping tablet at the end! Now I’m curious to know what you’re up to tomorrow/today!

This daily blogging thing is really good Lucy. Although I didn’t want to commit to it as well, it *is* making me feel that I want to blog more often! Inspiring xxx


Lovely. I need to start a pair of the Winwick Mums socks. Have the yarn and needles and need the socks by November 9th. Wish me the best. Thanks for your blog.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Enjoy your day trip. Hubby and I are off for a 3 day trip next week to a place called Oyster Bay and overnite in a cabin and just relax and enjoy the 'somewhere elseness'. There will be some relaxing in a jacuzzi tub, fireside crocheting, and a of glass of sauv blanc for sure. Much needed mini-vacay. Fun to see your group of gals and their Yultides blankets. They look like a great bunch to be hooking with. Take Care, Hugs, MO


Enjoy your day trip tomorrow. Always a satisfying feeling getting your shopping early. Bet you love those Friday mornings. I’d love to join in if only I was nearer. Beautiful early morning photos. B x


It's Saturday morning here and my fella and I are about to take off to do our shopping after a yummy breakfast. Nothing as glamorous as market shopping though. Just a plain old supermarket. But it's lovely doing it together!

Karen Devlin

Such fond memories of my visit to your attic space 4 years ago. Love seeing your snaps of the amazing countryside and all things Lucy. Thank you for sharing yourself 💖

Carol Blakeley

Sounds like a fun day. I too find true joy in winding skeins into cakes. I’ve are having renos done so it was a good time to go through my yarn stash as I put the craft room back together. I did 80 skeins over the last two days. Once I wind them I am sorting them in baskets of what I want to use them for. I won’t say how much more I have.


That sounds like a lovely day. The yarn did indeed scare me slightly, I would end up in a horrible mess if I attempted that. I struggle to wind a ball from a skein to be honest. I hope you have a lovely trip tomorrow. CJ xx


I have my yarn pack :)
Had a good afternoon with my yarny friends, two of whom are also going to make the Yuletide blanket. They're loving the colours

Sue Wheeldon

Mrs sew is about to pour herself a similar glass as it's Friday night!
I've had my oven professionally cleaned today and worth every penny so am relaxing in the glory!!

I have this same yarn winder and only wish that my mother had had one too to avoid all the aching arms/hand winding I did many moons ago! My group still goes on and we are making poppies again this year for the Royal British Legion. Still thinking of you. xx


We've still got Gardeners Delight tomatoes ripening outdoors in Worcestershire. They're sweet and our boys were addicted as children, now 39 and 41 and no longer living at home. Lovely to see the sky in the morning like that. Good to see the variations on Yuletide. Have a great day tomorrow.

Kate Bates

I can't remember if you've got toms in the yarden? I trialled a few this year and Gardeners Delight were wonderful. Easy, healthy and taste AmAzInG! Straight off the vine they're better than sweeties! x


It is so good to have friends. <3

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